Pat Riley Talks Heat Future: “I Think We’ll Stay The Course”

Coming off an unprecedented season that ended with an NBA Finals loss to the Lakers in six games, the Heat enter the offseason with questions to answer but a promising outlook entering 2020/21.

Led by last summer’s prized acquisition of Jimmy Butler, Miami seems to be in a position to once again be competitive for a championship. In addition to Butler, the play of youngsters Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, along with Bam Adebayo‘s breakout, helped the Heat ascend to the class of the Eastern Conference.

Team president Pat Riley indicated to reporters during a Zoom conference with reporters on Friday that the organization anticipates keeping most of the 2019/20 core intact, NBC Sports’ Kurt Helin writes.

“I think we’ll stay the course with our picks, stay the course with our young players,” Riley said. “We have decisions to make, obviously, with player contracts and free agents, and really do a deep dive into this season, myself and (coach Erik Spoelstra) and (GM) Andy (Elisburg) about how good we really are right now…flexibility with draft picks, free agency is coming next…and my thinking really hasn’t changed.”

However, there will be several key decisions for Miami involving free agents. The most prominent one involves veteran point guard Goran Dragic, whose injury-related absence for most of the NBA Finals noticeably impacted the Heat’s chances. In addition to Dragic,  Jae CrowderDerrick JonesMeyers LeonardSolomon Hill and de facto player/coach Udonis Haslem are also free agents.

Riley said the Heat value all of those players and will seek reunions where appropriate, including a possible extension of Adebayo.

“I really don’t want to get into any kind of discussions at this point about [an Adebayo extension,” Riley said. “I think all the hypotheticals out there about what people think is going to happen, that’s what they are. You all know our numbers. You know what the situation is, the free agents in ‘20 and ‘21. So when it comes to our players, we want to take care of them, and especially the ones that we really value.”

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15 thoughts on “Pat Riley Talks Heat Future: “I Think We’ll Stay The Course”

  1. Sillivan

    If Dragic and Crowder want 2 years contracts plus , then do sign and trade

    If KCP wants 4 years contract then Lakers sign and trade
    If Rondo and Morris want Two Years contract starting at 5.72 million then 灬

      • Sillivan

        If you keep players long term you can’t sign Giannis for free
        Lakers and Heat don’t have future First to make trade, so they can not overpay players

        • Chief Two Hands

          I assume the Heat will pursue Giannis, but I don’t see the Lakers doing the same.

        • Howie415

          Do you really think Giannis would want to go to Miami if they trade Dragic?

          • Chief Two Hands

            I think Giannis wants to stay in Milwaukee rather than relocate. I only think Miami will pursue him. Whether he he stays with Milwaukee may depend on if they improve that team to actually advance in the playoffs. I don’t think the Lakers will go after him because I don’t see him fitting well with Anthony Davis, simply because that would likely clog the paint.

            • Chief Two Hands

              All just speculation, though, of course. It’s not like I know Giannis.

                • stevep-4

                  Dude, he can afford to go wherever he wants in the off-season, and during the season he is traveling all over the country in private jets and limousines, why would he care about the weather in Milwaukee?

  2. GA will likely make his decision before Miami has to make off season decisions. If preserving cap space for 2021-22 remains a priority, and I think it will, its all the more reason to hold onto the young controllable cheap guys. If they can’t do one year deals with Dragic and/or Crowder, there should be sufficient cap space to find one year alternatives.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Hate to say it. But Whiteside (cheap) and Gallinari 20 mill. Bring back both Crowder, Drajic. They could sign for good 1yr contracts. They are the team to beat in East. Every contender needs a rim protector. Still would have cap space for 2021. Just saying

    • Brandon kosnik

      I hope you’re joking about Whiteside. Keep him as far away from the Heat as possible… Portland was good. Is there a franchise in Alaska?

  4. stevep-4

    Gallinari wil not get anywhere near 20 mil in this market, but I agree he would be a good fit in Miami. Dragic is not worth what he is getting now, but if Pat Riley can work his hypnotism perhaps they can get a sweet heart deal, otherwise let him go, it was obvious in the Finals they missed Bam, but Dragic, not so much.

    • El Don

      Agree with you Dragic is way overpaid as of now, he is a good player, maybe even a starter in a good team, but he ain’t a game changer, as simple as!
      Career stats are clear on him
      14/3/5 with a shooting line of 46/36/76 & a PER of 17, ok, maybe good nothin’ special that is for sure.
      Playoffs numbers are even lower than that.
      15/3/3/ with 44/34/76 PER of 15.

  5. formerlyz

    Heat offseason should be interesting, with a couple of different possible directions, while trying to maintain cap flexibility for next offseason. Not sure what they plan to do with their pick as of now. Keeping it does present an interesting roster problem, assuming UD comes back. Heat need help at the 4, and could use a big that can defend the post, and give them 8-14 minutes per game. They could probably also use another guard/wing that can guard PGs, but that isnt as important if they keep their FAs. Hopefully, they can keep Dragic, Crowder, and Derrick Jones jr. Here is a list of the best FA fits for the Heat, in my opinion, and I think they have the ability to sign a good enough combination of 2-3 (depending on who they can keep) of these guys (likely with the mid-level and/or the bi-annual exception), while also retaining those 3…

    Paul Millsap (number 1 priority)
    Jerami Grant (probably not doable)
    Jamychal Green (possibly cheaper than he should be)
    Marcus Morris (probably not doable)
    Serge Ibaka (probably not doable, outside shot?)
    Marc Gasol (probably not doable)
    Moe Harkless (possibly doable)
    Josh Jackson (on verge of breakout around right team, replaces Winslow at the 4, and as a second or third playmaker in lineups around our shooters, still young and cheap)
    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (would be good in our environment)
    Derrick Favors (probably not doable)
    Noah Vonleh (cheap, can guard pick and roll, protect the rim, pass,.shoot, put ball on the floor)
    Aaron Baynes (probably doable, theoretical fit for issues defending post)
    Robin Lopez (possibly doable, likely more expensive than vonleh and Baynes)
    Tristan Thompson (possibly doable, questionable. Coming off career best season)
    Dwight Howard (I wanted him last year, not sure if still doable)
    Joakim Noah (wanted to sign him before pandemic, cheap backup option to Baynes?)
    Harry Giles (see Vonleh, but slightly younger/injury situation)
    Willie Cauley-Stein (not sure of price/injury)
    Alex Len (much improved)
    Shaq Harrison (HEAT DNA! GET THIS MAN IN A ROTATION AFTER 3+YEARS OF ME SAYING IT. Probably not enough room, but good option if we lose anyone/make trades, probably cheap too)
    Wilson Chandler (injury prone, recent issues)
    Demarre Carroll (potential backup to losing Crowder or Derrick jones/super cheap 4 option)
    Solomon Hill (if cant get anyone better at the 4/still theoretical fit if he can find what he had at one point and get better in our environment)

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