Mavericks Plan To Be Active In Trade Talks

The Mavericks will be aggressive in the offseason trade market as they look for a third star to team with Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, according to Brad Townsend of The Dallas Morning News.

Multiple sources tell Townsend that Mavericks president and general manager Donnie Nelson has informed other GMs around the league that he’s looking to upgrade his roster, even if it means taking on unwanted contracts, and he’s willing to part with everyone other than Doncic and Porzingis.

Dallas is also hoping to trade up in the draft and acquire a lottery pick, Townsend adds, though sources didn’t say where in the lottery Nelson is aiming. The Mavs currently hold selections No. 18 and 31.

There have been reports that Dallas is among the franchises hoping to preserve cap room for a possible run at Giannis Antetokounmpo if he becomes a free agent in 2021. But Townsend states that the priority is to build a contending team around Doncic before his first shot at free agency two years from now. With Doncic appearing to be a perennial MVP candidate, several agents have quietly informed the Mavericks that their clients are interested in coming to Dallas.

Townsend expects the Mavs to seek players who can handle either forward position and identifies Thunder free agent Danilo Gallinari as a likely target. According to Townsend, Dallas had a deal in place for Gallinari at the trade deadline, but backed out because he refused to agree to an extension, preferring to test the free agent market. Gallinari remains a productive scorer at age 32, averaging 18.7 points per game this season and shooting 40.5% from three-point range.

Another option could be trading for Sixers forward Tobias Harris, who turned down an offer from the Mavericks last summer to remain in Philadelphia for $180MM over five years. The Sixers may be seeking salary relief, especially with a revamped front office taking over.

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23 thoughts on “Mavericks Plan To Be Active In Trade Talks

  1. hiflew

    Tobias Harris and a couple of Philly’s 2nds this year for Tim Hardaway Jr and Delon Wright makes sense for both teams. I’m not sure exactly the amount of draft capital the Sixers would have to tack on, but it shouldn’t be nearly as much as they would have to add for Horford.

    • xxtremecubsguy89

      How do they not have much assets but have enough to trade for Oladipo?

      • david-45

        its stimple.victor is injruy prone, 29 years old. 1 year left on contract.

        beal has 2 years left on contract (i may be wrong), younger, better all around player,

  2. ozagi

    So many good wing prospects towards the end of the lottery. Vassell, Nesmith, Bey, Williams. I wonder who they’re targeting. They have a more immediate four year-ish window to be competitive for a championship.

    • hiflew

      I think Tyrese Maxey would be a great fit with them. Dallas is where I am hoping he ends up anyway. I think they are the best fit for him as a player.

      • david-45

        why…. maxey cant shoot the 3 very well. hes basically another trey burke…. we have brunson, luka, wright, curry all running the PG show. burke and barea could also resign….

        • hiflew

          Why would that matter? Maxey is a slashing 2 guard not a PG. Besides, Trey Burke was picked higher than #18, so getting that is a good value. You’re very unlikely to get a superstar at 18. Getting a solid slashing wing with a lot of upside if he can establish more ball control is not bad at 18.

  3. Otogar

    Dallas is already a top offensive team. They don’t need Gallo, but good defenders. Jeremy Grant could be a nice addition.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Harris had his best yrs under Doc. They are not giving him away. Why would any fan think the Sixers. Who just gave out a max contract. After one yr will give away that player. Really now. New coach means new system. Horford seems like the bad mix on this team. Too much money tied up, basically on a backup. And he too has value in right trade. Horford on Celtics and they are in Finals not Heat. IMO Sixers have to move Simmons to wing. Then get a floor general type PG. It starts there. Find a way to get shooters. Horford in three way or the right team. Has trade value. You don’t have to dump him. Giving up a 2nd rd pick is not a big deal. Sixers have three of them. High 2nd rd picks are valuable. Contracts are not guaranteed like 1st rd picks. Harris has value. If they choose to move him. But Having he and Simmons on wings. Makes them much tougher to defend. Two big wings who can go 3 or 4. What Sixers need most are shooters.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Mavs are not going anywhere till they fix KP. He’s brittle and has to change gm. At 7’2” he can’t run around like a wing. He is not Dirk. He’s best as a center who can step out. He needs weight and muscle. Or he might have a short career. I’ve been saying this since we drafted him. So please keep all your hater nonsense. Mavs don’t have or picks or players to move. Need to get lucky this draft. Or use Hardaway contract to get another unwanted player like Love. They will have to get creative to get a good player. Mavs got lucky last yr. Not sneaking up on anyone now.

      • david-45

        youre stupid… give it time. dirk was terrible his first few years in the league. Porzingis could avg 28 points a night easily if luka wasnt on the team. but when you play with another all star, your numbers go down. ADs number dip when he got to lakers. bostons big 3 all their numbers dropped and same with Miamis big 3, and smae with warriors when KD signed there, etc.

  6. david-45

    everyone bashes on KP about him getting injured all the time and not deserving of this max contract. hypethically if luka wasnt on his rookie contract right now, and he was a RFA would you give him a max????? if you say “yes” well then you all need to take Luka’s D**k out of your mouth. because Luka has missed quite a few games himself. luka only played 4 more total games than Porzingis did this year…. also all you mavs fans that think we need a center, you are all wrong, KP plays better at the 5. he wont have to chase people off the 3 point line… which transitions too less stress on his knees which also equals less chance of getting injured.

  7. david-45

    mavs need 3- D players. and a SG that can create his own shot.
    if atlanta or another team wants to trade out of the lottery, Dallas needs to take their shot at do a trade. like Atlanta for instance. atlanta wants players. alright dallas can deal brunson (atlanta doesnt have a backup PG right now. do we really need him after how well burke played?), dorrell wright. can guard the better opposing scoring PG so trey young doesnt have too, justin jackson- project, and dwight powell- he can replace collins if he leaves or hawks dont resign him next offseason. dallas can also throw in curry or pick 31 or whatever to get a deal done. this deal creates about 30m in cap space for dallas to spend in offseason. dallas gets 6th pick and gets someone like Devin Vassell. a great 3-D player. free agency they can sign serge ibaka who can play either power forward or center and can be an enforcer.

  8. formerlyz

    Mavs need defense. Not a fan of trading for Gallinari or Tobias Harris. There are multiple defensive options in FA that fit them. Jerami Grant should probably be a super high priority, among others. Add a couple of pieces like that, draft a couple of pieces (depending on the board, i have Josh Green at 18, and Paul Reed at 31). I honestly think they’re the best fit for Giannis, as a Heat fan, if he leaves Milwaukee. I also felt that way about Durant and GS 3 years before he left OKC, so we’ll see if they plays anything into it, and it would be cool to see Giannis, Luka, and Porzingis as a foundation

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