Northwest Notes: Conley, D. Jones, Anthony, Thunder

Jazz guard Mike Conley isn’t expected to exercise an early termination option on his $34.5MM salary for next season, but Eric Walden of The Salt Lake Tribune suggests that he and the team could both benefit if he did. Walden notes that Conley could opt out and sign a new deal that would give him similar money in the long term while offering Utah some immediate cap flexibility.

If Conley plays out his current deal, he will be a 33-year-old unrestricted free agent next offseason and Walden estimates he can expect three-year offers in the $35MM to $40MM range. The Jazz could combine that with his current deal by offering $70MM to $75MM over four years.

That takes away any worry of an injury that could reduce Conley’s value and it cuts his 2020/21 cap figure in half, bringing it down to about $17-$19MM. That could allow Utah to use Bird Rights to re-sign Jordan Clarkson and add players with its mid-level and biannual exceptions without going into tax territory.

There’s more from the Northwest Division:

  • Adding free agent forward Derrick Jones Jr. is an easy way for the Trail Blazers to improve their defense, writes Jason Quick of The Athletic. Jones is only 23 and has proven to be an excellent defender who can block shots and switch on pick and rolls. Several teams will likely have their eyes on him, so Quick believes Portland should be willing to offer its entire mid-level exception of roughly $9MM if that’s what it takes to land him.
  • Carmelo Anthony is looking at a reduced role on a healthier Trail Blazers team next season and will probably search for a better opportunity in free agency, Quick adds in the same piece. Anthony saw a lot of minutes before the hiatus at power forward in place of Zach Collins, who was recovering from shoulder surgery. In Orlando, he filled in at small forward for Trevor Ariza, who opted out of the restart. They’re both expected to be in training camp, along with Rodney Hood, who suffered a torn Achilles tendon last December.
  • Joe Musatto of The Oklahoman evaluates potential Thunder coaches Darvin Ham and Wes Unseld Jr. in a pair of stories.
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18 thoughts on “Northwest Notes: Conley, D. Jones, Anthony, Thunder

  1. phillyballers

    Why would the Jazz want to give him 75-80M? Not worth it. And for him, never turn down that option unless they already have the contract printed out.

  2. Sillivan

    Knicks fall in love with VanVleet.

    According to ESPN Bobby Marks and Brian Windhurst, Fred VanVleet is getting $30 million per season.

    Conley gets 35 million next season.

    • Sillivan

      Thunder would demand Knicks own first round pick if Knicks want Chris Paul 42 million per season.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        So completely wrong it’s not even funny. Anyone crazy enough to take on the worst contract in the NBA has to get at least one, more likely two, 1st round picks in return from OKC. It amazes me how ridiculously biased everyone is when it comes to the Rockets. They all said what a terrible idea it was for Houston to give Chris Paul his 4-year max contract. But now that he is with OKC, suddenly CP3 is in higher demand than any PG in basketball? Unbelievable.

        • x%sure

          You never care if you’re proved wrong or not. So why should you ever be believed, esp when you have a thing for CP? I must interpret your repeated doubts and say CP’s deal is a good deal. Lo and behold!— believing the opposite of hwmvps works! He was good for OKC, as good as any FA hired gun could be.

        • x_burner_X

          How is Russels deal, which is 1 year longer, better than CP3s deal? Both players injury prone and choke in play offs. At least CP3 was all nba this season and will be expiring deal next season.

        • BloodySox

          You forgot the part where he re-established himself after being misused by the rockets.

        • Chief Two Hands

          Ffs this harden-westbrook no rings kid is overcome by bitterness and just whines constantly.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Why even respond lol.
          No I think people they respond to the Homer hating all the time. That’s you . Why do you care
          Chris got his money. It’s old news. You are the only one who brings it up. He’s in demand cause he played well. And can help a team to contend. No one is trading for Chris. They are waiting for him to get traded. Meaning OKC won’t get much. Who in reality would take Chris. Heat, LA, Bucks, Sixers and only cause they could win it next yr and maybe second yr. For that you don’t mind paying. But none of those teams or any other team is going to give OKC value for Paul. Expiring contracts and players they don’t want. OKC would be lucky to get picks.
          You understand how silly you are. You hate on CP3 more than anyone. Yet your team signed him. Harden is the one who didn’t want to play with him. Again not Chris doing. To please Harden you gave away picks and Chris. Again not Chris doing. You see how silly you are. The Rockets would have been better with Chriss and Westbrook lol. But you just can’t take those homer glasses off. Your coach has fled your GM has fled. You still blaming everyone but the main one HARDEN. He is not a team player. Plays no D.

        • Otogar

          The fact that Houston had to attach a couple of 1st rounders (and a couple of swaps) doesn’t mean everyone needs to do the same. Maybe (just maybe) the Rockets made a bad deal.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Jazz were so close his post season and that’s without one of there best scorers in Bogdan.

    I think they should trade Mike Conley, Ed Davis and a protected first for Chris Paul and a second round pick.

    CP3 would help Donovan run a very good offence. Paul is also a better defender and would help on that end of the floor too. The main area Paul would be an improvement is his ability to make others better particularly centres. Paul with Rudy Gobert would be so insanely solid with Gobert probably averaging closer to 17 per game with Paul at the point.

    • specialfriedrice

      100% spot on with every word you said, it’s like I wrote it…CP3 just makes so much sense in Utah.

      • Sillivan

        Salary 2021-22 season projected
        Paul 44M
        Gobert 35M
        Donovan $30M
        Bogdan 18M
        Ingles $14M
        O’Neale 9M

        6 players salary = $150 million

        Utah is a small town. They should not pay $100 plus luxury tax in a single season

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        I’d love to see CP3 in Utah and watch how bad they get next year.

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