Sixers Notes: Front Office, Morey, Hughes, Burke

Now that Daryl Morey is finalizing a five-year deal to lead the Sixers‘ front office as their new president of basketball operations, The Athletic is unpacking what that hire could mean for Philadelphia with several pieces.

John Hollinger of The Athletic praises the Morey hire as being the right move. Though Morey and current GM Elton Brand have been touted as both being in charge of front office decision-making, Hollinger speculates that Morey would not have accepted the gig had he not been guaranteed the last word.

After former Rockets executive VP of basketball operations Sam Hinkie rebuilt Philadelphia from the ground up, Hinkie’s old boss now gets his crack at the team’s talented tandem of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, as Rich Hofmann and Derek Bodner of The Athletic write. Embiid was a Hinkie lottery pick, while Simmons was drafted months after Hinkie’s resignation.

There’s more out of the City of Brotherly Love:

  • Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer provides further details on the Sixers’ front office shakeup (Twitter link). Brand has three years remaining on his contract and will stick with the team, along with assistant GM Ned Cohen. Current executive VP of basketball operations Alex Rucker will remain with the Sixers as Morey joins the team, after which the Sixers are expected to relieve him of his duties.
  • In other Sixers personnel news, head coach Doc Rivers will keep player-development assistant coach Eric Hughes on his bench, Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer tweets.
  • New Sixers assistant Dan Burke, who has worked for the Pacers for 23 seasons, was not intending to depart Indiana this summer, per Scott Agness of Fieldhouse Files. Agness notes that Burke is known for his defensive coaching acumen.
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29 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Front Office, Morey, Hughes, Burke

  1. tripleplay83

    Technicality, but Hinkie did not pick Simmons. He “resigned” before the end of the season and therefore before the team even got the #1 pick.

  2. Sillivan

    You can’t have two tigers in one mountain.

    Eltan Brand’s job is in jeopardy.

    • Brand is hardly a tiger. Morey’s in charge; Brand works for Morey as GM.

      Morey has to sign off on any transactions Brand makes because Morey reports to the owner.

      Not a hard concept to follow.

  3. Black Ace57

    Cohen and Rucker are no longer an issue. Morey won’t tolerate their nonsense.

    • Sillivan

      Money sign Ryan Anderson and Chris Paul nonsense contracts
      Both are worse than Al Horford
      Westbrook is even worst

      • Black Ace57

        Morey has made the Rockets contenders for about a decade. At some point in a team’s life cycle you have to make win now moves that will hurt in the future. That is why he signed Chris Paul. If he didn’t then it isn’t likely they could have still competed at a high level. Nothing wrong with that move and even he knew it was a contract that would be painful as time went on.

  4. bowserhound

    This is great news for the rest of the eastern conference. Wonder is Embiid has been ruled too tall yet.

  5. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Josh Richardson and Ben Simmons for Russell Westbrook. Everyone wins.

    • Regi Green

      I’m a 6er fan,and I was just thinking about something like this.But I was including Horford and picks,with Covington and Gordon coming back to Philly.

      Simply trading a 24 yr old Simmons for a soon to be 32 yr old Westbrook wouldn’t make sense by itself.It might improve the 6ers somewhat,but they’d still have spacing issues,and Westbrook’s deal could become completely unmovable,while Simmons deal will likely remain valuable for the next 5 years.

      But with including Rco and Gordon,the 6ers could help the spacing issues,and the Rockets would also take back Horfords deal.

      For the Rockets,they’d surround Harden with a strong Defensive lineup,while adding picks and Simmons to give a better long term outlook.

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

      Just by giving Simmons the Heave Ho is a win lol

      The real problem is the Sixers could have had a backcourt of Jamal Murray and Dennis Smith, Jr and that would have been dynamite.
      Murray is a star, but Smith is still trying to find himself.

      Still though I never would have drafted Simmons, even if drunk.

      Now the Sixers have to trade for someone who is on the verge of 32? That is no bueno

        • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

          Hahaha, well Murray was drafted the same year as Simmons

          Smith Jr was the Fultz draft

          I never ever would have drafted Simmons
          Smith Jr. and Simmons are totally different players, but Brown loved Simmons and he never developed him

          • wagner13

            Gee, isn’t hindsight convenient? Simmons was the consensus top pick that year. I find it incredibly difficult to believe any other team would have passed on him. He’s also a great defensive player and distributor. His only real problem is the obvious shooting issue

            • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

              SMH, I saw the Simmons Clown Show at LSU, the man disappeared in big games in the end

              I was never impressed with him!!!!

              • I give no fox

                Somebody must be impressed with him since he is an all star and made the all nba team…how many all star games has murray made? How many all nba teams? Murray had an amazing bubble/postseason, but thats about it. I like murray a lot, but he needs to perform like that consistently.

                Every single thread you say how much you hate Simmons, but your hate blinds you

            • hiflew

              No team would have passed on him, but PLENTY of teams would have gave a mint in trade for the top pick that year. You could have probably gotten a couple of future unprotected firsts along with a top 5 that year and probably a player as well. Boston would have probably done that with #3 and if not them, the Pelicans at 6 would definitely have to keep Simmons in Louisiana.

  6. Natergater77

    harden westbrook mvps will hate this but Morey is only trading with Houston if it’s for Harden. $$ that works is Harden for Embid and Richardson and ATL 2nd round pick this year.

    This gives Houston size it needs to compete in West and chance to stay in the race each year.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Al Horford and a second round pick for Blake Griffin
    Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson for Buddy Heild and a future first

    Sixers end up with

    1. Simmons
    2. Heild
    3. Thybulle
    4. Griffin
    5. Embiid

    Might not be moving the needle much but decreases the wage bill, gets them another first, gets them more shooters and rids them of some terrible contracts.

    Griffin may seem a little washed but it’s wasn’t long ago when he averaged 24.5-7.5-5.
    On this team he probably averages more like 18-7-3 which is fine if he fits what’s happening. Doc Rivers worked with him at the Clippers for years so I’m sure both parties would be happy to reunite.

    • hiflew

      No way do the Kings take that much in salary back for Hield, let alone include a future first.

    • Harris is staying. Doc Rivers is a pick and roll guy. Harris is at his best in a pick and roll situation.

      Remains to be seen what happens with Horford because I can see Horford thrive in a pick and roll offense. His defense (and lack of) scares me. Many times he plays like his feet are both nailed to the floor.

    • piechucker

      Why would the Pistons take Horford who has an extra year of big salary than Griffin if all they get is a second round pick?

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