Atlantic Notes: Hayward, Sixers, Knicks, Nets

Given Gordon Hayward‘s close, long-standing relationship with Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, the veteran forward finds himself in a tricky situation this fall, writes Sean Deveney of Forbes. Hayward may be able to secure a lucrative, longer-term deal if he opts out of his contract with Boston, but in that scenario he’d reward the team’s trust and patience in him by walking away without allowing Stevens and the Celtics to get anything in return.

On the other hand, if Hayward opts into the final year of his contract, the Celtics could turn around and explore the trade market for him, perhaps ultimately sending him to a destination that he wouldn’t have chosen as a free agent. The Celtics and Hayward have “a more personal stake in this than just basketball and money,” according to Deveney, who suggests that history will complicate both sides’ decisions.

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24 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Hayward, Sixers, Knicks, Nets

  1. case7187

    What am I missing what has Gordon Hayward done to justify him getting a big lucrative contract everyone is saying he can get

    if he ops-out the C’s should be jumping for joy ya he has his moments but not enough to justify his salary IMO if he’s stays with the C’s he should be your 6th man but again it’s my opinion

    • Jason Lancaster

      Hayward is a big, athletic wing that has multiple NBA skills – he can shoot, he can drive, he can pass a little, he rebounds, and he plays decent defense. There aren’t a lot of guys you can sign today, right now, that do all of these things at the same level.

      • case7187

        Ya but the C’s already have two of those in Brown and Tatum I guess if the rumors are true the C’s should try and trade with the pacers for Turner and a bench player they have enough draft picks and you guys to do a trade like that

        I would rather they trade their picks for a player with one or two years left on contracts they don’t need any more young players that sit at the end of the bench for 2-3 yrs will lil playing time

    • x%sure

      He won’t be offered such an expensive contract again; but probably a longer one. He will have to do the math, but he doesn’t owe the Celtics to let them decide based on their interest. Celtic fans will probably say he should. Nuts! Shouldn’t even be a wish. Hopefully he has an agent to sort him out.

      • x%sure

        Probably could get a longer contract than the one year left on the current one.

  2. The Howler

    The loyalty is to money…players only have limited number of years to earn big. Teams want the most production for the money they spend because that translates into victories. What trust and patience? They can’t stop paying him. I guess they could have traded him when he was injured but who would take and for what. The Celts wanted to get What they could from him. Take the money Gordon…always.

  3. The_Commentator

    It’s not about loyalty or patience. If the Celtics had assessed it was in the teams best interest to trade him or had received an offer they figured to be worthwhile, then Hayward would have been gone. Also, I have no problem with player mobility, but if he were loyal then he wouldn’t have left Utah in the first place.

  4. Sillivan

    How can 76ers upgrade the roster if they don’t trade Embiid and Simmons?

    Kings would like to give them Hield with 3rd team absorbing Horford contract.

  5. Reflect

    Hayward should do what’s best for Hayward and Celtics should do what’s best for the Celtics. This isn’t really that complicated.

  6. padam

    Hayward is the new JJ Redick. 15-18M per. I can see him being a very good 6th man.

  7. Jeff Zanghi

    If Hayward opts in and the Celtics do trade him… it’s still only for 1-year though and then he’ll be a free agent and can choose his own destination if he so chooses. I mean I understand it may not be ideal… but at the same time… it’s not like he’s opting into a long-term commitment with or without the Celtics. And he’s not going to get the $34M AAV on his next contract no matter where he signs… so while he may be able to secure more $ overall on a longer term deal… he still wouldn’t be making the $34+M he’s set to make if he opt-in. And for $34M… If the do decide to trade him (which is a big ‘if’) I think he can handle 1 year in a potentially undesirable location for that much $! Haha but I do understand what the article is getting at and that both the player and the team have more invested in their relationship and subsequent reputations depending on what happens should he opt-in and be traded, or opt-out and walk.

    • x%sure

      If the league let the Un-invited Eight start their season, Boston could get a look at Drummond outside of the Pistons before they even set their roster. Cavs may make him a passer

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    No one is paying Hayward 15 mill. He hasn’t vdone anything. He played mins this yr. But his D was not very good. He’s not the player he was before injury. Then he got hurt again at bubble. Why would anyone invest on that. He will not turn down 34 million. He’ll opt in and Celts will move him. He’s an expiring contract. At 31 his days are best served as rotation player. He still shoots well. Great FT shooter.

    Kira Lewis is a nice talent. I’ve read he’s put on muscle. Rather have Halliburton or Hayes. Knicks will not trade down. #8 pick this yrs draft. Can be as good as a top 5 pick. Thibs will stay there and take BPA. Halliburton, Hayes, Okoro.

    • Okongwu will be fit for julius lonzo.give knox some minutes.lonzo and okongwu will boost knick defense.and sign kriss dunn.he was shown a good performance at 3 as a defensive wing

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Hayward will opt in. This is his shot to play for a new contract. Gallinari with Chris at PG. Showed his value. He’s a FA and will at least 20-25 mill. Hayward shows up this yr. He can do same for a team. Has to stay healthy. Play strong mins. He can get another descent contract 3-4 yrs. If I’m Boston I would move him for a big. Celtics window is now. Love IMO fits Celts perfect. He’d love to win here. You know he wants out of rebuilding.

  10. formerlyz

    I dont really know how to place Kira Lewis. I feel like there are several guards I like over him, and not many teams that could really use smaller guards right now. Also a lot of interesting wings in that 10-40 range

    • formerlyz

      …He kind of reminds me of a slightly faster Mario Chalmers with not as much shooting consistency

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