Dragic, Adebayo Listed As Doubtful For Game 2

The Heat have listed starting point guard Goran Dragic and All-Star big man Bam Adebayo as doubtful for Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Friday vs. the Lakers, as Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated tweets.

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There was an expectation that Dragic would be hard-pressed to return for Game 2 after suffering a torn left plantar fascia in Game 1, so his status doesn’t come as a real surprise. A source tells Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press (Twitter link) that the veteran guard is still “fighting” to play on Friday. If he can’t go tomorrow, he’ll continue to push to make it back before the end of the series.

As for Adebayo, the news is worse than the Heat had initially hoped after the 23-year-old was diagnosed with a left shoulder strain on Wednesday night. According to the team, a subsequent MRI also revealed a neck strain on Adebayo’s left side. He had initially been planning to play on Friday, but the neck injury has reduced the odds that a quick return will be possible.

Assuming Dragic and Adebayo are ruled out, we’ll likely see increased roles for Kendrick Nunn and Kelly Olynyk on Friday. Both Nunn and Olynyk were regular contributors for Miami during the regular season but have recently fallen out of the rotation in the playoffs.

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31 thoughts on “Dragic, Adebayo Listed As Doubtful For Game 2

  1. C-Daddy

    Not that I thought the Heat had a realistic shot at winning this series even when healthy, but their chances are essentially 0% now.

  2. x%sure

    Hopefully Meyers Leonard gets into a game now.

    Adebayo hasn’t looked right for some time.

    So many best-of-7s have gone 0-1 then bang, 4-1, but that looks very unlikely now. Lebron, AD, Caruso, others are unafraid.

  3. imindless

    Had full roster and were down 20 bam makes little difference here. Said it from the beginning nuggets are a better version of heat and lakers owned Jokic. Heat have no answer for ad,Dwight, bron too big too fast. Lakers in 5.

    • imindless

      Also scary thought is lakers will be better next year. I expect javale to get moved and Dwight and cousins resigned. Then potentially trading kuzma plus first rounder for a better scoring wing like oladipo/cp3/jrue holiday. Scary thought, lakers could be a dynasty.

      • Lakers1

        Not to mention, Avery Bradley who is one of their top perimeter defenders who isn’t playing..Would love the lakers to get jrue holiday.. la kid and one of anthony davis best friends.. plus he’s a lock down defender

        • imindless

          @rewane sounds more like you don’t want lakers to get them rather than they can’t. Oladipo is coming off injury and hasn’t looked great, okc is going rebuild would like to move cp3. Jrue is getting old and doesn’t fit New Orleans time line. Nice try though bud bask in the new era

          • imindless

            Imagine lakers 2021 roster


            Horton Tucker
            Kcp (might be included in deal for cp3)
            Danny green (Included in deal for cp3)

            • Dxit90a

              No way you get Oladipo for Kuzma. You are overvaluing him. Might be enough to get CP3 though. Cousins is not going to be a game changer and Dwight will look for more money now he proved he can still be useful.

              • imindless

                Dwight wants to win rings I see him as a better back up than javale. Kuzmas is still valuable if he wasn’t on lakers he plays same position are lebron. Could average 20ppg just look at ingram who also didn’t fit with lebron. Minutes are down on a thunder of pacers team he would thrive just needs minutes.

          • Rewane

            If Lakers are resigning AD ,they will be over the cap, so trading Kuzma for any of them is not even possible.
            Throw in Green and Oladipo becomes a possibility, but Pacers already have problems with Sabonis Tuner pairings. Why would they want another PF.
            Need to trade KCP and Green to match Holiday. Not sure Lakers want to take a deep depth hit for him.
            Chris Paul is straight up impossible.

            • Lakers1

              2021, kcp, Danny green, avery Bradley, kuzma and javale mcgee account for cap hits 55 million….kcp, Bradley, and mcgee have player options that would remove 28 million.

            • imindless

              Kuzma is a small forward and was that before Lebron came in. He stinks at pf and center hence the bad defensive rating. His first year he was a small forward.

        • imindless

          @senior they have there’s this year would just have to be traded after draft it’s pick 29/30

      • The Human Rain Delay

        Do you know how trades work?

        How are you flipping a 3.5 mill player in Kuzma and getting Cp3 or Oladipo?

        • imindless

          Guess you can’t read Human.

          Lakers receive: oladipo

          Pacers recieve: kuzma, 1st rounder 2020, Danny green (14 million) kcp (8.8 million) plus any filler to match salaries

          Lakers recieve: cp3

          Okc recieve: kuzma (3.5 million), 2020 1st rounder, Danny green(14 million), kcp(8.5 million) rondo(3.5 million) and javale mcgee (4 million)

          • Lakers1

            It can be done.. they have a lot of players they can trade to match salaries.. they also have a lot of players with player options that if they don’t pIck up, lakers renounce and open a lot of cap space

  4. Lakers1

    If lakers win, does that make vogel a top coach? He had success in Indiana..Lakers by any means necessary need to make sure they keep Phil handy on staff next year

  5. MarlinsFanBase

    Well, this is disappointing, even though we weren’t likely to win this series no matter what. Everything from the 2nd round of the playoffs on has been a bonus.

    Just happy we got this far with this team.

    • Lakers1

      Should be more happy with the marlins making the playoffs.. big don mattingly fan.. glad to see him manage that team to postseason

      • MarlinsFanBase

        Oh yeah, the Marlins run has been great too. We’re proud of both our teams because they both have gotten farther than we expected…and have done so when all of us sports fans were begging for some entertainment other than binge watching.

        This year, for what it’s worth, has brought a new appreciation for sports. In South Florida, even the wives/girlfriends have gotten into it just for something different. It’s been a fun ride for both teams.

        Go Heat and go Marlins! We have nothing to lose!

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Only Green has a contract next yr. So go back to the Trade machine. Lakers got lucky this yr. Enjoy it. If Dunn can step up. They can win a few gms. But without Bam it’s over.

  7. Lionel Muggeridge

    This forces Spo to do what he should’ve done earlier and play Kelly and Meyers more. The heat were getting bullied by Howard and Davis. They have to put some size in their. Leonard, Crowder, Butler, Nunn, Iggy.

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