Draft Rumors: Combine, Hampton, Knicks, Nets, Mike

There are some eye-popping numbers coming out of the NBA’s virtual draft combine, such as Tyler Bey‘s record-breaking vertical for forwards, which we detailed over the weekend.

However, the format of this year’s combine has resulted in some leaguewide skepticism about the results being reported, according to reports from Sam Vecenie of The Athletic and Jeremy Woo of SI.com (Twitter links). Because the tests are being administered by different people at different facilities, there are some concerns about the consistency of the methods, per Vecenie and Woo.

According to Woo (Twitter link), there’s also a theory that because prospects have had several extra months to prepare for a handful of specific drills, the results have been skewed toward the high end. Determining how to assess and value the combine data will be another wrinkle in what his been an extremely unusual pre-draft process, says Woo (Twitter link).

Here’s more on the 2020 NBA draft:

  • The Knicks believe RJ Hampton would be a reach at No. 8, a source tells Marc Berman of The New York Post. However, Berman says the Nets would be “extremely interested” in Hampton if he’s still on the board when they pick at No. 19. Sources tell The New York Post that Hampton has impressed teams in workouts with his work ethic and his form on his jumper.
  • Former SMU forward Isiaha Mike has decided to keep his name in the 2020 draft, according to Bryan Kalbrosky of HoopsHype. Mike, who declared for the draft as an early entrant in the spring, later left SMU to sign with Chemnitz in Germany, forgoing his remaining NCAA eligibility. However, he still had the option of pulling out of the draft before the NBA’s withdrawal deadline this month — he apparently won’t do so.
  • James L. Edwards III of The Athletic takes a shot at forecasting the Pistons‘ top 10 prospects, predicting that LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, Deni Avdija, and Tyrese Haliburton will be atop the club’s big board, in that order.
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16 thoughts on “Draft Rumors: Combine, Hampton, Knicks, Nets, Mike

  1. hiflew

    I wonder if Tyler Bey is going to be the latest “workout warrior” that gets drafted higher than he should. He can possibly be a good role player, but he shouldn’t be drafted any higher than the late 20s/early 30s. SI have a feeling that someone is going to reach for him in the late teens or even the mid teens and will be very disappointed.

  2. Sillivan

    Deni Avdija is next Luka.

    Knicks need to trade own future First to get him.

  3. OhThatYoGirl

    I want the Cavaliers to draft Killian Hayes. He looks like he has the highest ceiling out of all of the players that will be left at 5. He’s definitely in the same mold at D’Russell, without the snitching. IDC that they drafted guards the past two seasons. Garland doesn’t look like a cornerstone piece. Draft BPA! Their 2nd unit could be lethal with Hayes, Porter Jr. Winder, Nance Jr. and Thompson if they bring him back for a season.

    • brownscavsr4me

      The reports from training camp (which ik doesnt always mean much) is that Garland looks great. Why conclude he isnt a cornerstone after only one season and draft a replacement? Especially when you have major holes elsewhere. He basically didnt play college ball and only 20 y/o so I say give him a chance IMO

      • OhThatYoGirl

        His height and weight. He was a disaster getting to the rim and only had a lackluster floater in his arsenal once he got there. I understand he’s only 20, and I’m not saying trade him for a 2nd rounder. What I am saying, is draft the BPA and if that happens to be Killian, than so be it. Garland has shown nothing to the extent where the Cavs shouldn’t be drafting the BPA even if they happen to be a PG. Then let them duke it out and may the best player remain a Cav. None of the other prospects at 5 scream huge potential. Hayes does.

        • brownscavsr4me

          Damien Lillard shot .378 from 3-10 ft his rookie season and Garland shot .468 from that distance so finishing at the rim isnt a disaster for him. And lillard shot only 1.5% better on 3s his rookie year. Yeah DG had one of worst +/- in NBA but thats cuz of defense but Lillard wasnt/isnt good at it either. Also DL is 6’2 195 and Darius is 6’1 190 so i dont think his size matters. Not saying DG is on Lillard level in any way, but my point is that counting him out now doesnt make sense especially when he has areas that have a lot of potential. I understand your point about Hayes, he does look good, but IMO Cavs need to build around their current young core.

    • hiflew

      If you are more worried about build a 2nd unit while your 1st unit is among the weakest in the league, you really need to reevaluate your priorities. Having a good 2nd unit doesn’t really matter much if they are already down 20 all the time when the 2nd unit comes in.

      • OhThatYoGirl

        Has nothing to do with the 2nd unit being good, my guy, clearly. Just an observation that it would be. It’s about maximizing their talent and being able to evaluate, then choosing which are the cornerstone pieces and dealing with it accordingly. In a team missing cornerstone pieces, you pick the BPA not filling holes with mediocre players.

        • hiflew

          Of course that also how you end up with a team full of PGs and PFs like the Knicks. Overdrafting for need is a mistake, drafting for need is not. Taking the 20th ranked player 5th instead of a guard ranked 5th because you need a center is a reach and a mistake. Taking the 7th ranked player 5th instead of a guard ranked 5th is smart because having a well fit team is better than having a highly ranked team on paper.

          • brownscavsr4me

            Agreed. Also how can either Garland or Hayes develop if they are competing for playing time year after year? Pick someone who can take playing time from a position that needs someone to play minutes. Cavs picking a SF or C (assuming Tristan is gone) is almost guaranteeing our 5th pick playing time and more chance to develop in game.

            • x%sure

              I doubt Hayes is a PG. After the last two drafts, if a PG is drafted, he has to be solid at PG! Hayes is probably a 2 in the NBA and may not be flexible to do what the Cavs need like funnel the ball to KLove. “Problems with speedy guards” espn. Leftleaning & turns it over… maybe if Biden wins lol.

              If TT leaves Toppin is the best choice… but the draft goes first… so Advija, Okoro. Actually these are better athletes. Get another pick for a PG.

  4. Here’s what I’ll never understand. Knicks believe Hampton is a reach at #8, but they like him – further back. They believe he’s good, but feel that they can do better with others at 8 (and based on their draft history…).

    They said the same damn thing with Donovan Mitchell. Said they really liked him, but was a reach. So what has history taught them…? The only pick they ever got right was Mitchell Robinson. KP and RJ were products of forced drafting because those were the best options where they were picking. Didn’t take rocket science to figure those out.

    Knicks need to get smart and begin making sensible moves instead of reactionary decisions. Last years FA signings were a joke. The KP trade is a horror story. I’m afraid to ask what is next…

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Dude you don’t know facts. How exactly do you know what Knicks said. You friends with Sylliman. Phil had pushed to draft Mitchell. He talked about trading down. NY media killed him for it. Then killed him again for taking Nttilikina not him. And KP was not picked to go there. They killed him for reaching for him. You really should stop reading nonsense. Research and you can usually find the truth. First off Hampton is the writers imagination. Why would Knicks be interested in a guy who will go outside the lottery. Knicks not moving back for anybody. We got the 27th pick. And the the 38th pick. Hampton is another combo guard. Who we got like 4 of them. He is not better than Frank so why even look at him. I’m giving you the word here. They will take Halliburton, Hayes, Okoro in that order. Unless Okongwu drops. Then I would love to have him. The media lives to talk about Knicks and NY after the facts. Try not getting caught up.

  5. formerlyz

    Hampton is definitely a reach at 8. I like some of his game and think he will improve with more and more playing time, but I think it needs to be in the right environment. I wouldnt take him over Nesmith or Bane. I think Utah at 23 is a good fit for him

    I personally like Tyler Bey. When you watch video on him, he seems like a great athlete, so I dont think the numbers are skewed on him, and assuming the board looks a certain way at that point, with certain people being off the board, the Heat at 20 makes a lot of sense for him

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