Nets, Pelicans Discussed Jrue Holiday At Trade Deadline

The Nets and Pelicans spoke in February about the possibility about a Jrue Holiday trade, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said today on his Hoop Collective podcast (hat tip to NetsDaily).

“I think it’s been reported,” Windhorst said of those talks. “But if it hasn’t been reported, I found out somewhere – I don’t think it was from an executive, maybe it was – that there was some discussion between the Nets and Pelicans in February.”

Brooklyn and New Orleans obviously didn’t reach a deal at last season’s trade deadline, but with Holiday on a potential expiring contract in 2020/21 (he has a player option for ’21/22), it’s possible the Pelicans will revisit the idea of a trade during the coming offseason.

“I’m not 100% convinced that the Pelicans are going to move him,” Windhorst said. “I think it’s an option for them. I think it also depends on the coach that they hire and the way that coach wants to play. But they did kick it around (last season).”

Veteran guards Holiday and J.J. Redick are both on track to reach free agency in 2021. The Pelicans could keep their roster relatively intact this fall, retaining those vets and counting on further development from the likes of Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball to make them a playoff team next season. But if New Orleans decides to shop its veterans in search of pieces whose timelines match up better with the team’s young core, the Nets could be a logical trade partner.

Brooklyn has the pieces necessary to make a run at a third star to complement Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, especially if the team is willing to make Caris LeVert available. With few impact players viewed as obvious trade candidates in the short term, Holiday could immediately become the most intriguing option available if the Pelicans put him on the trade block.

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17 thoughts on “Nets, Pelicans Discussed Jrue Holiday At Trade Deadline

  1. The Human Rain Delay

    Like um or hate um, the Nets are going to be fun for all next year-

    Pelicans in a nice postion to start a good ole fashion bidding war with the lack of talent avail this off-season –

  2. Tatsumaki

    Holiday for dinwiddle and 19 makes sense. Dinwiddle works better with ball in his hands and would also help owls replace ball who appears to be a bust.

    • lakersfan27

      Lonzo isn’t a bust. His shot is coming around 37% from three, passes well 7 assets a game, plays good defense, and he’s a smart basketball player. He’s not a star but he’s still only 22. Point guards always take a little time to develop. Look at how many years it took Nash to be who he was in the league. Nash was 27 when he finally became an all star. Even if Lonzo does become an all star he’ll still be a productive player in the league.

      • El Don

        Totally agree with you @lakersfan27! Can’t believe the hatred the Ball bros get! I mean it is absolutely discusting & disturbing to see! Zo so far has been very good in his career, maybe not stellar but very good with the best to come yet! With what he has done so far he can never be a bust, that is just pure hate & ignorance!

  3. Hard to go wrong with Holiday, but I still think the Nets should hold off making a major trade until they see how their current stars mesh, with each other and the balance of the roster. They’ll practically only be able to make 1 major move in the next few years.

  4. mike.honcho

    The NETS are probably the most loaded and balanced roster in the EAST, right now.

    Just retain Harris, then run with this group.

    • Montezuma

      “ The NETS are probably the most loaded and balanced roster in the EAST, right now.”

      This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in several days. Thank you for the laugh!

  5. Sillivan

    This is the Nets insane trade offer reported one month ago:
    Jrue Holiday, and have reportedly sent in an offer to New Orleans. That package apparently includes Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, Dzanan Musa and a protected first-round draft pick.

    • hiflew

      That’s not really that insane a trade offer. It would allow the Nets to keep LeVert. Holiday would replace Dinwiddie and then some. Allen and Musa are decent prospects, but they won’t see the court enough on the new veteran Nets team and the first rounder is likely going to be in the 20s.

      I really don’t get it for the Pelicans though. They are strongest in big men, so I would think LeVert would be a more attractive addition than the Allen/Musa combo. The Nets package looks good on paper, but I don’t think it fits with New Orleans.

  6. Jeff Zanghi

    If you’re the Pelicans and you can potentially trade Holiday for LaVert and possibly an additional asset or two I think you definitely make that deal. Holiday might be the slightly better player but LaVert is much younger and could develop into the better player in a year or two — not to mention Holiday’s a free agent at the end of the season. I think making that trade improves your team in the long run and really doesn’t do all that much to hurt your chances at still pushing to become a playoff team next year. The Pelican’s have a really solid young core and adding LaVert would only improve it going forward.

  7. Sillivan

    I believe that there is going concern that LaVert has broken foot and something else.

  8. Jason Lancaster

    Why would any coach agree to trading away Jrue Holiday? He’s a pro’s pro, with excellent defense and an all-around game second to no one.

    He won’t fill up the stat sheet, but they already got that guy on the team. They need veterans who can lead and do the hard stuff.

    If it’s up to the coaching staff, Holiday is a Pelican for life.

    • Agree.jrue so underated.but if nola want to trade him,i hope my bulls get him.give them lavine,markkanen,2nd round.lavine only good in scoring.but nola need a shooter.and bulls need a defense.

    • b ballexpert

      I would think they would wan tti try to rebuild fast. They have Zion, Ingam and many other young assets that in a year or 2 can be a star team

  9. phillyballers

    A concept that isnt used as much as it is in Baseball. Trade a dude in his last year for assets. Then resign said dude a year later when your team is a bit better.

    They will have enough cap space to extend Ingram and resign Holidaynif they so chose to do so. If he didnt opt in.

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