Knicks Looking To Trade Down In Draft?

The Knicks will try to trade down from their lottery spot unless James Wiseman or LaMelo Ball slide to the eighth spot, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post.

Considering both players are expected to be selected in the top five, the Knicks sound likely to be actively shopping the pick. Wiseman is ranked as the top big man in the draft and No. 3 overall on ESPN’s best available list, while Ball is ranked No. 2 overall behind fellow guard Anthony Edwards.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the Knicks want to move out of the lottery. They’ve discussed the idea of moving into the 12-15 range and acquire a player on a rookie contract as part of the deal, per Berman.

New York could have plenty of company in terms of teams seeking to move down, as the November 18 draft is generally considered weak with no surefire stars.

Berman shares some other insights:

  • The Magic, who hold the No. 15 pick, have some interest in Knicks guard Dennis Smith Jr. and that could lead to a broader deal.
  • The Knicks could package the No. 27 overall pick, acquired from the Clippers in the Marcus Morris three-team deal, and their second-rounder at No. 38 to move into the middle of the first round.
  • Kentucky shooting guard Tyrese Maxey is a player the Knicks are eying, according to Berman, who notes Maxey’s connection to former Kentucky assistant and new Knicks assistant Kenny Payne. Maxey is rated No. 15 on ESPN’s list.
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71 thoughts on “Knicks Looking To Trade Down In Draft?

  1. mike.honcho

    MAGIC needs a PG really bad, Smith Jr could really use a change of venue, KNICKS need to stockpile assets ………. KNICKS should do this asap.

    Small steps like what Sean Marks did when he got to the NETS.

    • ms3b29

      Any team that needs a PG needs to look for someone better than DSJ unless it’s a G league team.

      • mike.honcho

        I’m not giving up on DSJ just yet, he’s still young.

        It’s clear though that New York isn’t for him, moreso a hardnosed Thibs now run the KNICKS.

        A change of scenery might do the trick.

    • Knicks would need to include a lot to get the 15th pick. DSJ is essentially worthless.

      • hiflew

        I don’t think the cost will be that much. I agree that DSJ alone won’t get it, but DSJ + 27 and 38 should get both 15 and 45 from the Magic.

        • Magic 24/7

          Yikes! no thanks. There’s zero chance the Magic would be interested in doing that.

          The Magic might at best give up their 2nd Rounder for DSJr. Thats about it.

          For people that know, that reported interest in DSJr is old expired news. It’s 2 years old from when ORL was scouring NBA for a young PG; and before they traded for Markelle Fultz…who is now their clear starting PG of the future.

          For the Knicks to get #15 from the Magic, the conversation would be about Orlando moving up to get #8 and get a guy they like, otherwise they’d just stay put.

          It certainly won’t be for ORL to give up the best asset for a back up tier PG with health, attitude and shooting issues + lesser picks.

          • hiflew

            I think you might be overvaluing the 15 pick. They aren’t likely to get a player with the potential of DSJ, who is still very young, at 15. Before he was sent to the purgatory of New York, he was looked at as one of the best prospects from his draft class.

            Moving up from 15 to 8 would cost more, quite a bit more than moving from 27 to 15.

    • Magic 24/7

      Magic don’t need a PG “really bad.”

      They have very good young PG in Markelle Fultz. He’s healthy now and had a very solid year for what was essentially his rookie season.

      They might need a back up PG, but they have two free agent PG’s that at least one will be re-signed.

      DJ Augustin plays important role as Fultz’s mentor and for the most part is solid back up who can shoot well. Michael Carter-Williams also played a key bench role as Clifford’s best and most trusted point of attack defender. He can guard/play 1-3. His injury in bubble was a considerable blow to the Magic’s bench and rotation.

      I wouldn’t mind DSJr as a reclamation project in back up role…but I don’t see ORL giving up decent assets for him.

      He’d more likely be a sweetener in a larger deal…perhaps involving Aaron Gordon or Evan Fournier, but I doubt ORL gives either up just to move up from 15 to 8 in this year’s draft.

  2. The Howler

    Payne is supposed to turn around Knox but Knox was soft at KY so good luck the 2nd time around, Coach! Maybe the Knicks can pick up Malik Monk as well!

  3. RootedInOakland

    Lol classic Knicks, only liking the two sexy prospects in Ball and Wiseman and not seeing the value in the 3&D wings that will be there at 8. Wtf would they do with Robinson and Wiseman anyways jus seems weird. Hope they trade down and continue to blow

  4. Sillivan

    Some people are saying that Mock draft #15 Patrick Williams is as good as mock draft #1 Edwards.

    How about this deal?

    Knicks trade #8 to Wolves for #1 pick straight up.

      • Sillivan

        Mock Draft No. 8 Pick Isaac Okoro Says He Deserves To Be The No. 1 Pick In The NBA Draft.

        Therefore the straight up deal of No. 8 Pick for No. 1 Pick makes senses.

        • DVail1979

          Just cuz someone say something doesn’t make it so … I think i deserve to be the 3rd pick of this draft .. but I’m sure the NBA and the rest of the world disagree lol …

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          No, that doesn’t make sense. It literally makes zero sense. Why on Earth would the T-Wolves hand the Knicks the #1 pick for essentially free? Those are the types of trades made in NBA2K, not between pro teams. You want #1, your Knicks are going to have to pony up some value in return to account for the difference between 1 & 8.

    • Simmons>Russ

      This has to be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said which is saying a lot. Why would the wolves trade down from 1 all the way to 8 and not get anything in return.

  5. hiflew

    Please Knicks, don’t draft and ruin another Kentucky player. I’d like to see Tyrese Maxey at least have a chance at a good pro career.

  6. Sillivan


    Cole is a better player than Maxey.
    But Cole has a knee issue.
    I’ll take a risk to take Cole.

  7. phillyballers

    Thibs has a 5-year deal. If they plan on keeping him past year 2 or 3, they will probably have to get rid of Knox, Ntilikina, DSJ, pretty much everyone by Robinson and RJ, and maybe even those 2.

    He’s looking for a grind-it-out type of player that’s defensively oriented. But really he’s looking for a team full of A-holes on the court. So if you were to create a team full of them:

    Westbrook, Beverley, Smart, Gasol, Gobert, Taj, Noah, Draymond, Butler, Portis.

    Draymond, Butler, and Smart are probably not get-able. And it’s TBD on Gobert. Noah is cooked.

    But they could get Westbrook, Beverly, Gasol, and already have Taj and Portis.

    You can create the team, but it won’t come out of the East. So he’ll just ruin a few young players until he’s fired in year 3.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      This is such an accurate assessment, and why Thibs was such a poor choice for a coach. He’ll wear down the young pieces they have, they’ll be shipped out and NY will be left with nothing again. Thibs will be fired and the never-ending Knicks rebuild will march on.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      A Philly fanatic talking about diss functional. Go back to tanking. Then you might find a Jimmy Butler .

  8. BishopL

    Don’t get it if Maxey Is the guy just take him at 8. At 27 Isaiah joe makes sense. And 38 hope mcdaniels is there
    But mostly they get improved shooting and thibs gets to earn his money and coach em up on Defense. But more importantly they improve there 3 pt shooting.
    Robinson could be a decent core

    • hiflew

      The big difference is salary. If you can trade down and get a guy in the 17-20 range when virtually no one else is even talking about him, why would you want to pay him over $1MM more per season by picking him at 8? Not to mention the pressure of being a top ten pick is off by trading down.

      • BishopL

        Problem is I don’t think Maxey will last that long. If its your guy get him and figure the rest out later.

        • hiflew

          That’s the gamble of ever trading down in a draft in any sport. That gamble is why you get additional assets in order to make the move down. Most mocks I have seen have Maxey not coming off the board until the mid 20s. And I haven’t seen one that have him coming off the board before 17 or so. Now mocks aren’t dogma by any means, but it’s not like you can just call up other teams and ask where he is on their draft boards. So mocks from trusted analysts are pretty much the only source of information that is not your own. So I mean if mocks are putting him in the mid 20s, drafting him at 8 is just wasting an asset. You should trade down to a spot that is ahead of the first team you think might have an interest in him. If that is 14, then trade down to 13 and pick up additional assets. If it is 20, then you can trade down to 17 or 18 to give yourself a buffer and pick up even bigger assets.

    • wildboys

      I really like McDaniels, if he falls to 38 it might actually motivate him.

      • BishopL

        I think he has a chance to be decent though. He’s not a one or two but he can be a third or fourth option. And he got intangibles that makes me think he can be a decent to above average defender. More than likely he goes to a playoff team where he can learn.though I can see someone like the thunder snatching him up. A big project but could be an exciting learn. 17 the twolves would be wise to take a gamble on him as well.

  9. x%sure

    Maxey, go fo it! Could probably trade down and still get him as his efficiency at Kentucky was not high, and he looks like a tweener who gets over-excited. The latter Thibs should keep an eye on, and initially his inefficiency may continue. But the former, that’s called a combo guard now and respected.
    A positive-minded Eric Gordon/Dejaunte Murray?

    Fans should like him, although I said that about Randle too. Well give them a shot with Payton. The un-popular can become popular if the people in charge favor them. I would not call Randle or Payton long-term objectives though like Maxey.

  10. Dodgethis

    So virtually every mock draft says the knickers need to trade up to get ball, and their plan is to hope he falls all the way to them? Or punt for yet another season with the fantasy some star free agent will join up and want to play with a million power forwards and failed mid-late round picks?

    • hiflew

      Why on Earth would anyone, let alone the Kings, give Hassan Whiteside $91MM more dollars?

      It’s blatantly obvious you are a Pistons fan since they are getting 4 1 year deals, 3 1sts, and 2 2nds for just giving up Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose. That’ the kind of return those two would have gotten 8 years ago, but not now. And I have no idea why the Knicks would want Rose and Chris Paul.

      No chance whatsoever. But as long as you had fun, I guess that’s what matters.

  11. alproof

    One thing the Knicks do not need is a starting SG (Barrett). Wiseman or Robinson at PF? I want Okongwu on Knicks.

    • Regi Green

      They don’t need one.From where I sit down here in Philly,Dolan has been a great owner for the Knickerbockers

    • I would only take DSJ if he’s willing and able to come off the bench.

      On the other hand, I’d be willing to trade the Sixers first and highest second, along with Horford, to the Knicks for this pick and Bobby Portis (Knicks would need to pick up the option).

      Sixers need to get out of the Horford contract.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Well you answered why =)

        Anyway, not that it is going to happen, but a backcourt of Hield and Smith, Jr. would have been exciting.

  12. Simmons>Russ

    I like the idea of Knicks trading back in order to get better value and get better that makes sense.
    However no team really wants to trade up in a weak draft and secondly why Maxey?

    Maxey has good potential but he’s a combo guard not a floor general type point guard that they need. Maxey also really struggles with consistency having scored in single digits 9 out of his 28 college games.

    With RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson your main building blocks I would be looking at adding some shooting and either a PG or a forward.
    At the top of the draft I’d suggest Ball, Halliburton or Toppin. If they plan on trading down I’d look at Cole Anthony, Patrick Williams, Saddiq Bey, Jaden McDaniels and Jahmius Ramsey.

    I’d suggest trading with Boston.
    Trade pick #6, pick #27 and DSJ for pick #14, pick #26, pick #30 and Romeo Langford.

    Boston get a real top pick, get DSJ as a back up PG to learn from Kemba and did day get another layer pick

    • Chris_Favreau

      Boston wouldn’t take DSJ… Doesn’t fit the culture. Remember when they could’ve had Cousins for not much more than a signed photo of Ainge’s cardiogram and a hand full of pubes from Smart’s sack and they passed? Yeah, outside of KG, they don’t like head cases. That and Langford, if healthy, would probably go in the top 5 of this draft. At the very least, that kid can play some D.

    • El Don

      Mitchell Robinson ain’t a foundation or building block, he is just a back up center… & a very limited at that, all he does is in one end of the court, a star center needs to get it done mainly in the offensive end & be decent on the D, Mitchell is good at D… but man he will never be good offensively, hence just a back up center, mind you not a bad one to have.

        • El Don

          My friend I have actually seen him play live against WAS & been vanquished by Thomas Bryant… that was somethin’ I can assure you!
          Have you seen him play?

  13. The Knicks have to sign Fred VanVleet he is the perfect guard for that young team and would push the Knicks into the playoffs next season. The Knicks need floor-spacing with Mitchell Robinson and RJ Barrett out there and Fred VanVleet compliments RJ perfectly in the backcourt since he can play off the ball and let RJ be a play-maker.

    As far as the draft pick goes if Deni Avdija falls to #8 you take him. Unselfish,can rebound,pass,shoot,and play defense at 6’10.

    • mike.honcho

      Methinks that FVV won’t work out well, should the Knicks get him.

      FVV’s tough as they come, but his size will always be a liability on defense.

      With the Raptors, Nick Nurse, with his lengthy players and his schemes, was able to compensate/cover for FVV on the defensive end …… Knicks don’t have the same tools.

      I agree with Deni though …… has good euro-fundamentals. Looks to be a good gamble at the 8th spot, if still available.

  14. If the Knicks are looking to trade down and the Magic have some level of interest in DSJ, then does #8, #38 and DSJ for #15, #45 and Bamba make sense?

    Magic have somewhat given up on Mo. He still has more value than Smith, which I think the picks in this deal resolve.

  15. I’m sure the Knicks are trying to trade down. Problem is almost every team in the top 10 is looking to trade down. The problem is finding a trade partner.

    I like the notions of trading up from #27 into the heart of the draft, and getting something for DSJ. If Orlando actually likes DSJ (I’m skeptical), then #15 for DSJ and #27 would look good to me.

    I’m skeptical of Maxey. I’m hoping it’s a bone being thrown to Calipari. The kid is talented, but he was a mess his FR year and is a tweener. I think they’ll be stronger guys, although I guess it depends where they’re picking.

    I’ve learned over the years that good FO’s never tip their hand as to what direction they might be heading in the draft. Statements (formal and informal) that are released pre-draft tend to serve their draft aims. Knick FO’s have been horrible at keeping even internal squabbles about prospects out of the papers. Hoping Rose will end that.


      @ Norm Chouinard
      No you are wrong! They are 2 different players who play 2 different position. Plus, you cannot write off Kevin Knox yet. The talent is there. He just walked in a bad situation, having Fizdale who can’t coach as his first professional coach. Having also a confused, and clueless GM in Chris Mills who signed 3 veterans ahead of him . The kid never got a chance to develop his game.
      By the way, I am high on Barrett as well as his ceiling.

  16. KnickerbockerAl

    A story gets printed and we all wake up. Why would any one here care about Knicks. Stop watching espn. Yesterday’s news. “Periodic de Ayer”. Sit back and watch Thibs build this team. It’s a rebuild. There’s no rush here. Go watch your teams and relax. Knicks haven’t had a rebuild since Ewing. Why must I keep reminding you of that. And they didn’t do that one well. Problem in NYC is the owner. Now he’s sitting back and letting this rebuild go forward. After a yr and this draft we will have a clear picture of our direction. Plenty of assets to go after young talent. When time is right.
    Maxey is not all that to me. He’s a scorer and reminds oF DWade. Cause NYK have the UK asst coach now. There is a solid and better player at 8. I would love to trade up for Wiseman. But they won’t do that. IMO Warriors are taking him. At 8 we should have Okoro, Halliburton, or a player who drops (never Ball). Any of these picks at8 can start for us. So we won’t trade down. Now they Might trade up with other two picks. And love to move Smith as soon as possible. Thibs will weed out all who can’t handle NYC. He was here for the Ewing yrs. He knows what is to win here.

    And all the Magic talk. Last yr Magic had 5th highest payroll in NBA. 134,000,000 mill. OK The Magic they should be the Tragic .

    • El Don

      Are you kidding, right?
      I mean ORL made it yet again to the postseason, meanwhile… NYK is the worst NBA team of the millennium & haven’t sniffed the playoffs in so very long a time, that even the oldest ones in the place can’t remember what playoff games are, & you calling ORL tragic? Surely you made a mistake here, the NYK are the only tragic ones, right?

      • KnickerbockerAl

        I know you try lol. But you really should read before you post. You need ammo when you want me. Since 1989-90 Magic have been in playoffs 15 times. 11 of those they have lost in 1st rd. After going to Finals twice. Both their stars Shaq n Howard’ couldn’t leave fast enough. Two of biggest stars at the time. Can’t hold them. That alone is Tragic. Magic since 2010-11 have been in playoffs 4 times. And lost in 1st rd all 4. That’s Tragic too, cause it’s just better to get a lottery pick. I know as fans we all have opinions. You can have yours bro. But when you want to make a statement about someone’s facts. You really should research or get informed. I’m not a child who screams when I see a dunk. I got plenty of game and knowledge. And am willing to be wrong.

        “I got your attention fan boy”,
        Since 1989-90 Knicks have been in playoffs 16 times. They lost 1st rd (5 times). Got your attention DonnyBoy. The other ten times – conf semis 7 times, 3 conf Finals, 2 NBA Finals. Last time in playoffs was 2010-11 thru 2012-13. Knicks . Always amusing to have someone who knows nothing about other cities. Think they got something. Cause they follow the hype. Or watch SC. Magic have been rebuilding since Shaq left. Do you know that. Even though we went they Isiah yrs then the Mello yrs. We still have done better than most teams, includes Magic. Tragic us a reference to their whole history. Maybe too harsh but accurate. Knicks have been tragic but only for periods. And if you care it cause if the owner. Only Celtics and Lakers have a better history than the Knicks. We are talking history not a 8 yr run (Bulls). And it’s not a better basketball history it’s a team history. So yes I can say Tragic, with apologies to real Magic fans. But not to a troll like DonnyBoy. Now go and get shoe shine box and do the research.


    OMG dude! you are the second coming of Nostradamus. You sure can predict every any NBA’s player future pretty accurately. I guess Jonathan Isaac is the next Anthony Davis, and Mo Bamba will be a better center than Olajuwon.
    Lately, the Magic suffer from that “cannot draft syndrome! Jon Isaac, Mo Bamba, Fran Vasquez anyone?

    • KnickerbockerAl

      You got Magic blues or something. You see any Magic predictions on picks. I got news based on knowledge. No one has to agree. But it’s based on research. I take basketball serious. I actually will scout of tapes and gms. I don’t repeat writers stories or SC chatter. You need help with the Magic? Just ask.
      Actually I like Isaac. He made big improvements last yr. too bad he had injury. It’s a bad injury. He’s lucky he’s young. It should work for him. His talent he can easily come back as a 4, stretch 4. I’m rooting for him.


        I am not sure what’s going on here. My comments were directed at “El Don” who tried to trash the Knicks. I am a Knicks fan not a Magic fan. I got trust in this new management and the coaching staff. I am 100% certain that the Knicks will get something positive popping for this upcoming season. I predict the Knicks will have a better record than the Magic!

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