And-Ones: Morris Twins, Expansion, J. Grant, Hampton

Almost exactly a year ago, the Morris twins – Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris – changed agencies, signing with Roc Nation Sports for representation. However, with the two veteran forwards on the verge of free agency, Roc Nation won’t be the agency repping them this fall.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter), the Morris twins have signed with agent Chafie Fields of Wasserman for representation. Fields is one of a small handful of agents who represents both NFL and NBA clients.

It’s not necessarily the best offseason to be reaching free agency, as few teams around the NBA will have cap room available, but the Morris twins should do pretty well on the open market. Marcus is coming off a productive season with the Knicks and Clippers, while Markieff played a role in helping the Lakers win a title last month.

Here are more odds and ends from around the basketball world:

  • One sports business expert who spoke to Jabari Young of CNBC predicted that the NBA may revisit the idea of expansion in the coming years in an effort to offset the financial losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “Seattle and Las Vegas are by far the two most likely markets for various reasons,” said Patrick Rishe, the director of the sports business program at Washington University in St. Louis. “Today, if it was two teams, you’re talking over $1 billion that would be shared, and those two new expansion teams will not get their share of media revenues at the beginning.”
  • Using his new metric BORD$, John Hollinger of The Athletic evaluated the values of this year’s free agent small forwards and power forwards. Unsurprisingly, Brandon Ingram and Anthony Davis grade out as the top forwards. Derrick Jones, Jabari Parker, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson are among the players rated highly by Hollinger’s formula, while Nuggets forward Jerami Grant is dubbed by Hollinger to be “probably the most overrated player” on this year’s free agent market.
  • In a conversation with Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, draft prospect RJ Hampton discussed spending last year in New Zealand, his preparation for the 2020 draft, and why he’s modeling his offensive game after Zach LaVine.
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16 thoughts on “And-Ones: Morris Twins, Expansion, J. Grant, Hampton

  1. hiflew

    I hope Seattle and Vegas get added for the simple reason that Memphis and New Orleans could finally get moved to the Eastern conference where they belong. Then the only West team that would be out of place is Minnesota.

    • mgomrjsurf

      But Chicago is out place because not in East but Central so is Minnesota same with Texas teams and OKC and Memphis but theirs no Central Conference in NBA but should be.
      Kansas City,St. Louis,Tampa Bay for NBA Team.

      • hiflew

        I was bored a little bit so I worked on an 8 division realignment plan including both Seattle and Vegas. If you went geographically, it is actually Minnesota and not Memphis and NO that should move East. It was not a perfect fit to be honest, although it would work perfectly if Orlando moved to Kansas City or Omaha or Wichita. But it was okay regardless

        Northeast – BOS, BRK, NY, PHI
        North – DET, TOR, WAS, CLE
        Midwest – CHI, IND, MIL, MIN
        Southeast – ATL, CHA, MIA, ORL
        South Central – NO, HOU, DAL, SA
        Central – UTA, DEN, OKC, MEM
        Northwest – SEA, POR, GS, SAC
        Southwest – LAC, LAL, PHX, LV

        It wouldn’t look as weird if you made it four 8 team divisions instead. Either way it would be perfect if we moved Orlando to KC and as a consolation, Orlando could get the ASG permanently. I don’t know, but I had fun killing a little time.

        • mgomrjsurf

          Northeast Toronto instead of 76ers.
          Northcentral Minnesota,Bucks,Chicago
          NO in Southeast instead of Charlotte and Charlotte with Washington,76ers.
          Pacers with Detroit and CAVS.

          KC already tryed to get Magic when it had McGrady. Orlando stays and KC gets another team.

          • hiflew

            I considered Toronto (and Washington) instead of Philly, but I didn’t want to break up the long term rivalries of Sixers/Celtics and Sixers/Knicks. It’s easier to move a newer franchise than an older one even if they have been more successful recently. Plus, Toronto is closer to Detroit than Philly if my geography is correct.

            As far as the rest, are you just doing 3 team divisions?

        • cleve1969

          How about this:

          NORTH: Bos, Tor, Det, Min, Ind, Cle, Mil, Chi …

          SOUTH: SA, Dal, Hou, NO, Mem, OK, Den, Uta …

          EAST: Mia, Brk, NY, Phi, Orl, Was, Cha, Atl …

          WEST: Lac, Lal, Phx, LV, Sac, GS, Por, Sea …

          • hiflew

            Not bad, but why break up the Celtics from the rest of the northeast teams? Philly or Washington or even Brooklyn makes more sense with the teams in the north instead of Boston.

            Other than that, it’s a pretty good set up.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    I don’t see how Clippers let Morris walk. They have to resign him. Clippers have to get a real PG. Jackson was a total bust. Find a way to trade Beverley. Maybe Rockets take him back. Rondo is perfect for this team. Clippers really blew it last yr.

  3. brownscavsr4me

    -Tampa Bay, Seattle, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Raleigh, San Diego, Nashville, Hartford (CT), Kansas City, and Columbus

    All have bigger TV markets than –

    Salt Lake, Milwaukee, San Antonio, Las Vegas (their proposed relocation), Oklahoma City, Memphis, and New Orleans (smallest market in NBA surprisingly)

    Just throwing out this info to whomever cares

    • x%sure

      Yes LV is popular to visit but that is a selfish reason. The area has a major covid downturn, they’re already stealing water as is, and they just got an NFL team.

      Should be Seattle and KC. It’s probably politicizing from KC that is giving this 30 to 32 idea a push, and Seattle/Vancouver is the most egregious absence. A split into 4 divisions becomes cleaner too.

  4. El Don

    Anyone can see how Crowder & specially Grant are sooo very overrated! Good to see stats backing up the eye test!

  5. formerlyz

    When I was doing draft research this year a week or 2 ago, i was thinking about how we’re getting to a point where in the next 1-3 years, we need the G-league to be a true minor league, and have teams with affiliated players they wont just lose outright in their systems. A lot of development with so many young guys coming into the league, especially in years like this…maybe it’s time for expansion. Think its doable within next 3-5 years, but maybe that’s effected by the pandemic now costing the league so much revenue, the owners may not want to share with 2 new people…

    All expected names on that list, although moreso after continued development from Ingram. Grant being considered overrated is surprising considering outside of myself the last 3 years, i dont remember may people talking much about him, besides maybe recently…and regardless, he is a big fit on multiple teams this offseason

    • x%sure

      I did say he could average 20 ppg on Denver working off Jokic, but the 20 took until their last 3 games, and it was Millsap, not Grant, who fed off Jokic. Grant wasn’t even starting for a long time; It was not a good year for him; he could do better in ’21.

      Sounds like my review of Jrue Holiday, another “family” player… Grant plays hard for the team and is flexible. Unlike Jrue, he does not seem a leader, or a quick learn.

      Denver does not necessarily need the best 4 out there, they need the best that works with Jokic. Fortunately Grant can play the 3!

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