Draft Notes: Anthony, Vassell, Maledon, Maxey

Southeast Division clubs have shown the most interest in North Carolina point guard Cole Anthony. He’s had individual workouts for the Wizards, Heat and Magic, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News tweets. The son of former NBA guard Greg Anthony is ranked 19th on ESPN’s Best Available list. The Wizards own the No. 9 pick, with Orlando holding the No. 15 selection and Miami sitting at No. 20.

We have more draft news:

  • Florida State guard Devin Vassell, ranked 11th by ESPN, has worked out for a handful of teams, Steve Popper of Newsday tweets. Vassell said he’s visited with the Knicks, Warriors, Celtics, Hawks and Magic. The presence of the Hawks (No. 6 pick) and Knicks (No. 8) suggest Vassell could go in the top 10. Golden State’s interest is intriguing, suggesting Vassell would be a target if the club trades down from the No. 2 pick.
  • French point guard Theo Maledon has worked out for three Atlantic Division clubs as well as the Spurs, Brian Lewis of the New York Post tweets. The Nets (19th pick), Celtics (three first-rounders) and Raptors (No. 29) have also taken a look at Maledon, who is rated 24th overall by ESPN.
  • As of Thursday, the Pelicans were the only team to host Tyrese Maxey, Rod Beard of the Detroit News tweets. The Kentucky shooting guard is 14th on ESPN’s list and New Orleans holds the 13th pick, so its interest late in the lottery makes sense.
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19 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Anthony, Vassell, Maledon, Maxey

  1. Sillivan

    Magic use Aaron Gordon and 15 to trade up.

    Celtics use 3 picks and Hayward to trade up (Knicks?).

    Bulls are likely to select Okoro if they can’t trade up.

    • bravesfan88

      Bulls are likely to take LaMelo, Hayes, Deni if they stay put..Even if they, didnt pick one of the consensus top prospects, they would likely take Haliburton over Okoro..

      Okoro is probably about 5th or 6th on their draft board, not including Edwards or Wiseman…

      • hiflew

        They are fools then. Next year’s FA market is much better than this one. I’d much rather have Hayward’s $34 million coming off next year instead of having to repeat last year’s signings of 5 power forwards in order to get to the salary floor because they missed out on their top choices.

    • Would Aaron Gordon and number 15 be attractive to the Warriors for number 2 and I guess Wiggins for salary match?

      • I give no fox

        Probably not enough to get that high. Also, what does that do for green? Gordon or green would be moved to the bench. Unless you play them at the 3/4, which probably wouldn’t work. That’s been Orlando’s issue so far. And playing them at the 4/5 would be a defensive nightmare.

  2. Sillivan

    Warriors and Pistons trade rumors
    Deal 1
    Warriors get Luke Kennard and 7
    Pistons get Poole and 2

    Deal 2
    Warriors get Wood
    Pistons get TPE and 2020 Second and 2021 Wolves Second.

    Warriors total salary $130M and Hard Capped.

      • Sillivan

        After taking Wiggins contract,Pistons still have enough cap room to sign VanVleet or Harrell

      • Howie415

        Why would the Warriors trade Wiggins? You are just creating a whole in the lineup for spare parts.

    • So the Warriors don’t get Tony Snell anymore? Now they have to include Jordan Poole? That’s fine because Poole is a bust. Another shooting guard the Warriors are trying to convert into a point guard just like the failed pick Jacob Evans.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        He still doesn’t understand that, even though there was a long article here written about it last month. He can’t grasp the concept that a TPE is used to absorb salary in a trade for teams that are over the salary cap. It’s not something that you trade to another team.

        • I give no fox

          Well, if the other team doesn’t take equal salary back, they then create a new TPE worth the difference. Technically, deal 2 gets the Pistons a TPE worth woods salary

      • hiflew

        The TPE is not an asset that you can trade. It is just something that allows you to take in another salary without having to match. So his proposal is allowed even if it was accidental and he didn’t really mean to be right. Never forget, a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    • x%sure

      He probably is, but at any rate, GMs seem to be sleeping on him. Maybe this draft is loaded, if a bit soft at the top.

      • hiflew

        I wouldn’t call it loaded. There are a lot of “boom or bust” prospects. If several of them work out, the draft will look a lot stronger in hindsight. But it could end up like 2013 where the draft class is basically Giannis and the rest as well. I would be on the latter happening. The problem is that I don’t know exactly which one of these guys will be the Giannis of the draft. If I did, I make a mint buying up rookie cards right now.

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