Knicks Notes: Paul, Westbrook, Bey, Terry

There are people within the Knicks organization that are bullish on the idea of acquiring Chris Paul, feeling as if he would help build a winning culture in New York and would be a good leader for the team’s young players, writes Ian Begley of

However, according to Begley, there are also people in the organization wary of giving up too many assets in a trade for Paul. Those people want to make sure the club retains enough pieces to be able to make another trade down the road for a star player, sources tell Begley.

Given Paul’s massive contract, which still has two years and $85MM left on it, the Thunder are unlikely to extract a massive haul for their point guard. However, an All-Star season helped rebuild CP3’s value, and the Knicks would have to outbid other suitors, including the Suns, if they want to make a deal.

It’s probably safe to assume that Oklahoma City would seek at least one first-round pick and/or a young player in exchange for CP3 — Mitchell Robinson or RJ Barrett would likely be off limits, but the Thunder reportedly have interest in Kevin Knox.

In addition to all their own future first-round pick, the Knicks hold the Clippers’ pick (No. 27) in this year’s draft, as well as two future Mavericks first-rounders.

Here’s more on the Knicks:

  • Within that same story, Begley considers whether the Knicks would be a fit for Russell Westbrook. As Begley observes, if the front office is wary of giving up too many assets in a Paul trade, it’s probably safe to assume that same stance would apply to a Westbrook deal. Like CP3, Westbrook is owed $41MM in 2020/21 and $44MM in ’21/22. The Rockets guard also has a $47MM player option for ’22/23.
  • Exploring the Knicks’ draft options, Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic says that Villanova forward Saddiq Bey is among the players who have worked out for New York during the pre-draft process. The No. 8 pick might be a little high for Bey, who would be a more viable option for the Knicks in a trade-down scenario.
  • The Knicks have reached out to schedule a second interview with Stanford’s Tyrell Terry, tweets Vorkunov. It’s possible Terry will still be on the board at No. 27, though his stock has been on the rise and he has generated mid-first-round buzz.
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34 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Paul, Westbrook, Bey, Terry

  1. Draft Tyrese Haliburton at 8, Jalen Smith at 27 (trade up to draft him) Malachi Flynn at 38 (trade up to draft him)

  2. andremets

    Knox and dsj, and matching contracts for Westbrook.

    Pg: Westbrook, Nkitina,
    Sg: Barrett, Dotson(resign), Bullock
    SF: Vassel (1st pick), Carmelo (FA)
    PF: Christian Wood (FA), Randle, Jaden McDaniel (draft)
    C: Robinson, Baynes (FA)

    6th seed

  3. CP3 = possibly, but only if the deal includes Randle and no outgoing 1st round picks.
    Westbrook = NO, regardless.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Getting Chris Paul will be far easier than getting someone like Russ who is still in his prime and will contribute at an All-Star/MVP level for the next 2 or 3 years. Whereas you’ll be lucky to get anything out of Paul during the next two seasons after the flukish year he had with OKC. Those hamstrings might have just a few dozen more games left in them.

      • Black Ace57

        You are going to be very disappointed when you realize it’s the Rockets who have to give up value for a Westbrook trade, not the other team.

        • Strike Four

          Don’t bother trying to reason with a Houston sports team fan, they are beyond the most delusional people in America. They need to have their toys taken away for not acting right. The fact they dont understand that flooding GSW posts until I clap back is not what “rent free” is. Rent free is Houston fans posting hate on GSW posts to begin with.

          • Little_Dunker_45

            You just spent 100 words with no other point than to put people down. Rent. Free.

          • goastros123

            Strike Four, you bring up GSW on non-GSW posts. Houston sports live rent free in your head.

      • xxtremecubsguy89

        The rockets would be lucky if they got Lavine and Porter for Westbrook straight. No picks nothing. Probably the best value Houston could get for Russ.

      • Harder or easier, I don’t want anything to do with RW. CP3’s contract will expire within a 2 year window that is likely to be mostly a rebuilding period, and he has classic PG skills that can facilitate the development of younger players. RW’s contract cap clogs for an additional year, and he’s not that type of PG. He’s a particularly poor fit on a team who’s best young players aren’t 3 pt shooters.

        If you think that there is any team out there that will offer the Rockets a trade package that reflects an All-Star/MVP type player, then I don’t agree. But we’ll see. In any event, it shouldn’t be the Knicks.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        link to
        To show you show the spirts writers are idiots and hypocrites. The same guy that says a Paul trade is good. Says a Westbrook trade is dumb. Which is insane considering one is 35. The other, Westbrook is 31. Getting a position we need. And a high flyer like Westbrook still in his prime. Serves us better than a guy who is on his last leg. Westbrook brings excitement. And he can lead us to being a contender. It’s going to take 3-4 yrs if we do it right anyway. So Westbrook trade is so much better than a Paul trade. Plus we won’t have to give up much. Knicks have plenty of expiring contracts. Plus a young player like DSJ. And a future pick. I wouldn’t give up more than that. Nobody is helping Rockets right their mess.
        DSJ, Portis. Randle, 2021 # 1 pick. We can add this yrs 2nd rd pick. The 38 pick in draft. You can get a Center there Azubuike. Another Nigeria center. He could be next Drummond. That’s a good haul there. NY would love and support Westbrook game. He should come here and get the love lols.

  4. Black Ace57

    Wish the Knicks would learn their lesson about trading for or signing old stars. Joakim Noah, Steve Francis, Derrick Rose, etc have never worked out. Quit trying to shortcut the rebuild and do it properly for once.

    • x%sure

      IDK about a fuller list, but those three are more self-regarding than most. Of course NYC is full of that type, and probably RW is too. But I would expect more from CPaul team-wise. He has been an older leader once already.

      Longterm, not sure what Rose wants. Getting CP would likely rule out Lou+Pat, but Maxey at the 2 would be ideal. He’s a little too joyous and could use a CP-ness in his game and could be a PG.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Wonder how attractive NYC will be for big names with money when there is no where to spend it. Knicks have cash to pay them, but maybe not as appealing…if you ask me

  5. Strike Four

    The Knicks just can’t help themselves can they? How the f does CP3 make them a contender? His next rolled ankle will probably be his last.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Westbrook just turned 32. He’s still a top talent. He plays a position of need. This is not cutting corners. We have plenty of cap space. We have the most space of any team. Portis, Randle, DSJ salaries add up to 40 mill. We don’t need anyone of those players. So how exactly is this wrong for us. Knicks are three or four years from really contending. what’s wrong with Westbrook owning The Mecca for 3 yrs. And helping bring back Knicks to prominence. It’s a win win for NY. It’s ok for a 35 yr old PG Paul to mentor young Knicks. But not a 32 ur old. They get Westbrook and sign Woods. Draft Okongwu or Okoro. And we fight for eight seed next yr. As the youngest team in East. I’m all in on Westbrook. Not overpaying for him.

    • kahnkobra

      portis, Randle, dsj no picks for westbrook I’m all in for that package.

  7. Otogar

    To mentor young players you need some basketball IQ. Westbrook only knows to charge like a bull… and he is quite good at it, to be sure) but I don’t see him in a mentoring role.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Internet commenter insults basketball intelligence of NBA all star professional athlete…lol come for the rumors stay for the laffs. No offense but think Mr. Westbrook knows a bit more than run at hoop.

      • Otogar

        Even if you don’t trust my judgement, it’s a fact that there are players with more and less basketball IQ. I (and I’m not the only one out there) consider that Westbrook is among the latter, but I can accept that you might think otherwise.

        • Otogar

          Anyway, I admit that my “bull comment” was unfair. There are a number of things that RW can do (very) well. The problem (as I see it) is that he doesn’t stick to his strengths and that leads him to take a lot of questionable decisions. Plus he cares too much about the stat sheet. Anyway, let me rephrase my comment in more respectful terms: RW may be a gifted player, but if you are looking for a mentor to your young players, he’s far away from being CP3. And one just has to compare their trajectories in OKC to reach that conclusion.

          • Little_Dunker_45

            That makes more sense…I would agree then. People around here go out of their way to trash Rockets so it can be hard to tell what is intention and what is noise. Cp3 probably better as a mentor from attitude perspective, yes (and yes potentially even skill set but there are coaches for that). Westbrook maybe for someone looking to market themselves…not sure how that helps a team though…hmm

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