Warriors Targeting Anthony Edwards?

The Warriors are expected to select Georgia guard Anthony Edwards if they land the top pick in this year’s draft and decide to keep it, sources tell Connor Letourneau of The San Francisco Chronicle.

The 18-year-old shooting guard is ranked first on the list of the top 100 prospects compiled by ESPN’s Jonathan Givony. Edwards averaged 19.1 points and 5.2 rebounds during his lone season with the Bulldogs.

Golden State can’t finalize any plans until after the lottery, which has been moved to August 25. The Warriors, Cavaliers and Timberwolves will each have a 14% chance at the No. 1 selection in the draft, which has been pushed back to October 15.

Letourneau states that if the Warriors slip to anywhere between the second and fifth picks, they will turn their attention to Iowa State point guard Tyrese Haliburton, Auburn forward Isaac Okoro, Israeli forward Deni Avdija and a few other players.

Another possibility, Letourneau notes, is packaging the pick and using a $17.2MM traded player exception to acquire a proven player. Golden State is hoping to return to title contention next year and may not see anyone in the draft who could be a difference maker right away.

Coronavirus concerns canceled this year’s pre-draft showcases and made individual workouts impossible, so the Warriors have been relying on videos and Zoom chats to assess prospects.

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70 thoughts on “Warriors Targeting Anthony Edwards?

  1. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Teams should not trade up this year.

    No sense in giving away future assets to trade up for players you’ve not been able to scout completely.

    Warriors probably won’t land #1.

    My money is on the Knicks as a way to repair their image Dolan has tried so hard to ruin.

    • Afk711

      Ah a “lottery is rigged” truther. If it was why on earth did they not give the Knicks Zion? Was it to “repay New Orleans” for forcing AD to the Lakers?

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Why not the Knicks? Have you met James Dolan? That’s why. Dude kicked out Oakley and Spike Lee for absurd reasons.

        2018- suns worst record 1st overall
        2017- Brooklyn had worst record, pick belonged to Celtics
        2016- 76ers worst record 1st overall
        2015- Timberwolves worst record 1st overall

        4 straight years worst team earned the first overall pick and the year the Knicks finally are favorite they land 3rd? Uh huh. Not rigged at all.

    • Knicks will blow the pick on Ball. He is so raw it will take a few years before he is good by that time Knicks have given up on him.

  2. Sillivan

    It depends on how much Knicks fall in love with LeMelo Ball.

    Warriors swap 2020 and 2022 first round picks with Knicks.

    Warriors can give away 4 2econd round picks to Knicks like candy.

  3. Sillivan

    Today, I was trying to figure out how much difference between DLo and Wiggins?

    Warriors have better defensive coaches than Wolves.

  4. Luckylefty2

    I hope the warriors get the #3 pick and select toppin. He reminds me of Aaron gordon and he would fit in right away.

    PG: steph
    SG: Klay
    SF: Wiggins/toppin
    Pf: pascual/ toppin
    C: Draymond

    They could have various rotations for their “death” lineup. Which can be one of the most versatile lineups in the league.

    • hopper15

      Draymond is not playing the center longer than 4 minutes at the end of each half. Toppin doesn’t fit there defensively.

  5. Sillivan

    It will be this order
    1. Edwards
    2. Ball (Knicks want him)
    3. Wiseman

    Edwards is not a bench guy. Warriors have to trade him.

    Who wants Edwards?

    Warriors want to deal Edwards for two Firsts.

    • Please name one team that will give you two first-round picks for Anthony Edwards.

      • Sillivan

        Hawks fall in love with Edwards. Warriors have potential deal in place with Hawks.
        my trade idea
        Thunder get Kevin Huerter
        Warriors get Toppin, Heat unprotected first round pick 2026 (likely 20th pick in 2023)
        Hawks get Edwards

        • I love this deal as a Hawks fan. Get the hometown guy, and spend money on 2 max free agents. All of a sudden, Hawks are an immediate threat.

    • afannaz

      Two first round picks for Edwards…What? Why would any GM make that.move for an unproven player?

      • It would depend where those 2 first round picks are. If the team is a solid playoff team during those drafts the 2 for 1 is a good trade. Unless its for 2 lotto draft picks it not a bad deal.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      Yeah I also noticed that… it links to some guys NCAA stats that averaged 2 PPG haha — not quite the prospect the Warriors are looking to nab 1st overall! lol

  6. I don’t see the need to trade up, down or out, save for the Warriors because of the trade exception. Good way to add another established piece for a title run.

    For the other teams, there are no real stars, but I feel like the draft is deep in high end role players. A team drafting 14th is going to get a similar quality prospect as a team drafting 5th.

  7. Sillivan

    For Warriors this draft pick is about trade value, it’s not about good fit or poor fit.

    Draft Edwards is correct.

    • Here’s one of the few times I agree with you. The Warriors are NOT going to keep the guy they draft. That’s an absolute guarantee, write it down. Whoever they pick will be for another team.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Edwards makes the most sense cause he’s the best player and will hold his value the best.

    He could be kept and played as either a bench SG/sixth man or in death line ups with Klay moving to SF.

    However I’m more of a fan of the Warriors trading the top pick. They have a big trade exemption and are obviously in win now mode, so a proven player who’s ready to win would make more sense. However Steph Klay and Draymond are all getting older so maybe they lean towards someone 23-27 who can win now but be useful in the future.

    I’d be think Myles Turner is a name that makes sense. He’s young can shoot the 3 and protect the rim. He also fills out the centre position which is the main position they currently lack in. Plus the pacers have reduced his role recently and moved him from C to PF…

    Another idea I saw that I liked was Jonas Valanciunas, Kyle Anderson, Grayson Allen and Memphis pick #22 for the Warriors exemption, the first pick in the draft and Jordan Poole.
    Grizzlies would be loaded for the future with Ja Morant and Anthony Edwards leading the team plus Justice Winslow, Jaren Jackson Jr, Brandon Clarke, Poole and Brooks. Meanwhile GSW get a centre, get Kyle Anderson (who replaces Iggy), get Grayson Allen (a great shooter) and the Grizzlies pick. That’s gives them a solid starting 5 and some nice young depth.

    • @ Simmons>Russ

      D0 you know how the trade exception works? The salary they receive has to fit into $17.3M. Turner makes $18M, too much. Valanciunas plus Anderson is too much, let alone adding another player. None of those trades work.

      • Simmons>Russ

        If your opened your eyes it said Turner via FA on the vets min….

        Secondly I completely buggered up the trade with the Grizzlies cause GSW is already way over the cap. I was thinking Valacuinas (16mil) with the trade exception and then extras but yeah wouldn’t work…

        • Simmons>Russ

          Turner at 18mil from the Pacers is on 18 mil and the exception gives them 17.2 so they would just need to cut 800k which would be easy with that trade

          • Turner isn’t a FA, of course. And you can’t just cut 800k and use the trade exception, the whole salary has to fit in the trade exception. You can’t add a player’s salary to 17.2 to get a higher priced player. It doesn’t work like that.

    • Trugrizz1

      Keep on wishing what makes you think we want to help golden state with anything. You and everyone else know that the grizzlies are on the up and coming and the rebuilding process isn’t going to be very nice.

  9. jump shot

    There’s no game-changer in this draft.
    Or the next…
    Or the next…
    AAU ball and these 20 combo-dribbles (to a travel stepback) trainers are killing the game.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      Yeah I heard because of AAU ball that there won’t be any good players in the NBA draft for the next 20 years. Rebuilding teams should just quit now and wait until 2041 to draft their next big star!

    • Simmons>Russ

      What are you on about?
      Kids getting trainers at an earlier age ruining the game? How does that work.

      This draft has Wiseman Edwards Ball Anthony and others. It might not be the strongest but it’s going to have 4/5 all stars….

      Next draft you have Cade Cunningham he’s Ben Simmons with a better shot. You have Jalen Green who many compare to Kobe. You have Jalen Johnson who is the next Paul Peirce. Plus many other names. It’s going to be a great draft class. Especially for SGs and wings

      The draft after that in 2022 looks like the super draft. The best draft of the last 10 years some are calling it.

      Yes this draft isn’t that great but there is talent and kids getting taught skills earlier makes the game better.

      • x%sure

        America has a system that works, other nations do not and rely on brain-crushing academies.

        The AAU is not useful to a team sport player except to provide playing opportunities.

        Don’t be a basketball Jurgen Klinsman. He wasn’t even correct for soccer in America.

      • jump shot

        But there’s a difference between teaching skills (which is good) and teaching something that should be INSTINCT. We’ve all seen a player crossing halfcourt with the ball, coming down the middle, with 3 defenders in front of him… we know before he even gets to the 3point line that he’s gonna do a Euro-step move. Why? Because he’s done it for an hour everyday in his “training”. Or, after his 4 dribbles then thru the legs, then behind-the-back, to a hesitation and cross-over… we know it’s gonna end with a side-step jumpshot. Why? Because that’s what he did everyday in the 2nd hour of “training”. Looks great on instagram! May even get you a scholarship (there’s a lot of colleges that have to fill rosters year to year, right?). Think about the best player in this year’s draft… there’s a reason he’s solid and the nba likes him: Doesn’t have all that bs in his game.

        I have absolutely nothing against kids training at any age – as long as it’s with a GOOD trainer teaching the right things and not the “cute” bs. There’s not many of those. But, don’t take my word for it. I’m sure you’ve seen more than one of your respected coaches/ex-players talking about these “trainers” with their bag of balls, cones, ladders, parachutes, etc… lol!

  10. Jeff Zanghi

    Is Edwards 100% going first? It just seems odd that the article says they’re targeting Edward’s if they get the first overall pick but if they don’t then they’ll target 3 other guys when you’d assume they’d just keep the same target list regardless of what number pick they have and still take Edwards should he fall to them at whatever pick they wind up with. I mean I guess that’s a given — just thought it was kind of laid out in an odd way as if the actual # pick they get will dictate the player they target. Like if they get the #2 pick and Edwards is there they’d still go with one of the other 3 guys they’re looking at just because they don’t have the #1 selection lol

  11. Sillivan

    Warriors can’t acquire a player making more than $17.2 million, but trade exceptions can be split.

    One thing for sure is that Warriors will separate the TE (17.2M) from one of top 5 picks.

    2 seconds and TE for
    Fournier’s 2020-2021 salary: $17 million

    1 Second and TE for
    Gay’s 2020-2021 salary: $14 million

    • Simmons>Russ

      They can be split to equal 17.2 but can’t be used twice on players less than 17.2 mil each to equal more than the 17.2.

      Plus they can get players like Rudy Gay in FA for the vets minimum such as Evan Turner or Kent Bazemore they wouldn’t want him at 14mil

  12. jessaumodesto

    I’d rather they gamble on a potential star like Wiseman or Ball than grab a mediocre career guy like this

  13. Simmons>Russ

    GSW trade 1st overall pick, the trade exception and Luka Smailagic to the Grizzlies for Jonas Valacuinas, Kyle Anderson, Grayson Allen and the Grizzlies pick #22.

    Draft Nico Mannion, Plus GSW sign some smart win now vets on the minimum like Evan Turner.

    1. Curry. Bowman. Mannion
    2. Thompson. Allen. Lee
    3. Wiggins. Anderson. Turner
    4. Green. Paschall. Bender
    5. Valacuinas. Looney. Chriss

    Grizzlies get the ultimate set up for the future with Ja Morant, Anthony Edwards, Justice Winslow, Jaren Jackson Jr and Brandon Clarke plus on the bench Tyus Jones, Dillon Brooks, Josh Jackson and Luka Smailgac.
    Ja Edwards and JJJ have future big three all over them and would be a playoff lock for years and years

    • Simmons>Russ

      Jonas makes makes them difficult to play cause you have shooters, ball handlers, and a bruiser of a big and decisively you have Klay on guards/wings, Green on wings/forwards and Jonas protecting.
      Grayson Allen with Curry and Klay would improve his game so much and those three would be a great shooting trio.
      Kyle Anderson would replace Iggy as that 2/3/4 who plays good defence is versatile and just makes the right play most the time.
      Then you also get a late first and pick up Nico who is really talent and can do a lot of things but doesn’t star at 1 particular area. He would be solid leading a second unit and learning from Curry on how to expand his game it would be awesome.
      That’s a win now move and win now team.

      West top team next season Lakers Clippers GSW then the rest…

    • Trugrizz1

      Word I’m hearing grizz are 2 high on Jonas and Grayson right now. Championship is on Memphis mind right now.

    • x%sure

      TEs cannot be combined with anything else, or used in any creative ways, is my rule of thumb. They’re just good for getting one guy that fits in.

  14. Sillivan

    Warriors add 4 players to the roster.
    Realistic and likely

    Draft: Toppin
    TE: Rudy Gay
    Wolves pick: Luke Kenard
    Tax MLE: Daric Saric

  15. Sillivan

    Best case:

    Draft trade: John Collins (via trade Edwards)
    TE: Grant (coach Malone was Warriors)
    Wolves pick: Jaren Jackson Jr
    MLE: Marc Gasol

    • El Don

      Man just stop it with the nonsense of Collins to GSW! He ain’t gonna nowhere! If ATL does trade him it will be such a huge mistake that it will jeopardize their whole future, no doubt Trae will wanna leave after that, if you trade a rising superstar for what, Edwards??? The only one worthy in the draft is Wiseman… but ATL don’t need him, they have Collins & Capela!

      • There are other pieces the Hawks can offer and should if Edwards is the play. Can’t see Collins going the other way. He’s a major part of the future.

        • hawks do not have much to trade GSW for the top pick. they will easily be out bid for the #1 pick. That is why he is saying Collins. You can’t get a #1 pick for a bunch of nobodies.

          • Sillivan

            Warriors and Hawks GM have discussed about what is worth trading draft picks.

            “Keep Edwards” is just the Warriors trade strategy.

  16. KnickerbockerAl

    Edwards, Wiseman, Toppin all can help Warriors now. Or move pick for player, plus trade exception. They have options. I think they move pick. There are plenty of FA vet centers next yr. All could chase ring with Warriors. Plus they have mid level contract. Warriors will reload next yr. no problem. They are back in it. For at least 3 yrs.

  17. Skip, Tampa

    No way Turner signs for the Vet Min.
    Unlikely yet in interesting trade with the Wizards.
    Warriors: Rui, Bryant, #9
    Wizards: Wiseman
    May be a little to rich for the Wizards, still ???

  18. nentwigs

    When did Anthony Edwards decide to give up Acting and switch over to Basketball??
    I really liked him in “Gotcha” and his appearances in “Northern Exposure”.

  19. david-45

    You could play Klay or Edwards at the 3 and the other at 2 guard. Bring wiggins off the bench or unload him for more dpeth (if anyone takes his contract (mavs seemed kinda interested at the deadline-they maybe a possibility?)

    If the Warriors get 2-5 overall pick and assuming Edwards goes number 1, i can Warriors trading the pick to the wizards along with wiggins (for salary matching) for bradley beal. klay or beal can play the 2-3 spot. Beal can also run point as well.

    Wizards will be in cap hell for a few years with wall and wiggins contract. But at least they will have Rui from last year draft and at least 2 top 10 picks in this year draft. A good young core.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Don’t forget about Anthony Edwards in Top Gun, Revenge of the Nerds and ER. If the Knicks win the lottery who cares it’s a year too late. If Warriors win it’s really rigged NBA wants them to continue the dynasty.

  20. Sillivan

    It’s possible that Cavs love Edwards. Sometimes there is a reason to keep calm.

    They can move one of Garland or Sexton. They look small.

  21. hiflew

    Did no one watch Anthony Edwards play at Georgia this year? He was good at times, but he was the definition of inconsistent. And that was against college competition. He’s not going to suddenly be better against much tougher competition. He might be good in 4-5 years, but I don’t think I would want to pay him nearly $10 million a year to wait and see if he gets there.

    • jump shot

      Crazy dynamic… There is no player in the GLeague that an NBA team would give 10mil a year to (or even 4 mil a year), yet they are about to choose some college players to give that money to that not one of them would be the best player in the GLeague today.

      • Sillivan

        It’s about value

        Teams can trade top 5 picks for an all star level player.Teams can’t trade G league guy for rotation player or 10th man

      • x%sure

        He’s talking about talent eval, about whether Edwards is worth a top 5 pick.
        I think the thinking is that Edwards is most likely to be able to get his shot off in the NBA and thus be useful right out of the gate. The most sure thing.

  22. Strike Four

    Crystal Ball says: GSW somehow ends up with KD, Giannis and the Splash bros, and never lose a title until Lebron joins them in 2028.

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