Draft Prospects Can Start Making Visits On Friday

The NBA will allow teams to begin conducting in-person meetings with this year’s draft prospects on Friday, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets.

Meetings can be held during a month-long period from October 16 to November 16. That will allow teams to see prospects up to two days before the draft is held on November 18.

However, teams will be limited to a max of 10 in-person meetings. A player can visit the same team twice but that would cut into the amount of players that team could bring in.

A maximum of three executives from each team will be allowed to meet the prospect, Charania details in a separate tweet. The draft prospect will be allowed to bring in a maximum of three guests, which could include representatives, trainers or family members.

Additionally, within 72 hours of each visit, all individuals involved must have a negative coronavirus test.

Some other restrictions regarding in-person evaluations and interviews have been relaxed, Jonathan Givony of ESPN reports. For example, teams can provide players with team-identified practice gear as long as combined retail value does not exceed $500.

The visits can last up to 4 1/2 hours and prospects can arrange to have multiple teams evaluate an on-court workout simultaneously. These workouts will count against each team’s 10-visit limit.

COVID-19 concerns will be evident at each workout. Team personnel must undergo a daily temperature check within two hours of interacting with any player, self-monitor for symptoms, wear a mask or shield, refrain from physical interactions such as shaking hands, and maintain social distancing of six feet or more, Givony adds.

In a typical year, teams will bring in dozens of prospects, usually four to eight at a time. Under the limitations described above, players will be much more selective about where they visit and teams will have to prioritize which prospects they want to evaluate. That could make it more difficult for second-tier prospects to arrange visits and make a favorable impression on front office executives, scouts and coaches.

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5 thoughts on “Draft Prospects Can Start Making Visits On Friday

  1. GangGreen23

    Warriors need to bring in Memphis center James Wiseman for an in-person look over. I know Kerr doesn’t believe in Spending big money or High Draft picks on Big Men but damn, Wiseman could be a generational talent. At worse, he’ll be like the Suns DeAndre Ayton. The Warriors are a small team and not getting past the First round of the Playoffs next year with a bunch of midgets and retread, Free Agent minimum wage Center. Somebody please lock Kerr in the cellar when our turn to make the pick comes up or else he’ll draft another Backcourt player.

  2. x%sure

    Doesn’t sound safe enough. 72 hours might as well be 1 hour. Scouts cannot be so witless to not know enough, at least for most. Some prospects are mysteries— Ball, Wiseman, Hampton— but they might prefer to drop anyway.
    MIN will likely keep the #1 just as inducement to get prospects to show up where the city council wants to fire their policemen and the team spins its wheels.

  3. mike.honcho

    Fully agree. Looney cant seem to stay healthy. Wiseman provides some scoring and rim-protection.

    Some conflict of roles should they pick either Ball or Edwards ……. Wiseman fits a need, moreso they need size, if they have their eyes down the road (LAKERS, NUGGETS, JAZZ).

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Warriors would be dumb to pass on Wiseman. They got ME, picks, Wiggins. To make a big deal. Warriors will be fine. Not even a fan

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