Nuggets Notes: Porter, Beal, Oladipo, Grant, Pokusevski

The Nuggets might have to do something bold to land a third star to join Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, but they won’t deal Michael Porter Jr. to make that happen. Brian Windhorst of ESPN said in a recent podcast that Denver has zero interest in trading the young forward.

“In talking to teams around the league, the Nuggets have made it clear Michael Porter Jr. is not available,” Windhorst said.

Porter, who averaged 11.4 PPG and 6.7 RPG in 23.7 MPG during the postseason, can become a restricted free agent during the summer of 2022.

We have more on the Nuggets:

  • Without including Porter in a blockbuster, the Nuggets have no chance to acquire Bradley Beal if the Wizards make the All-Star guard available, according to Mike Singer of the Denver Post. A trade for Victor Oladipo is also unlikely, given Oladipo’s injury issues and his impending free agency next year, Singer continues. A deal for the Pacers guard would be more realistic at the trade deadline if he’s healthy and productive, Singer adds.
  • It’s a near lock that Jerami Grant will decline his player option but it would be mutually beneficial for both parties if he re-signs, according to Joel Rush of Grant will essentially assure himself of a starting job if he stays put, Rush continues. Other contenders don’t have the financial means to outspend Denver for Grant’s services and lottery teams with cap space are less likely now to overspend for a role player like Grant, Rush adds.
  • Several mock drafts have projected 18-year-old international prospect Aleksej Pokusevski going to the Nuggets with the No. 22 pick, Eric Spyropoulos of notes. Currently slotted as the 19th-best prospect by ESPN, Pokusevski played limited minutes in Greek’s second division last season due to an injury, but the seven-footer has intriguing offensive skills and length.
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28 thoughts on “Nuggets Notes: Porter, Beal, Oladipo, Grant, Pokusevski

  1. Sillivan

    Nuggets are soft and Heat are small
    That is why Lakers look good

    Nuggets need to deal Porter and other players for a tough guy

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Nuggets are an interesting team to me. Porter has looked good. But he disappears at times. I think he’s still coming back from injury. Losing Grant will hurt. Considering their run this yr. I think he resigns. Nuggets are ready to become a contender.
    Pokusevski to me looks like a real talent. A 7’ who can move like he can. Plus he plays D and got attitude. But he is a draft and stash player. Doesn’t need to play in NBA for 2-3 yrs. Trust me he is worth the wait. Needs weight and muscle. His body is behind his gm right now. Future stretch 4 with all star potential. I doubt he last till Denver. Celtics with 3 picks, probably take him.

  3. Nuggets are at an inflection point. Time to prioritize the short rotation. They have a unique player in Jokic and good group of guards that fit with him and each other, and includes an emerging elite perimeter option in Murray. Lots of 4’s. No true 3. Grant and MPJ are both 4’s, but they can have both in the short rotation because they can play together (at 3 and 4) due to the skill set fit. That doesn’t eliminate the need for true 3. It’s a tough position to fill with a 30 min a game player, but that should be their focus more than some notional “3rd star”.

    • mlbnyyfan

      If Porter is the only reason Denver won’t get Beal then say good bye to Porter.

      • I agree, although I don’t see Beal being available this offseason. I’d only trade MPJ if they could get a true 3 that’s a two way 30 min starter. And only if Grant is resigned. If they just go with Grant and MPJ at F’s (mixing in a few big Gs) I think they’ll hit a ceiling every playoff season. They can wait another year, sign Grant and see MPJ with a full year, but the latter’s trade value might be greater now.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    Denver doesn’t need to make any big trades. Porter is only going to get better; Murray and Jokic haven’t peaked just yet; Grant is perfect rotation piece for them; The team will look different with a healthy Barton.

    Unless Harden or Beal become available, the Nuggets do very little in terms of trades.

    • hiflew

      Porter is only going to get better, unless he doesn’t. I know people have assumed Porter is going to be a superstar based on his performance in a high school All Star game, but he is not destined to be great.

      That being said, I wouldn’t trade him for just anyone. Not for Aaron Gordon. Not for Oladipo or Turner. Not for Westbrook or Paul. But if you can get Beal or Paul George or Harden, then you have to do it. Porter has a chance to be great, but if you can get someone that is already great you beat the odds.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      So Jamal Murray, Will Barton, and a few first round picks for Harden?

      • hiflew

        Sure, they can throw in the arena too. Heck, throw in the Broncos while they are at it.

      • hiflew

        Although I truly would like to see Harden in Denver. The inevitable bar arguments over whose beard is better, Harden or Charlie Blackmon, would be worth the price of admission.

  5. scotthhh

    I didn’t see any nuggets games prior to the playoffs, and I think he was up and down from the G League a bunch, but is there any chance Bol Bol could develop into that 3rd star?

      • x%sure

        Right now they’re busy bringing along Porter. They should move MPJ for a top guard and move on to Bol IMO… and try to squeeze a title in there somewhere.

  6. Marvels MagaMan

    Nuggets have options.

    Option 1: trade your 1st to the Knicks for Julius Randle to be the PF.

    Plumber, Millsap, and Grant will be free agents. meaning they’ll have money to absorb Randle salary.

    You then go get front court depth. Markieff Morris, Patrick Patterson, Tristan Thompson, Alex Lee, Bismack Biyombo

    Option 2: Go get Al Horford from Philly and ask for this year’s 1st along with their 2022, and 2024 1st round picks from Philly. You pick up a decent back up option and draft capital for the next couple years.

    Option 3: Go get Kevin Love. .

    Option 4: Go get Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter plus the #14 pick and #26 pick from Boston for absorbing their salaries.

    • piechucker

      You’ve got the right idea but the 76ers would have to be stupid to use 3 first rounders just to get out of Horford’s contract, especially when it doesn’t give enough room to sign a good free agent.

      The Celtics aren’t throwing in first round picks just to get out of Hayward’s contract as he is still very serviceable and his contact is expiring. And Kanter’s contact is only $5 million so they don’t need to get rid of it, especially if it’s going to cost a first round pick.

      • Marvels MagaMan

        Hayward is making 34 million this year.

        “Still very servicable” isn’t worth 34 mill.

        It will cost the Celtics picks to unload his contract completely without chipping in money, which I assume is the preferable option to create a 34 mill hole.

        Theyd have to chip in roughly 10 or so mill for a. many teams to afford him and b. to pay him roughly what he is worth production wise.

        I tossed in Kanter just to clear more money if the Celtics decide to pursue front court help in free agency, Morris Brothers for instance. Both could be had for roughly 40 mill a year (24 for Marcus, 16 for Markieff)

        • piechucker

          Yes Hayward isn’t worth $34m but he is value on the court. You’ve traded away him, Kanter and 2 first rounders for NO return. Even shipping out that $39m they have over $100m in salary next season so they can’t sign those free agents you mentioned, or anyone above the mid level exception and minimum contracts (they would however have a massive trade exception they could use).

          If they’re getting a good player in return sure go ahead and make a trade like that but until you can show me how they get good player(s) in return this is a bad trade.

    • I give no fox

      The nuggets are most likely operating as an over the cap team…they can’t acquire any of these players without sending out similar salary

      • tjbarnaba

        Always makes me laugh when these fans become trade experts yet they don’t actually understand how the financials work to get a trade done.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Still think the best option is trading for a two way SG. Victor Oladipo or Jrue Holiday.
    For Oladipo I’d obviously give up less cause he’s on an expiring deal and his big injury as for Holiday I like that he’s previously played Point Guard so he can help facilitate which is good.

    Ideally I think Gary Harris, Will Barton, Bol Bol and a first round pick (22) and a future second rounder for Jrue Holiday, JJ Reddick and a second this year (42) would be a good deal for both.

    Reddick might seem like high value but he’s 36 and will be on an expiring 13mil deal and Will Barton would have multiple cheap years at 12mil and just had a career year averaging 15-6-4, so that’s a huge win for the Pelicans. Bol Bol’s potential with Ingram and Zion would be crazy.

    Nuggets would line up
    1. Murray. Morris. Dozier
    2. Holiday. Reddick. C.Stanley*
    3. Porter Jr. Bates Diop. Cancar
    4. Grant. W.Chandler*. Cook
    5. Jokic. Plumblee. O.Yertseven*
    *(Then sign some vets for the cheap and some unwanted rookies.)

    Would be a formidable team.
    Everyone is good offensively and would have a good mix of spacing and creating. Defensively Holiday helps a lot and Grant is already very good, Porter Jr has the length to really improve in this area. Off the bench you have Morris who was great in the playoffs, Reddick who has years of experience and his shot is still strong, but weak at the 3, Wilson Chandler is a two way role player at the 4 and Plumblee does his job well.
    Good bunch of versatility, strong team mentality and just added a bunch of experience. Should have a great locker room.

    I’d take this team as a 3rd/4th seed in the West.

    • tjbarnaba

      So basically, ignore the fact that the pelicans would never do this? If that’s the case, awesome write up!

      • Simmons>Russ

        Why wouldn’t they?

        Gary Harris is a solid 3 and D SG for a young team. This year he had a down year but not long ago he was averaging 17-3-2.5 while shooting 40% from three.
        Pelicans also get Will Barton as I explained is a lot better than having JJ Reddick. They also get Bol Bol who is very young and raw but has shown glimpses. His height, shooting and shot blocking could go excellently with Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.
        Not to mention the Pelicans also get another first round pick this year.

        1. Ball. Jackson
        2. Harris. Hart. NAW
        3. Ingram. Barton
        4. Zion. Melli
        5. Favours. Hayes. Bol

        Plus a feee agency and two first round picks this year

  8. phillyballers

    I mean I didnt think Luka would he that good. But I knew MPJ would be the best or one of the best players from that draft class and I HATE the Sixers for not taking him. K Love upside.

  9. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Nuggets should trade Gary Harris & Barton with a pick for Derozen or Jru Holiday…

  10. El Don

    I wouldn’t trade MPJ for anyone just now, the guy will eventually reach the All-NBA level & has MVP potential if DEN uses him right, really excited to see him play so well in so limited time this season, his potential can’t be traded, as it would look ugly when he becomes a superstar in another team!

  11. bknowledge

    Michael Porter Jr in exchange for Giannis (in the unlikely scenario that Giannis becomes available)…otherwise don’t trade MPjr.

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