Draft Notes: Pro Days, No. 1 Pick, Williams, Quickley

The NBA’s new pre-draft rules aren’t popular with several teams, according to Jonathan Givony of ESPN, who states that at least half the league is considering not having executives attend workouts and may have just a “minimal presence” at pro days.

Givony says many front offices don’t believe it’s worth making a trip to watch a prospect work out by himself, and some of the teams are located in states that require a mandatory two-week quarantine for travelers. There’s also concern that an executive might contract COVID-19 and not be available on draft night. Also, some teams are reluctant to give away any secrets by providing the league with a list of the 10 players they would most like to scout.

The league office has received requests to alter its new rules, Givony adds, but complications will remain even if that happens. He notes that agents will have difficulty scheduling more than three or four teams each day for a workout, an in-person interview and then a 30-minute medical exam. Teams with high lottery picks are expected to be most active in trying to attend those sessions.

There’s more draft news to pass along:

  • Givony talked to several teams that confirm Minnesota has been involved in trade talks regarding the No. 1 pick. Agents who represent players that are expected to be taken early say Timberwolves general manager Gersson Rosas has been “noncommittal” about what he plans to do and seems open to moving down. Givony adds that LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards are still the most likely candidates for the top pick, but the team’s uncertain ownership status may play a role in its draft plans.
  • In the same story, ESPN’s Mike Schmitz identifies Patrick Williams of Florida State as the player making the biggest jump on draft boards. The 19-year-old handles the ball well for his 6’8″ size and could wind up being selected in the top 10. Schmitz also sees potential in Washington’s Jaden McDaniels, while Givony names Kansas center Udoka Azubuike as a possible sleeper.
  • Kentucky guard Immanuel Quickley has met twice with the Knicks, Pistons and Thunder and has held one meeting with several other teams, including the Nets and Celtics, tweets Adam Zagoria of Forbes.
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22 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Pro Days, No. 1 Pick, Williams, Quickley

  1. Sillivan

    As I said one month ago Vassell and Williams are underrated
    They are deserved to be 6-10 picks

    This draft may be the deepest of this century so far

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Considering the century started only 20 years ago that’s not saying a whole lot. But even though the draft may be deep, it still lacks talent at the top. So a lot of the lottery picks will be fairly equal to the mid-late first round picks that come after them.

      • fishy 9 dogs

        20 years is a long time. You always hating. Even if Sillivan always says off the wall s**t.

      • fishy 9 dogs

        20 years is a long time. You’re always hating. Even if sillivan always says off the wall stuff.

  2. x%sure

    The combine rules appear compromised by the desire to get prospects to show up. If they do they may not be cooperative.

    Transparent, shared regular medical testing is the important thing and I’m not sure that was accomplished. The text mentioned there would be individual medical exams.

    Hard to believe though that a team would not send someone! And prospects will be claiming they have matured in the long latyoff.

  3. hiflew

    It’s strange that the Pistons would be meeting with Immanuel Quickley. He is clearly not in the mix for the 7 pick and the Pistons don’t have a 2nd round pick right now. It’s not like 2nd round picks are hard to acquire, but knowing that the Thunder with pick 25 and the Knicks at 27 have met twice with him makes you wonder if the Pistons could end up getting a pick from 21-24 to get him. You have the Sixers, Nuggets, Jazz, and Bucks at those spots now. The one that stands out to me is the Jazz. I wonder if we could see something like

    Jazz get
    Derrick Rose

    Pistons get
    Ed Davis
    pick 23

    Or it could get REALLY interesting with the addition of Mike Conley and Blake Griffin to that deal. A starting five of Rose, Mitchell, Bojan, Griffin, Gobert looks really good to be a top 4 seed in the West. It would also let the Pistons completely hit the reset button. With only next year of Conley on the books, they could easily add two, if not three, max guys in next year’s stacked free agent market.

    • specialfriedrice

      When it comes to the Jazz and Conley, imo he is their ticket to CP3, I really don’t mind the idea of Paul, Mitchell and Gobert for a two year window, not sure how a Jazz fan might feel but on paper it just seems it could be solid.

      • hiflew

        That’s not a bad idea either. I think with CP3 added they could end up as a 4/5 seed next year, possibly jumping to a 3. But the pairing of Rose and Griffin is just too perfect for the Jazz in my eyes. Depending on someone’s opinion of Bojan at the 3, I think the 4 spot for the Jazz is their weak link. Swapping Conley’s salary for Griffin and Conley’s position for Rose greatly improves the 4 spot without taking away anything from the 1.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Yeah nice idea but I doubt the Jazz make that huge move. They were 3-1 up against the Nuggets this post season without one of the teams best scorers in Bogdanovic. I doubt they make a huge drastic move like this.

    • Simmons>Russ

      It’s probably more likely to be the Sixers who also have a bunch of second round picks and are trying to trade out of this draft and into next season.

      Giving up this years first and two seconds for next years Pistons pick. Knowing they give up 3 players this year but would be getting a top 15 pick next year

      • hiflew

        I almost said the Sixers were the most likely spot, but I just feel that Jazz deal at the very least needed to be mentioned. I just think the fit for them is absolutely perfect. If Griffin can get healthy, the Jazz would be one of the favorites in the West instead of hoping for a first round upset.

        And if I am the Pistons, that is exactly the deal I want. Getting a big one year deal and a first in exchange for long term money could mean a lot in the next off season. Detroit could conceivably be the next super team. They would have enough room to offer max deals to Giannis AND Kawhi and still have enough to offer a pretty big deal to someone like Jrue Holiday or Victor Oladipo. In addition to the likely top 5 pick in next year’s draft. A lot would have to go right for that to work for Detroit, but it’s a better idea than trying to build a winner around Blake Griffin.

    • El Don

      Not sure D-Rose would be thrilled about gonna Utah… when he was traded there they cut him without even giving him a chance, he might rightly be a bit hurt about that, he should as he showed how well he could play in MIN & DET.

      • hiflew

        Good point there, but in this case it would be a trade and he wouldn’t have a lot to say about it. It also proved to be one of the best things that happened to him in his NBA career post-injury. So maybe there are no hard feelings. I mean if Utah can get Mitchell and Gobert to make up, maybe they can work miracles.

  4. For the Knicks, I wouldn’t take Quickley at #27. If they don’t get a PG in the 1st, I would consider him at #38. He didn’t play PG at UK for 2 years, but that’s where his upside would be. He’s undersized and an average athlete for a 2G.

    • hiflew

      If the Thunder want him, he will be taken at 25. The next pick they have is 53 and there is no way he lasts until then. I love Quickley, but I really don’t think he fits with OKC who desperately needs size.

      • Do you love him as a PG, SG or combo? Great shooter. He was a highly recruited HS PG, so perhaps facilitation skills are there. Negative side is for 2 years at UK he played off the ball and didn’t create or go to the basket much.

        OKC has a bunch of young guards, but they’re likely rebuilding, so I’m not sure. Great number of talented bigs will likely be available at #25.

        • hiflew

          I think he could be more of a combo, but I think long term he could thrive at the point. He played mostly off ball, but that is mostly because Hagans was a better PG. He reminds me a lot of Eric Bledsoe. Bledsoe played off ball in college because he was there with a better PG in John Wall, but he has proven to be a very solid PG in the NBA.

          OKC has Adams as a big, but all their other bigs are FA. Gallinari is likely gone. So is Muscala. It’s possible they bring back Noel, but they are going to need a big capable of starting soon. Maybe they could get an older prospect like Tyler Bey that could do that, but I don’t know. In the late first, I trust wings more than big men. Small projects tend to work out more often than big projects. There are a handful of 2nd round junior/senior centers that they could get at 53. I’ve seen mocks with Nick Richards of UK going at 53. I think he would be a great fit. OKC has always been, along with Charlotte, Sacramento, and Phoenix, one of the NBA teams that love Wildcats.

      • BishopL

        If your running him and SGA i don’t think its gonna matter that much. Donovan left which really makes me think they’re about yo go all in on the youth movement. A very likely scenario im thinking is they move Adam’s to Boston and swap picks.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    It’s crazy these writers say. Top picks could be 19 yr olds. Then same guys write that Minny is looking for help now. That’s called a contradiction. If Minny is looking for a young vet plus trade down. It makes sense if they get Okongwu or Toppin. These two fit with KAT and are more mature and ready to help right away. Ball is not a good mix and is not ready to help right away. So why would he ever be considered #1 pick. Same with Warriors. They are going for Title next yr. They need help right away. So they are not taking Ball. And could make trade. Edwards is ready to play next yr. He can be a complimentary player. But you are still taking a chance on a 19 yr old. He’s more ready than Ball. So Ball is not going top two. Unless there is a trade. Trade up from a team that likes him. Minny is not challenging for title like Warriors. They will take Edwards #1. Warriors probably trading down. If they can’t. They will take Wiseman. Ball doesn’t go 3, he could slip to Pistons. Ball plays no D. He may get better with time. Who’s willing to take that chance. Not a Ball fan I rather have Lonzo.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      Have you never heard of a team building for the future? Even if the warriors are going for the chip next year, taking ball would set them up for the future and let him learn from some of the best players in the league.

    • masisk33

      I like Wiseman #1 to MIN…but they will say its a bad fit with KAT. Why can’t those two play together?

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