Georgia Bubble Being Considered For G League

NOVEMBER 29: Further details of a proposed Atlanta-based G League “bubble” campus have emerged, Santa Cruz Warriors sideline reporter Adam Johnson tweets.

The Atlanta bubble would last for one month, likely starting in late January, with a minimum of 12 games that may increase to 15-16 games, plus a potential playoff schedule. The campus would require daily coronavirus testing and a mandated quarantine for players.

The G League Ignite team, a club comprised mostly of high-level prospects, would compete in this bubble environment as well, Johnson notes in a separate tweet.

NOVEMBER 27: An Atlanta-area “bubble” concept is one of the options being mulled for the G League season, Marc Stein of the New York Times tweets.

Under the proposal, NBA teams would pay a fee in the neighborhood of $500K to play their G League games in Georgia, rather than their home sites. Not all G League clubs would be expected to participate there.

As difficult as the logistics are for pulling off an NBA season without the campus environment it had in Orlando during the restart, the same concerns surround its development league. A bubble-style setting could be a partial solution for the G League but the challenges of the upcoming NBA season could spill over to the G League.

Players on two-way deals will be able to stay with their NBA teams for up to 50 games this upcoming season due to COVID-19 concerns. Getting those players experience and court time in the G League would be more complex if they had to shuttle back and forth to the Atlanta area.

The NBA is reportedly committed to holding a G League season.

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17 thoughts on “Georgia Bubble Being Considered For G League

  1. Howie415

    Why Atlanta? Why not Northern California? You have 5 Arenas that have hosted NBA games. The transportation would be easy.

      • Howie415

        I am just asking what is so special about Atlanta that they want to hold the whole G League season there? NorCal has the facilities to host a tournament. And they also have the medical infrastructure to take care of a Covid-19 outbreak. Atlanta, with it’s airport, would be at risk for transmission. What criteria are they using?

        • Howie415

          How does that effect playing basketball? What law would stop them from playing basketball? It hasn’t stopped the Warriors and Kings from practicing.

  2. natsfan3437

    That makes no sense just make it 17 roster spots and the people who qualify for the two way are the people who qualify for the roster spots. Why would you have them for a set number of days then make them go to some bubble.

    • Itrainsontuesday

      Playing time. These players can develop and/or show their skill more easily by actually playing rather than riding the pine.

  3. Little_Dunker_45

    Atlanta is a hub for Delta airlines, which is suffering right now… This could be just one way of big business cronies diverting dollars to their own pockets.

    On the other hand you have some dreamy weather for the next few months, business friendly politics, and strip clubs as far as the eye can see (and you better stick to your eyes…no touching, creeps). Georgia makes sense, if you ask me. Also it starts with G like the G league. G string, G league, Georgia. G et it? Lol..

  4. El Don

    80% of americans live within a 2 hours flight of ATL, that is why it is the best communicated city in the whole country as a matter of fact!

    • arthur blank_for owner

      yeah but our traffic sux!….the less people here the better IMO lol

  5. stevep-4

    The travel thing doesn’t really make sense…why not put it in Chicago, which is just as big of a hub? there is a brand new arena downtown which DePaul uses and which is part of the convention center complex, so a “bubble” could be created.

    I think it’s also crazy to think you can shuttle players back and forth and not have outbreaks. Also pretty crazy to think they can play a regular season the regular way, so I suppose it all remains to be seen if this season gets completed.

    The MLB season is an example of what can happen when teams are actually traveling city to city (even in abridged “regional” schedules).

    I think there must be a money reason why they are proposing Georgia, perhaps they are getting subsidized or got a low bid there.

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