And-Ones: Duval, African American Coaches, Johnson, NCAA

Former highly-touted Duke point guard Trevon Duval is looking to return to the G League and the NBA. After going undrafted in 2018, Duval logged limited time with the Bucks. Duval saw more extended G League run with the Bucks’ affiliate, the Wisconsin Herd, and the Iowa Wolves. Clevis Murray of Bleacher Report takes an in-depth look at Duval’s push to continue his career. Duval has been working to improve his three-point shooting in the offseason.

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  • The lack of African American head coaches is still a troubling issue for the league, former player Etan Thomas of The Undefeated writes. Even with the hiring of Tyronn Lue by the Clippers, there are just six African American head coaches while some organizations continue to recycle white head coaches, Thomas notes. Assistant coaches such as Sam Cassell (Clippers), Darvin Ham (Hawks), Ime Udoka (Sixers) and Wes Unseld Jr. (Nuggets) deserve a shot at showing what they can do as a head coach, Thomas opines.
  • 26-year Rockets scout Brent “BJ” Johnson passed away last week. NBA colleagues, including former Rockets GM Daryl Morey and current Wolves GM Gersson Rosas, recalled Johnson’s skills as a scout and his generosity and compassion as a human being for a piece from Spencer Davies of Basketball News.
  • NCAA staff has green-lit a blanket waiver for multi-team events to transpire for Division I Men’s Basketball players, per Meghan Durham of
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7 thoughts on “And-Ones: Duval, African American Coaches, Johnson, NCAA

  1. specialfriedrice

    Don’t hate on me but…my daughter has a doll house and some dolls, the dolls are assorted ‘white dolls, Asian dolls, African dolls…and do you know how she refers to them…as…’this girl’, ‘that girl’ or ‘the girl’. Maybe humans just need to start looking at each as just another human…because if childhood innocence associates ‘people’ as ‘people’ not by their race than that is the perspective that they will follow through their life.

    I’m Australian and we don’t have all the guns and murders like the USA, we are multi-cultural…and proud of it.

  2. Black Ace57

    Those coaches mentioned are not good examples. Generally it’s when teams do well and perform at or above expectations that assistant coaches get hired and promoted. The Clippers were major disappointments, the Hawks haven’t proven they are a successful rebuild, and the Sixers are one of the biggest management problems of any team in the league. The exception there is Wes Unseld Jr.

    Now look at who did get hired. Donovan is hard to call a “recycled” coach as he did great with OKC, 2 of the recycled coaches are Doc Rivers and Tyronn Lue who are black, the Nets hired a HoF point guard which isn’t a new practice, and the Pacers just got a guy from the amazingly coached Raptors organization.

    The problem with generalities are that looking at things broadly without examining each situation gives you incorrect conclusions.

  3. x%sure

    Your example as stated does not support your point, since she is still classifying them, indeed literally with pointing & dividing pronouns. Which is fine, whatever… showing some signs of growth, so far noticing superficialities. Hate to be mean but I didn’t throw her out there. I could go on about that dollhouse and those interpretations posted on this page. But moving on from them to your point…

    Actually I’m not sure what your point is. But way to be proud. A sister lived near Sydney for a bit and still misses it.

  4. hiflew

    6 out of 30 head coaches is 20%. That doesn’t signify a lack of African American coaches to me. Exactly how big does the percentage have to be before the white guilt can stop?

    • flacco13

      Well to start , 81% of players are black. 5 of the 6 black coaches were NBA players. I think the issue is systemic. Not hiring enough black ppl as video coordinators for example , hampers the ability for these allow for the candidates to work their way up through the system.

      • hiflew

        So if 81% of the players were white, you’d be okay with 6 out of 30? Basing hiring coaches solely on the current player demographics of players is one of the more racist ideas I have ever heard. We need to stop worrying about demographics and filling quotas if we are ever going to have true equality.

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