Nets Officially Announce Coaching Staff

The Nets have officially announced the coaching staff for new head coach Steve Nash, confirming in a press release that Mike D’Antoni and Ime Udoka will be assistants, while Amar’e Stoudmire is coming aboard as a player development coach. Those hires were all previously reported.

In addition to the newcomers, Nash will retain former interim head coach Jacque Vaughn, as expected. Assistant coaches Adam Harrington, Jordan Ott, and Tiago Splitter will also remain with the team, as will player development coordinator Ryan Forehan-Kelly.

“We’ve assembled an experienced staff of high-character individuals with varied backgrounds, both on and off the court, that will help create a solid foundation for me and our players,” Nash said in a statement. “When I set out to build this staff, I wanted to put together a committed group that would connect with our players and help put them in the best position to succeed as a team. With coaching and playing experience at the highest level and a deep background in player development, I’m confident that we’ve put the right people in place to lead us forward.”

Nash, a first-time head coach, has plenty of veteran experience on his new staff, including a pair of former head coaches in D’Antoni and Vaughn. He’ll likely lean on D’Antoni to help run the offense, while Udoka focuses primarily on Brooklyn’s defense, as Chris Milholen of NetsDaily writes.

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15 thoughts on “Nets Officially Announce Coaching Staff

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Most places are closed due to the global pandemic but I heard vegas comedy cellar is opening and they want you to headline. They say they’re desperate for hilarious jokes with an original voice. I think you’re just the ticket…not!

        • joeyrocafella

          Whoa!! A “NOT” joke! Haven’t heard that one since Borat. Clever. NOT

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Looks like 6 assistants, not counting the 2 player development coach/coordinators. Even six sounds quite excessive though.

      • Jason Lancaster

        Houston had D’Antoni + five just this last season. 6 assistants plus 2 player dev people makes all the sense in the world if the head coach is green (he is) and one of the assistants won’t be doing game planning (D’Antoni, I’d guess).

    • Jason Lancaster

      That’s a pretty typical compliment, depending on how you count player development staff.

  1. jump shot

    Solid staff. Only thing that can keep this team from maxing out is Kyrie. I predict he won’t be on the team anymore by Oct. 1, 2021.

  2. richt

    The Brooklyn Suns

    Why not hire Leandro Barbosa away from the Warriors too? Maybe find a job for Shawn Marion somewhere?

    • Sillivan

      IMO the best coaching staff would be

      Head Coach – Nash
      1st Associate HC – JVG
      2nd Associate HC – Mike D’antonic
      3rd Associate HC – Vaughn

      Assistant Coach
      Leandro Barbosa
      Shawn Marion
      Amare Stadamire
      Joe Johnson

      7 Assitant Coaches

  3. Jason Lancaster

    This is a D’Antoni team with a cooler, hipper vibe. They’re going to score like crazy.

  4. seth3120

    Really weird thinking about D’Antoni being an assistant coach for Steve Nash.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Looks like Nets are serious about this. This is a solid staff for Nash. Nice to have ownership back you up like that. Still wonder about roster moves. Nets have good assets to pick up another star. Even an aging star can work. Like Aldridge even like Horford for this team.

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