Givony’s Latest: Ball, Edwards, Hornets, Williams, More

Barring a surprise trade that shakes up the top of the draft, LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, and James Wiseman still look like the three players who will come off the board first on November 18, writes Jonathan Givony of ESPN (Insider link). Givony, who has had conversations with multiple team executives, scouts, and agents, says most teams’ front offices are operating under the assumption that Ball will be the No. 1 pick.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the Timberwolves will be the team making and keeping that top pick in the 2020 draft. According to Givony, executives view the Bulls, Pistons, and Thunder as some of the most realistic candidates to trade up to No. 1 for Ball. Oklahoma City has the No. 25 pick, which would make trading up more difficult, but the Thunder do have a massive collection of future first-rounders they could dangle if they’re genuinely interested in moving up.

Here are several more draft-related tidbits from Givony’s latest roundup:

  • According to Givony, some front offices were underwhelmed by Edwards’ Pro Day performance. Tyrese Maxey, who was in great shape and shot the ball very well, may have made Edwards look a little worse by comparison, some executives told ESPN.
  • Despite reports that they’re eyeing Onyeka Okongwu, the Hornets haven’t seriously considered picking any prospects outside the top tier of Ball, Wiseman, and Edwards, sources tell Givony.
  • After the top three, the next tier of prospects is made up of Deni Avdija, Obi Toppin, Isaac Okoro, Tyrese Haliburton, Patrick Williams, and Okongwu, according to Givony, who says those players all seem likely to be selected in the 4-9 range. Givony adds that Williams has boosted his stock in recent months and is receiving consideration as high as No. 4. Givony also confirms that the Pistons have legit interest in Williams at No. 7, which was previously reported.
  • Picks belonging to the Kings (No. 12), Celtics (14), Timberwolves (17), Mavericks (18), Nets (19), and Heat (20) have popped up frequently in recent trade talks, sources tell ESPN.
  • Upperclassmen like Malachi Flynn, Desmond Bane, Jordan Nwora, and Xavier Tillman are candidates to come off the board late in the first round, since contending teams with late first-round picks may be prioritizing “plug-and-play” prospects who will be best equipped to handle the quick turnaround between the draft and the start of the NBA season, says Givony.
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45 thoughts on “Givony’s Latest: Ball, Edwards, Hornets, Williams, More

      • Something will happen in the top 3. Right now teams trading up are being cheap on a trade. Closer to draft day a trade will come or at last minute.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      The Hornets don’t need to move up in this draft. If Minnesota takes Ball at #1 the board falls perfectly to them.

  1. Sillivan

    Fun thought
    If Wolves want Simmons 76ers would attach Horford
    If Wolves want Beal Wizards would attach Wall
    Then Wolves tend to repeater tax land

    • Jeff Zanghi

      The Wizards wouldn’t trade Beal and Wall… at this point (assuming you believe what their front office/ownership is saying) — they think they have a ‘playoff team’ with Beal and a healthy Wall. So there’s no chance they would just dump Wall in a salary dump AND trade Beal with him.

  2. x%sure

    Maxey to the Knicks… heard it here first… months ago. He’s a bit like Barrett, but that’s not a bad thing as they can play at different positions. Both do have to shoot better; maybe should get skinnier! Both glide fast & darwin-icly but seem oveflexed when they shoot. Someone has to get MSG going so franchise momentum builds. Yes, Dolan is in the way, whatever.

    • Chief Two Hands

      Maybe I did hear it from you first. I don’t know…anything involving the Knicks goes in one ear and right out the other for me. I can think of some organizations that are as uninteresting as the Knicks, but I can’t think of any that are less interesting, at least from my point of view.

      • x%sure

        Agree… kind of why I advocate Maxey for them… and/or the Pat/Lou/Montrezl axis… they should not be a boring team, playing in that environment, regardless of tanking or not.

  3. OhThatYoGirl

    Who says no?
    Celtics Get Drummond
    Atlanta Get Hayward
    Cavs Get Cam Reddish

    • case7187

      I would say no to that even though it’s a good deal for the C’s but from what I’ve read Drummond has a little bit of a attitude problem and tends to block out his coaches

      Maybe instead of him the take Love I think he’d be a better fit for this team

      • Jeff Zanghi

        I agree I’ve heard the same about Drummond BUT I think the Celtics are so close to being legit contenders BUT REALLY need that ‘big man’ to put them over the top that I think I risk Drummond’s potential attitude/head-case situation if it means the potential to compete for a championship. Especially at this point where Hayward is only under contract for one more season anyway. Because with Hayward I think they still have an outside chance at reaching the finals… but I think it’s worth the risk taking a 1-year gamble on Drummond because the potential reward if he does fit in and stays focused is so high.

    • Strike Four

      All of them? Drummond is washed, post-injury Hayward isnt the same guy as he was on the Jazz and Reddish is a project who stunk last year.

      • OhThatYoGirl

        How is 18 & 15 with 2 assists and 1.7 blocks washed? He also received a 1st place DPOY vote this past season.
        Celtics need a defensive big and he’s one of the best ones available right now. Hayward is still a good player when he’s healthy and they can use a veteran like him on the team. He’s also on a one year deal so they can let him walk if it doesn’t work. Or work out a fair extension if he does.
        The Cavs getting Reddish would be a solid move. Reddish is a project, but he’s still young and was a lottery pick last year. They also clear a ton of space by moving Drummond, which they can use at the deadline to absorb contracts and get more assets.

        • Little_Dunker_45

          Sorry. Hayward more valuable than Drummond. Don’t think Celtics want Drummond anyway. If he goes there I’ll eat my hat though…who is hungry?

          • El Don

            Can’t see a world where Hayward is more valuable than Dre… anyway to me Dre is a top player in the league, his stat line is unbelievable… meanwhile Hayward has never been a top player & his stat line is very average!
            Also Dre has never been injured in his career, meanwhile Hayward, well he just struggles to keep healthy to say the least, right?
            So I know who would I take, but, hey, each one has his opinion, right?

            • case7187

              Stats aren’t everything Hayward’s a team player and loved by his teammates Drummond is not so I would keep Hayward

              • El Don

                Sorry not from beantown, so never heard about Hayward been liked or anything, either good or bad. But for certain I heard how Dre is loved by all of his teammates, that I definitely heard. Never a problem attitude about him or anything… so I don’t know what you mean. Dre is a team player who works very hard for the team & his contribution far out weights Hayward’s… So I rather Dre, but I am happy for you if you rather Hayward, we just have to agree to disagree on that one, right?

    • x%sure

      Like it. Drummond’s supposed attitude problem couldn’t be worse than Rbt.Williams’, and anyway big men work best if they’ve got some badness.

      Haywood would provide some relief from Trae’s domination, and possibly find some connections Trae doesn’t. Also this year they could absorb some contract space.

      Cavs need a 3. Reddish should come around.

  4. Sutter

    Wolves will take Wiseman knowing they will trade him by the end of the night

  5. formerlyz

    With all of the potential versatile wings/bigs avaialble within those picks, its no surprise to see them the most talked about in trades

    I have Bane at 17 to Minnesota, and there are a couple of teams in that range that might make sense for him, although I could see him falling into the 20s. I can see Flynn going higher, but I think he should be there for Toronto at 29…I have Tillman at 33 to Minnesota early in the 2nd round. There are multiple bigs that could be interchangeable in different spots, but I think he would fit with KAT….Nwora is interesting b/c I have him in a couple of different spots in the 2nd round, or possibly not drafted, depending on international players and trades. Could see a team with multiple picks, like Philly or New Orleans take him

      • formerlyz

        If they keep the pick, likely Edwards or Ball at this point, but I’m also not so sure on Ball, Toppin, or Avdija in terms of fits outside of teams trading into those spots…

  6. Sillivan

    Hornets are cheap and trying to draft Wiseman for free
    According to reporters
    Ball goes 1
    Edwards goes 2

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Uhm… What? If Ball goes #1 and Edwards goes #2, and this is what Charlotte thinks and believes, why would they trade up if the target is Wiseman? How is that cheap?! I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Trade up to #1 to get a player you may get at #3?

      • masisk33

        I honestly think Minnesota will take Edwards at #1
        which leaves Wiseman for GS
        CHA will probably take Ball or O.O. in this scenario.

      • x%sure

        Presumably he means CHA will do nothing and Wiseman will fall into their lap… is the hope there. He fits there, because Zeller has another year, the other centers are FA, and tbh winning is not expected. Wiseman has a ways to go technically but he should be Mitch Robinson level at least.

  7. Jeff Zanghi

    If the Celtics somehow wind up stuck with all 3 picks… I think they should roll the dice and take 3 bigs in hopes that 1 of them sticks and actually ‘solves’ or helps ‘solve’ their need there. All picks outside of the top 3-5 are lottery tickets (and sometimes even picks in 3-5) — so while it may not be the best method for long term roster construction or from a player development standpoint. Might as well take 3 shots at “winning the lottery” and finding that ‘missing piece’ rather than draft more SGs/SFs when you already have way more than you even have playing time for. Or at the very least… take at least 2 ‘bigs’ and then still have the flexibility to draft a guy they might really like at another position. Obviously best case scenario is they’re able to package 2 or more of the picks to move up significantly and grab someone they really like. But I’m just saying in the unfortunate situation they’re stuck with all 3… they might as well take their 3 “chances” at the lottery to find the big man they need.

    • formerlyz

      Celtics could use a big, but I dont think we should be talking about it as if what they have is terrible. Robert Williams was really good just recently, and is obviously improving, and starting to play with more effort. I personally am a fan of Theis as well. They also have a couple of options in small lineups, and I think Grant Williams is going to be a multi-positional option going forward…Maybe a young big that can stretch the floor, and potentially also defend, and a veteran big that can defend in the post….

      Celtics have a couple of spots they can move on from, and could use shooting at the guard spot, or with their roster versatility could allow that shooter at the 4 instead, possibly a big that can defend/space the floor, and possibly a backup pg

      If they keep their picks, I have Toppin, Achiuwa, and Mannion going to them in the first round, and vernon carey at 47. Obviously, I dont expect them to keep all of their picks, and they’ll likely have to find a way to trade up for Toppin, even though he doesnt fit anyone else in the lottery…

      I could see them trying to use that 14th pick,Watters, Javonte Green, a future asset, possibly even Edwards, and maybe that 30th or 47th pick to attempt to move up for Toppin, although Nesmith would make a lot of sense for them if they stay at 14, of the wings that are in that area, depending on how the board looks. I have him there at 16 for Portland, so outside of moving, that might be the ideal fit. He is the likely pick if they stay at 14… Achiuwa would be a really good fit, and getting him at 26 would be a strong get. I think he fits what you were talking about

  8. LexLegend

    The Sixers are proof (Fultz) that you don’t trade up from 3 to 1 in a year without a clear #1 overall. The Hornets should stand pat. If they end up with Ball, then make a trade.

    • El Don

      Fultz was the consensus #1, with a lil mention of Zo & the very odd mention of J-Jack, never heard of JT for the #1… anyway it was a clear #1 in Fultz. So PHI might not have moved up, but once they did, they picked the right guy. If BOS had kept the #1 they would have picked Fultz, make no mistake about it!

      • x%sure

        Without a clear #1, it may be easy to move up. Given time restraints, trading Ball may be harder to line up! Best move would be to take your next best choice, prob Advija.

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Wiseman is best thing that can happen to Charlotte. Best move MJ will ever make. Minny can then take Okongwu or Toppin at 3. Plus get extra pick. Both those players are ready now. And fit well with KAT. Edwards did have attitude concerns. If Maxey is dogging him. I would be worried. Let’s face it. Some guys only care about getting paid. Few Brons and Kobes out there. If this is true. Then think Minny is trading out.
    Williams is no more better than a rotation player. He is not worth top 10 pick. So don’t believe the hype. Ball is not going top 2. He may fall out of top 5. He is a one way player. Who is all hype and lies. Wiseman played same amount of games. Yet his games are not valued. But Balls are. Make any sense to you. Lonzo is better than Ball will ever be. And they are talking about dumping him. Get a real thought. Watch his clips. He is not ready for prime time. I feel sorry for whoever drafts Ball top 10.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I’m fine if they take Wiseman at #3. My biggest thing is don’t give away future assets to do it. I actually prefer Edwards for Charlotte myself. If either guy is there at #3 it’s a solid pick though.

      If Ball is what’s left, trade down to anyone who’ll bid.

  10. Eric Lord

    Why the heck would the Thunder trade multiple picks to move up to draft a point guard in Ball when the already have Gilgeous-Alexander on the roster? Trading up for Edwards makes much more sense than trading up for Ball

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