Draft Notes: Wiseman, Mannion, Stewart, Bulls

James Wiseman has only formally worked out for the Warriors, who hold the No. 2 pick, and the Hornets, who sit at No. 3, he said today in a conference call, per Austin Kent of SlamOnline.com. Wiseman has had little to no contact with the Timberwolves, but said he’d be OK if Minnesota takes him, ESPN’s Nick Friedell relays. “Whatever team that picks me, I’m going to go in there, learn as much as possible, work my tail off, and just want to win,” he said.

We have more news on the draft:

  • The Raptors and Jazz have worked Arizona freshman guard Nico Mannion, Duane Rankin of the Arizona Republic tweets. As previously reported, Mannion also visited with the Lakers. Mannion, who averaged 14.0 PPG and 5.3 APG as a freshman last season, is ranked No. 25 on ESPN’s Best Available list. The Jazz hold the No. 23 overall selection, while the Raptors have the No. 29 pick in the opening round.
  • University of Washington center Isaiah Stewart is ranked No. 27 by ESPN and his college coach believes his former player is being overlooked, Jonathan Givony of ESPN tweets. “I think he’s the best big man in the draft. … Every head to head matchup, it wasn’t even close,” Mike Hopkins said. “Go watch the film. It doesn’t lie.”
  • With the Bulls allowing Kris Dunn to enter unrestricted free agency, it’s even more likely they’ll target a play-maker in the draft, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer tweets. Chicago holds the No. 4 pick. The Bulls have also been exploring a trade for an experienced point guard, O’Connor adds.
  • Josh Green worked out for the Jazz, Sarah Todd of the Deseret News reports. He previously visited the Nuggets. The Arizona shooting guard is rated No. 21 by ESPN.
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20 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Wiseman, Mannion, Stewart, Bulls

  1. mnsportsfan

    I hope we take Wiseman and see his fit.

    If he doesn’t fit well, he might be the best trade asset down the line.

    • “mns” means Minnesota ? I’m not sure if I was the Wolves I would take James Wiseman. You’d have 2 Giants in there playing together and that was great in the 90s.. I’m not sure about today. Towns needs room to work and with Wiseman there I think they would get in each other’s way.

      • fishy 9 dogs

        Wiseman is only good for the wolves as trade bait. Get Charlotte to trade up and take whoever is left at 3. If it’s Edwards, keep him. If it’s ball, look to trade back again.

        • Sillivan

          Hornets either don’t make offer or offer very little
          Fun thought
          Knicks offer 8 for 1 straight up

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          Charlotte doesn’t need to do anything. Just stay put and stay the course. If Edwards or Wiseman are at #3 that’s the pick. If it’s Ball take bids on the pick.

        • tward09

          he’s actually only good for the warriors. even other teams say he fits best with the warriors

        • mnsportsfan

          fishy 9 dogs

          i agree not to take ball. i would love the scenario where we trade back to 3 for bridges, and trade back again.

        • Thank you yes I’m a little slow. You mean it doesn’t mean Minnesota “ports” LOL !!

          • claude raymond

            Hey Gary, do you think there might be a scenario where GS trades players to get an additional first round pick. Say Wiggins, looney, Poole, paschal (not all but some combination) and maybe a 2nd round pick. I know it’s regarded as a weak draft but Wiseman plus ??? could alleviate $ problems while getting 2 young future stars. They love Halliburton and a couple others.

            I know I’ll get comments that I’m an idiot but for some reason that popped in my head. Of course, maybe it pooped in my head,

            • Claude I’m of the opinion the Warriors will try to do the best they can to get a win-now guy. I’m thinking they don’t want rookies no matter how bright their future may look. They want a guy who can play the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter in a playoff game. I think that’s their goal. If they can get a star they’ll swing for the fences.

              If they can’t they’ll move down from there and get second-tier guys. Avery Bradley? Those types of veterans they can plug in that are tough defensive players very valuable in the playoffs.. Going to be an exciting day today. I’ll look for your thoughts on the Warriors draft day today.

              • claude raymond

                I’ll be sure to share but to be honest, you have a great grasp of players so I’ll be sure to hear yours as well.

                I’ll use the most recent stories. I agree regarding the veteran presence. I listened to a nba guru yesterday but I listened to so many I can’t specify which one but the one I listened to felt Bradley may be “done”.

                I’d like to get a barbosa type. An Iguodala type is probably not available. Who would you comp to those two?

                • You know my opinion on Andre Iguodala was that he was one of the biggest reasons for the Warriors success the last five years. Undisputed leader tremendous on defense can guard the best player on the other team, will make big shots in the big games and doesn’t need the ball to affect the game. He was a rare find and a huge key.

                  Not sure if I can think of an equal comparison like that. Especially a Defender. You know a guy like Rodman didn’t need the ball and was hugely important more for rebounding I guess but his defense was top-notch as well. Could guard 3 through 5.

                  Not sure who they could get now I think they’re just looking for talent. Kelly oubre will be nice at the two spot so they’re starting five should be solid again.

                  Barbosa was a blur who could score on the Fly. He improved his three-pointer and was effective there as well but he was really just a speed demon from end to end and had no leash on him at all. It’s nice to have a really fast guy but I think it’s a luxury Warriors can’t afford right now. Maybe they get a Kris Dunn type who’s supposed to have tremendous defense reputation? What do you think of the Nico mannion acquisition? You think he’ll help this year?

  2. hiflew

    “The Bulls have also been exploring a trade for an experienced point guard”

    I don’t mean to keep harping on it, but more evidence for my Russell Westbrook prediction.

    • phillyballers

      Well they aren’t trading #4 for Westbrick that would be dumb. They have Otto Porters expiring contract to start the convo tho.

  3. hiflew

    I heard Nico Mannion did very poorly in interviews with several teams. I know interviews aren’t the end all and be all, but I would never take a point guard that had a bad interview. The point guard is the team leader. They should be able to effectively communicate with other people if they expect to run a team. If you can’t convince an interviewer of what you want to do, why would a teammate listen to you?

    • Yes, it looks like he’ll wind up in the second round maybe a team will take a flyer on him based on skill. Non-guaranteed contract. Hate to be stuck with a guy for a minimum three years and a first-round deal with a questionable attitude.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Wiseman doesn’t belong in Minny. Only reason they take him is to trade him. It’s Edwards or a trade out for Minny. GS could take either Edwards or Wiseman. Or even trade down. Wiseman is a better fit to me. But best place for Wiseman is Charlotte. He’s not dropping to them. They will need to trade up. Hornets are young so adding Wiseman is excellent move. MJ go for it.

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