And-Ones: Free Agents, Jersey Ads, Bubble, Europe

John Hollinger of The Athletic, who invented the PER stat during his time at ESPN, has developed a new metric called BORD$ that estimates a player’s salary value for the upcoming season. After providing an in-depth explanation of how exactly the BORD$ formula works, Hollinger has applied it to this year’s class of free agent point guards and shooting guards in an attempt to determine which players warrant the biggest investments.

Hollinger’s point guard list doesn’t include a ton of surprises — Fred VanVleet is easily the most valuable free agent at the position, with Mike Conley and Goran Dragic topping the next two tiers. Shabazz Napier, Trey Burke, and Jordan McLaughlin are among the point guards whose projections are higher than you might expect.

Applied to this year’s free agent shooting guards, the results from Hollinger’s metric are more eyebrow-raising. Grizzlies RFA-to-be De’Anthony Melton is considered the top free agent at the position by BORD$, ahead of Bogdan Bogdanovic and Evan Fournier. A pair of Bulls guards, Kris Dunn and Shaquille Harrison, also rank in Hollinger’s top seven FA shooting guards due to their defensive prowess.

Here are more odds and ends from around the basketball world:

  • As the NBA considers potential new revenue streams to help offset the losses generated by the coronavirus pandemic, allowing a second advertisement patch on game jerseys is one idea being weighed, according to John Lombardo of SportsBusiness Journal.
  • David Aldridge of The Athletic takes an in-depth look at the lessons learned from the NBA’s summer bubble experiment and the takeaways that could carry over to the 2020/21 season. As Aldridge observes, while players and coaches aren’t eager to re-enter a bubble next year, the fact that it worked so well this time around will go a long way toward convincing them it’s worth doing again, if need be — even if it’s just for a short period in the postseason, like Major League Baseball did.
  • The coronavirus pandemic has continued to wreak havoc on European basketball leagues that have begun their 2020/21 seasons, as Ken Maguire of The Associated Press writes. Only half of the EuroLeague’s 18 clubs have played a full six-game schedule so far this season, as COVID-19 outbreaks have caused several last-minute postponements.
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7 thoughts on “And-Ones: Free Agents, Jersey Ads, Bubble, Europe

  1. DeathbyDeathwest

    Let’s either not have ad space on jersies, or just skip to the point where every uniform looks like a NASCAR paint job.

  2. The Howler

    The top SG in Hollinger’s analysis shot 29% from the 3 this year which was worse than his rookie year. Ummm…you might want to recalculate the spreadsheet on that one. I don’t subscribe to the Athletic, I’m sure he covers why that is but until I find out more that is a head scratcher.

  3. Little_Dunker_45

    Anyone who cares about advertisements on jerseys in 2020 should stick to baseball and malt shoppes. Get the net!

  4. x%sure

    Yay for BORG & BORD$ measuring defensive ability and future value by statistics using a dollar amount to rank them. It addresses the main complaints of one of the first “advanced metric”, PER by a then-espn guy, John Hollinger, which to guess, was oriented to watchability on TV. Stat-lovers who have rolled out their own system since have said it’s better because PER is limited to past performance and overrates centers.

    The lists are like if they were ranked by defense not offense, which I’m sure is intentional. It pretty much values a players’ allaround ability by what they should be offered.

    Betcha Shaq Harrison and Melton point to this to GMs when they negotiate! Can’t lowball them anymore! They are 3rd string and can be had.

    • El Don

      Can’t overrate centers… they are the most important player in a team! They always perform better than guards, hence why they do better in PER or Efficiency!

  5. formerlyz

    Burke and Fournier are the most surprising, but for their teams make some sense


    Also a big fan of Kris Dunn, since he was in college, and De’anthony Melton

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