Hornets Reportedly Willing To Trade Up For James Wiseman

The Hornets are targeting former Memphis center James Wiseman in the draft and are willing to trade up to make sure they get him, two sources told Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer. Bonnell says the sources are with rival teams that hold top-10 picks.

Charlotte has an obvious need at center, with Cody Zeller as the only big man currently under contract for 2020/21. Bismack Biyombo and Willy Hernangomez are both free agents, and none of the three was able to seize the starting job last season.

The 7’1″ Wiseman is expected to be the top center off the board in the November 18 draft, with scouts raving about his combination of size and athleticism. Bonnell notes that the Hornets were last in the league in defensive rebounding percentage and are looking for a reliable rim protector. Wiseman averaged three blocks per game in his brief time at Memphis.

“High-ranking Charlotte decision-makers” recently watched Wiseman work out, tweets Ian Begley of SNY.tv.

Charlotte holds the No. 3 pick, behind the Timberwolves and Warriors, who also have interest in Wiseman, according to a report from Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer. Both teams appear willing to deal their picks, so there might be an opportunity for the Hornets. Bonnell notes that Charlotte can also offer the 32nd selection this year, along with future picks, and has plenty of young talent with six players on its roster who were in their first or second NBA season.

One of the sources told Bonnell that Georgia guard Anthony Edwards is the Hornets’ backup plan if they can’t move up to get Wiseman. Edwards would also fill a need, Bonnell observes, as Charlotte moved Terry Rozier to shooting guard last season after Dwayne Bacon fell out of the rotation. Charlotte owner Michael Jordan was seen last week at one of Edwards’ workouts.

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15 thoughts on “Hornets Reportedly Willing To Trade Up For James Wiseman

  1. x%sure

    Jordan probably would like Edwards. But the Hornets are so small and it looks like a fit.

  2. phillyballers

    Hornets reportedly off their meds. Not a draft you trade up in. Stand pat.

      • phillyballers

        Usually never is cheap to move up. If the Warriors are trading out, #2 is more valuable to a team than #3. If Edward’s and Wiseman are off the board. And the Hornets have nothing to improve the Wolves roster in a trade bc James Johnson would be involved in any deal with the #1 pick.

    • Rocket32

      phillyballers Well they are the Hornets. Other then Kemba Walker they haven’t hit on a draft pick in many years.

  3. I’d be shocked if the Hornets give up anything significant (beyond a 2nd rounder or two) to trade up from #3. I can imagine where (what FOs) this is coming from, though there are a lot of possibilities.

    Just as rule of thumb, if a team puts out a story that they’re blown away by a player, chances are they are not drafting him.

  4. hiflew

    It would be cool to see the Hornets trade up to #1 because the Bobcats/Hornets 2.0 have never had the top pick. It’s really just a trivial thing, but I like to see the overall top pick spread around a little bit. It was really boring when the Cavs had the top pick 3 out of 4 years, even if they did trade a couple of them soon after.

    • El Don

      Dude IDK if you mean overall or just the newer CHA versions… just to say CHA had the #1 pick in ’91… one of my all time favorite player (damn shame about injuries) LJ Cool, Larry Grandma Johnson!!!

      • hiflew

        I meant the Hornets 2.0 that used to be the Bobcats. I know they had Larry Johnson with the Hornets 1.0, but that was really the Pelicans franchise making the pick. It’s kind of like the Browns in the NFL. Bernie Kosar never played for the current Browns franchise even though he is a part of their record books. He was a part of the Ravens before they moved.

        Technically Larry Johnson was a Hornets #1 pick, but not the Hornets 2.0.

  5. thekayz

    Good news for the GSW. If they want to trade out anyway, might as well double up! Trade 2 for 3+ and then trade 3 for whatever. You’re probably going to get virtually the same haul for 3 that you would have received for 2 (especially if CHA takes Wiseman and Edwards or Ball is still on the board). You’re basically getting the ‘+’ for free!

    • x%sure

      And Bob Myers would get a genius rep. Hmm what should Myers hope for?
      Hayes could defend wings when not backing up Curry.

  6. Well now we know why the Warriors are very high on Wiseman LOL. Because the Hornets want him !!

    “Well I guess we could draft him and trade him to you for some assets. But we really liked him so you better sweeten the pot a little bit. We need a center too you know and he’s really good..” etc, etc.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Hornets want Wiseman they should just go get Minnys pick. He’s perfect for them. They probably could workout deal with players and picks. And we all know at 3 TWolves can still get Okongwu or Toppin. Who are solid fits with KAT. Plus more mature and ready not type players. It’s a wise move for Hornets.

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