Draft Rumors: Wiseman, Hornets, Warriors, Cavs, Pistons, OKC, More

Kevin O’Connor’s latest update to his 2020 NBA mock draft at the Ringer includes several intriguing tidbits about which way certain teams might be leaning and which players are generating interest at certain spots.

We’ve already passed on a couple of those notes, relaying word that the Hawks have made the No. 6 pick available and that the Bulls are believed to be eyeing play-makers at No. 4. Here are a few more of the highlights from The Ringer’s mock:

  • Rumblings around the NBA suggest that the Warriors (No. 2) and Hornets (No. 3) both “covet” former Memphis center James Wiseman, according to O’Connor. If Wiseman is atop each team’s draft board, that means Charlotte might have to trade up to No. 1 to have a shot at him.
  • There’s a belief in league circles that the Cavaliers (No. 5) are high on former Dayton forward Obi Toppin, says O’Connor. That lines up with what we’ve heard in recent weeks from Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com, who reported on Monday that the Cavs will privately work out Toppin this week.
  • Sources tell O’Connor that the Pistons (No. 7) are interested in play-makers. Former Iowa State guard Tyrese Haliburton is one prospect who has been linked frequently to Detroit in mock drafts.
  • Serbian big man Aleksej Pokusevski has been linked to the Thunder (No. 25) by two separate sources whom O’Connor has spoken to in the past week. Pokusevski may not quite be NBA-ready, but his upside would make him a logical fit for an OKC team that may be entering a rebuild, O’Connor observes.
  • O’Connor also reiterates a point he has made in previous iterations of his mock draft, citing multiple sources who say that former Stanford guard Tyrell Terry is generating buzz as a potential mid-first-round pick.
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47 thoughts on “Draft Rumors: Wiseman, Hornets, Warriors, Cavs, Pistons, OKC, More

  1. formerlyz

    depending on who is there for GS, Onyeka Okongwu, Devin Vassell, or Lamelo Ball probably make the most sense for them, in my opinion. Thats also assuming Edwards goes 1….Then I have Wiseman at 3 to Charlotte. They have defense around him with Bridges and PJ Washington, and he feels like a Charlotte pick…

    I personally think Cleveland should take Okoro or Okongwu. They desperately need defense, and either of those guys would pair well with Kevin Porter jr, who is probably the only building block they have so far…I actually have Toppin dropping to the Celtics at 14, unless maybe someone trades up for him

    Again, barring trades, I have Tyrell Terry going 15 to Orlando, although he arguably fits a couple of teams a little higher. Mid-first round makes sense. Hard to place some of these small guards though

    I actually thought Pokusevski seemed like an OKC type of pick when I was doing the beginnings of my draft research earlier, so not surprised to see he has actually been connected to them. I think Jaden Mcdaniels seems like a fit for them, if he is still on the board. Obviously, OKC could use a big, or shooting/defense on the wing…He might make more sense for someone that has multiple picks, like Philly earlier in the 2nd round. Could be a stash option for someone that can give him 1-2 years to get his body right, and to teach him to make better decisions

    • east333

      Bro, you need a blog. Not because your entire draft analysis is any better than the next armchair GM out there but because I ain’t never seen anybody post their own draft analysis in these comments. Lmao

      • Simmons>Russ

        Terrible analysis

        Cavs only building block Kevin Porter.. who has only started 3 games. Never heard of Colin Sexton? Who just averaged 21-3-3 in his second season.

        Then you have Toppin dropping to 14th hahahaha that is the worst take in ages. The kid just got awarded best player in college basketball last year. He’s a lock to go top 5.

          • x%sure

            Former, popularity is why Sexton’s rarely mentioned in trade rumors. Supposedly, Cavs have only blocked Garland talks. I think phillyballer has the right idea in getting him for Philly. Sexton’s at least useful and still improving and his commitment is almost bent. Probably too solo for most GMs.

            Pokusevski makes sense for Boston too, as they have too many picks to roster next year, ad need a blocker, and are apparently okay with getting skinny Euros for center. OKC too, as Presti likes long and he is certainly long.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      I doubt U know who Pokusevski is lol.
      Why would GS be interesting in any of them at 2. GS has been all over the wires. They are not high on Ball. Plus they are in win now mode. Vassell and Okongwu are nice but they would trade down for them. This board is not to contemplate. You need to backup what you say.

      • formerlyz

        its amazing how often I get questioned and then proven correct over the course of time, but to be fair, I still havent looked too into the draft yet, as I have said. This is mostly just my initial thoughts off little research…

        It should be obvious why I like Okongwu, and why players at Vassell’s position are more valuable, in my opinion

        • x%sure

          Decent stuff, at least you use numbers instead of vague exclamations.
          Yes it is hard to place all the PG s.
          Terry promised by Orlando is a popular rumor.

          GSW has been blowing as much smoke as a tractor-pull tractor. If they say they like Wiseman, they probably don’t and will meekly trade down. But they also are said to say they don’t, so who knows.

    • OhThatYoGirl

      Lmao. I stopped reading after you said Toppin dropping down to 14th. Also Sexton is a very solid player that has a chance of playing in a few all-star games. Post all-star game he was scoring 25.5 4 assists shooting 53% FG and 43% from 3. Better recognize homie.

  2. phillyballers

    I mean I get their love around Wiseman. He is probably the best prospect in the draft. But hes a Center. So with the direction of the league, and the trouble with projecting Centers to the NBA. I think his floor is probably rim runner that blocks shots – Nerlens Noel. Need to evaluate that against other floors. Hornets aren’t a Center away from contention so they shouldn’t be honing in on one position.

    • I think you’re right and I also think that the Warriors interest in James Wiseman is a smokescreen to pry other assets from Charlotte or whoever. “We’ll pick Wiseman for you and then trade him to you for your pick plus whatever.” Works every time.

      I’ll say it again here.., the player that the Warriors pick at number 2 will NOT be on the team in the 2021 NBA playoffs. That is a fact.

        • Nope. All you need is eyes that can see and a brain that works to see that the number 2 pick will not be with the Warriors come playoff time. Bonafide fact in the making. Might not want to Blink come draft day.

    • Simmons>Russ

      I do agree that selecting centres high is a huge risk especially ones that haven’t had a full college season under their belts.
      No doubt Wiseman has risk around him but I think he’s going to be solid.

      I project that he will have a little bit of range, will be good on the boards and in Charlotte if that’s where he ends up will have the opportunity to get good minutes and lots of touches.
      I think a better comparison would be Jermaine ONeale with better defence

      • ABStract

        Dude, are you writing from Britain?
        I’ve never seen centres or defence spelled like that in regards to basketball before, but I gotta say it’s kinda cool!

          • Canada was my first guess but it could be Australian because of the Simmons connection.?

            • I think that’s the first time in the history of Hoops rumors that someone has written those words, “El Don is correct.”

              (Just kidding brother !! Only taking an opportunity that was such a great opening for me to do so. You know I love your posts and I’m just trying to be a comedian here. Hope it made you smile !!)

  3. Big Ragoo 2

    Anyone who considers themselves a contender must find someone to contend with Anthony Davis. If not runner up is all you can aspire to be.

      • El Don

        No he didn’t, AD was unstoppable, just his team was bad, but his numbers were beyond stellar against GSW… come on Dray is good but no one in this league can stop AD, so stop pretending that he can be dealt with!

        • arc89

          AD is guardable. Just has to be somebody the same size. AD is like every all star in the NBA just put them down for 20 but keep them from more than 20. The heat had to many injuries to stop AD and Lebron.

          • x%sure

            “Same size” but agile is probably what Ragoo meant, that Wiseman or some similar will be needed vs Lakers/AD.

            Predict Wiseman will have value as a full-court runner, a player who will exhaust & draw fouls vs an opponent, and will be getting his points on breakouts & putbacks. Not really oldstyle unless one goes way back!

    • Strike Four

      Davis has 1 ring, he’s defendable.

      Also big reason why GSW will end up with Giannis either in FA or this offseason.

  4. Sillivan

    Warriors get 3 and Hornets top 5 protected First next year
    Hornets get Wiseman

    Then Warriors trade both Wolves and Hornets picks at trade deadline

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      As a Hornets fan, hard pass. Next year’s draft class has to be better, and a rebuilding club should NOT be giving up future assets. It makes no sense unless you’ve got a generational talent at the top, which Wiseman isn’t.

    • specialfriedrice

      That top 3 protected Wolves pick is not going anywhere…that is a golden asset…why did the Wolves only top3 protect when they knew that they would be back in the lottery again…unbelievable.

      • hiflew

        Because they might not be in the lottery next year. Talk like that reminds me of how giddy Celtics fans were when they got the protected Memphis pick. They were talking about it as if it was a guaranteed top 3 pick and it eventually became the 14 pick in a weak draft. Instead of getting a superstar, they now have to get lucky to even get a rotation player.

        The point is, you never can tell how good a pick is going to be until after the lottery.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Been saying since day 1. Hornets would love Wiseman. But at 3 he won’t be there. Warriors are taking him or someone is trading up for him. He will be top player in this draft. Minny has KAT they are not taking him. So either they trade or go Edwards. Edwards has huge upside. Halliburton is best PG in draft. Been saying that since day 1 too. Bulls don’t take him. Then Pistons probably do, unless they go Hayes. Knicks not passing on Halliburton or Hayes. Be very surprised if they did.

  6. Strike Four

    Wiseman makes no sense for a genuine Championship contender like Golden State. Why him when Dwight Howard is out there and can help immediately and after his rejuvenation with the Lakers looks like a better fit than anyone for GSW.

    I think GSW either trades down to get Deni Avdija, or maybe doesn’t even get a pick at all because they are most likely going to trade all their picks to get all the best feasible players they can to pair up with the Splash bros.

    • Michael Chaney

      You just answered your own question. It seems unlikely that Golden State would take Wiseman for themselves; if anything, they’re probably trying to build some leverage for the Hornets to trade up with them.

    • arc89

      Howard is not going to GSW. Lakers will out bid them for Howard because they know GSW can’t be beat if they have a big man.

    • RenoChris

      There is no reason they can’t draft Wiseman for the future and sign Howard for today.

  7. jessaumodesto

    It would be “Wise” “Man” for the Warriors to Draft Wiseman. Pun intended.

  8. Jeff Zanghi

    I was hoping there would be a chance that Wiseman was going to fall a bit in the draft and then I was going to say the Celtics should do everything they could (3 1st round picks this year + players) to trade up. I know it was a long shot but there was some talk a week or so ago that there was some interest in Hayward and a couple of sports-talk hosts had mentioned the possibility of packaging Hayward, pick #14 another 1st and maybe a future pick to move up to the 4-6 range. But obviously if Wiseman will be off the board at 2 (or even 1) then that’s not even a possibility. (Not that it even really was before but still) — I think he would be the absolute PERFECT fit to take the Celtics to the next level… but obviously it’s virtually impossible for them to get him.

    • Give the Warriors a call and see what you can work out. Marcus Smart Plus a pic or two. If I was the Warriors I would jump on that.

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