Draft Notes: Wolves, Wiseman, Warriors, Bane

Although there may not be a future superstar in the 2020 draft class, it’s viewed as a relatively deep group, with potential role players available in round two, writes Sam Vecenie of The Athletic. However, due to the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Vecenie’s sources expect teams to try to get more second-rounders to sign two-way contracts or to play for a year or two overseas.

As Vecenie notes, this could create an interesting dilemma for teams and players in the second round. Last year, prospects like Terence Davis and Luguentz Dort likely would’ve been drafted if they’d been willing to sign two-way deals, but opted to bet on themselves and ended up in good situations (and with more favorable contracts) as undrafted free agents. Vecenie wonders if more prospects will look to follow a similar path and play hardball with teams in 2020.

Here’s more on the draft:

  • Within his latest mock draft, Vecenie says that the Timberwolves are doing due diligence on all of the top prospects in the draft, including players like James Wiseman who wouldn’t necessarily be great fits.
  • Speaking of Wiseman, Vecenie writes that there’s been some “real enthusiasm” among evaluators about the big man’s play in workouts and in runs with other draft prospects. A number of executives view Wiseman as one of the safest picks in the draft, since his size, length, and athleticism should translate to the NBA, Vecenie adds.
  • Addressing the constant rumors coming out of Golden State about the Warriors‘ alleged draft preferences, Vecenie says he thinks the club is trying to mask its true intentions for that No. 2 overall pick in order to retain as much trade value if possible. If rival teams don’t know which player the Warriors actually want at No. 2, it could give Golden State more leverage to make a deal.
  • Sources around the NBA have told Vecenie they’d be surprised if TCU’s Desmond Bane falls out of the first round, since so many teams drafting in the 20s could use a sharpshooting wing. Bane is currently the No. 41 prospect on ESPN’s big board.
  • According to Jonathan Givony of ESPN (Twitter link), teams picking near the top of the draft were pushing hardest for in-person visits for prospects, and not everyone is thrilled about the concessions made by the NBA. Some executives have concerns about safety and last-minute scheduling, says Givony.
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21 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Wolves, Wiseman, Warriors, Bane

  1. Sillivan

    I suggest that Knicks interview both Wiseman and Edwards In person
    Both of them are clearly available for Knicks

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Wiseman could easily be available at #8, but Edwards will be long gone by then.

  2. imindless

    Worst draft I have seen in years. Warriors fans think having a 2 in weak draft will get them back to contention is a joke. Draymond a terrible deal no bench and hoping klay and steph come back to who they were in there 20’s is laughable. Playoff team for sure but closer to the bottom then the top.

    Second thing. Why are teams not high on wiseman? The tape I have seen looks very convincing just needs to work on shot but ability wise looks like the only player worthy of the 1 this year.

    • They’re one year removed from five straight finals. And that’s coming out of the West mind you. Things aren’t as bad as you make them out to be.

    • Dodgethis

      Everything you just posted is evidence you should go back to watching the dodgers lose.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        His take on Wiseman definitely supports that, but he’s right about the Warriors. They will be next year’s OKC.

      • hiflew

        I don’t recall any draft being referred to by serious sources as being weak since 2013 and before that 2006. And by that they were referring to the weakness at the top of the draft which is pretty all anyone really concerns themselves with before a draft. There were no players in those draft that were superstar level prospects. That’s not to say no one turned into superstars in them, but they weren’t expected to. And other drafts like 2016 which has so far not produced a real superstar had a guy like Ben Simmons that was projected to be one, and still might become one one day.

        Role players and depth throughout the draft is really only determined by where players end up going.

  3. Sillivan

    Warriors have 8 Draft picks within 8 months
    Warriors will be good after the following 3 trades
    Paschall and 3 picks for a player
    Jordan Poole and 3 picks for a player
    Wolves pick for a player

  4. Sillivan

    Lakers, Clippers and Rockets look good because they traded almost all of the next 7 years available first round picks.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The Rockets traded just 2 picks to OKC, not 4 like you keep saying.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Warriors will be favorites next yr. After good draft (Wiseman) and good trades. Signings (ME) All teams on top of west have little flexibility.

    • imindless

      Just like clippers were this year? Your not good at this just go focus on knicks oh wait there terrible.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        So what Clippers would have beat Lakers. Just disciplined enough. I have forgotten more ball than you will ever know. Mindless is a good tag for an ignoramus like you. Dude you do t even post on MLBrumors. I went looking for you. So you’re just a troll. You dissed Bron after3 gms. No one even here takes you seriously. You got more fans who love to hate. You have to be the weakest link. Come back when Dodgers get swept.
        Clippers were favorites. And I called it before season. Just like I’m calling Warriors. But you can copy me, I won’t tell anyone. It’s our secret lol. I mean Troll

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The Warriors will be a little better than the Nets in 2021, but not by much.

  6. El Don

    That would be real good if players did hard ball teams, the league can be too favorable to teams some times, I like when players get one up teams!
    Wiseman is hands down the best player in the draft, only Ball can be anywhere near him, both will be stars no doubt about it… hard to see another player from this draft becoming a star!

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