Wolves’ Rosas Acknowledges No Obvious Choice At No. 1

As we’ve heard for months, the general perception of the 2020 draft class is that it’s relatively deep, but lacks a clear-cut star prospect at the top. Speaking today to reporters, including Eric Woodyard of ESPN, Timberwolves president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas, who controls the No. 1 pick, admitted that analysis is “fair.”

“There’s no guy that has separated himself from the pack from public or external view,” Rosas said. “But I’m very confident that as we go through this process, the talent will rise to the top and we’ll be confident about identifying one guy as the best guy, the best talented player with the most upside and most ability for our organization.”

As Woodyard writes, Rosas said today that he and the Timberwolves feel good about the talent at the top of this draft class. However, it’s worth noting that many executives around the NBA believe Minnesota would prefer to trade down or out of that No. 1 overall pick rather than keep it. It remains to be seen whether the Wolves will get an offer that they feel represents fair value for this year’s top pick, but Rosas acknowledged that the club is exploring all its options.

“For us, we typically study the draft from No. 1 to whatever number we feel like is a draftable player,” Rosas said. “And we’ll evaluate those guys for trade scenarios, trade back, trade out, for undrafted free-agent opportunities, for minor league opportunities, so we really beat up the draft board as much as can all the way up until the draft.”

Assuming the Wolves do hang onto the top pick, guards LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards are viewed as their most likely selections, despite the fact that neither player projects to improve the club’s already-shaky defense.

Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report wrote today that most executives and scouts believe Ball would have the edge over Edwards if Minnesota remains at No. 1. Wasserman added that the Wolves are also high on Obi Toppin, though it’s not clear if the team would take the Dayton forward first overall or if he’d only be an option in a trade-down scenario.

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28 thoughts on “Wolves’ Rosas Acknowledges No Obvious Choice At No. 1

  1. Sillivan

    That is what I mean
    Knicks trade 8th to Wolves for 1st pick

    Okoro is win
    Edwards is stats

      • I give no fox

        It will most likely cost more, I imagine one of the Dallas 1sts would do

        • fishy 9 dogs

          The more the better. Someone mentioned throwing in Mitch robinson and I could be down for that.

      • Assuming your talking about the Knicks 2021 pick (unprotected), not a chance. Nobody’s giving close to that for this year’s #1. #8 isn’t that much less valuable, especially when the cap/tax ramifications are factored in. Very little value is created by team preference, if it doesn’t reflect league consensus.

  2. masisk33

    Obi Toppin, Isaac Okoro, and James Wiseman are the best fits for the Wolves roster. Make one of them the #1 overall and trade the remaining picks to get you a 2021 1st rd pick

    • dust44

      How is Wiseman a fit? Do u remember a guy named Karl Anthony Towns who is already on the Wolves roster?

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Really, who would think that the Wolves will even consider taking Wiseman. Not to mention that he’s probably the riskiest pick of all the top-10 players with only 3 games in his entire collegiate career. Dude has the word bust in capital letters on his forehead, I will laugh at whatever team is foolish enough to waste their pick on him!!!

        • El Don

          Dude are you on a crusade against all the big men or what is your issue?
          HOU’s midget ball failed, thanx to LAL bigs are fashionable again, not more useless small ball!

        • masisk33

          Wiseman would def help on defense. Put KAT at the 4, where he can be more of a mismatch. Matchups are every thing and KAT can run enough to play the 4. Bench Juancho, until someone gets hurt.

          And yes, of course Wiseman is a risk. But he is the most legit rim protector in this draft. Will anyone be worth #1 overall value in this draft?? Prob not

  3. fishy 9 dogs

    I really hope the wolves don’t take Toppin even if they trade back.

      • fishy 9 dogs

        Towns is already not the greatest defender. Toppin is even worse. We already have a solid offensive PF in Hernangomez. We can’t be ALL offense and no defense.

        • masisk33

          I like Juancho as the first 4/5 off the bench. TOppin would certainly help on offense, we would just HAVE to outscore people to win. Which is pretty tough in this league

    • I give no fox

      We get it…you hate Ben Simmons. That trade makes zero sense for the Sixers tho, and the wolves don’t have cap space to absorb simmons. How’s that trade going to work? From the Sixers perspective, what is the incentive? Take ball, another guard who has shooting problems? Edwards, a volume shooter? Wiseman makes no sense. Not to mention you need to take back salary of undesirable players

      • fishy 9 dogs

        They could make salary work with johnson and culver. Then throw a bunch of picks at them. I think the trade would work if the wolves traded back for a pick in next years draft, opening up a lot more possibilities.

        • I give no fox

          How does that help the Sixers though? Just because you can make the money work doesn’t mean the trade works. Sixers are trying to win a title, you don’t do that by trading an all nba talent for draft picks and salary filler. What do Johnson and culver bring to the Sixers? The OP said #1 pick, but I will entertain your counter…how does a lottery pick and future picks help the Sixers win now? If they trade ben simmons, it won’t be for spare parts and draft picks

    • hiflew

      Why would the Sixers want a top pick? Is there a prospect that is planning to sit out the next season or two?

  4. The best pick in this crazy draft are #4-#5.
    So i guess go down from #1 to #5 would cost only a late 2nd… So crazy
    And from #1 to #8 only a late 1st, so a dallas one… Still as knick i wouldn’t do

    At #8 you will have one between lamelo, hayes, edwards, toppin, avidja, okoro, okongwu, haliburton, wiseman… So not so bad

    • masisk33

      I like the Wolves at #8 this year if they can get a 2021 unprotected 1st rounder in the same trade

    • Wade Herbers

      NO way Edwards or Avidja or Wiseman is there at #8
      Okongwu/okoro/toppin , sure

  5. Strike Four

    Avdija could/should go #2 to GSW if they don’t trade the pick. He is the most-game ready wing available and a great fit. He has a decently-high ceiling and he might already be there.

    I’d say Deni is going to be a top 5 most impactful in their rookie year guys in the draft. Maybe not highest ceiling, but for 2021 production only he’s a great fit for the contending Dubs.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Edwards is a good pick considering Beasley issues. Truth is their D could use help. So filling that PF spot is a good way to go. Okongwu is a better fit. Toppin gives you more offense. Either one can work nicely. So trading down to 4-6 can get them one of those players. I can see them trading down and getting another player or pick. Ball is yrs away from impact. Edwards will have impact sooner. He is already NBA size. But I would not be shocked if Minny trades down.
    Knicks are committed to RJ. So they are not taking Edwards. Ball is not worth trading up for. Wiseman is only player I would trade up for. And I wouldn’t give up much. Okongwu or Toppin is also a nice pairing with Mitch. Knicks need to well with this pick. Love to have Halliburton, but he may be gone. Thibs is probably going with Okoro. Still believe there’s a solid player at 8th. That’s what this draft is. You will find value in lower lottery. It’s why so many trade down stories are circulating.

  7. phillyballers

    They technically will have a max slot open 21-22. Should we start the Giannis to Minnesota rumors?

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