Onyeka Okongwu Dealing With Broken Toe

11:00am: Okongwu’s injury is a broken left big toe, a source tells Jonathan Givony of ESPN. It will require about one to three weeks of additional rest, but isn’t expected to affect his availability for the start of the regular season.

Sources from multiple teams tell ESPN that their doctors have known about the injury for some team and have reviewed medical documentation. They don’t expect it to be a long-term issue and don’t expect Okongwu’s draft stock to be significantly impacted, Givony writes.

8:48am: USC big man Onyeka Okongwu, viewed as a probable top-10 pick in this year’s draft, has an injured foot, according to former Suns GM Ryan McDonough (Twitter link). Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer, confirming the report, tweets that the injury could cost Okongwu training camp and possibly the start of the regular season.

McDonough says teams are “scrambling” to get full medical info on Okongwu to determine the severity of the foot injury. Bonnell, meanwhile, suggests that the issue may impact where the young center is selected in tonight’s draft, though probably not by a lot.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst had previously alluded to a medical-related issue affecting Okongwu.

It will be interesting to see how substantially Okongwu’s stock is impacted by news of his foot issue. That sort of injury is worrisome for a big man and is probably a major reason why a report this morning suggested Okongwu is no longer seriously receiving consideration for the Hornets at No. 3.

However, if the injury isn’t considered serious, it could be an opportunity for a team that likes Okongwu to select him at a spot where he wasn’t otherwise expected to be available. The Wizards, for instance, have been frequently linked to Okongwu at No. 9, and this news seems likely to increase the odds he’ll still be on the board at that spot.

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14 thoughts on “Onyeka Okongwu Dealing With Broken Toe

  1. thekayz

    I wonder if this is a new injury or something he’s been dealing with for a while…

  2. Luckylefty2

    I watched this kids highlights for the first time yesterday. He played liked bam in college, but he has a better shooting touch. Idk if he is as athletic though.

  3. hiflew

    Buyer beware on a big man with foot issues. Even if it something that seems as minor as a broken toe, the feet of big men have to hold up a very large body. Once they start to go, they tend to stay gone.

  4. A broken toe isn’t any cause for concern. Except maybe one which doctors have known about for some time, for which there’s medical documentation and is going to keep him out for another month. A broken toe should heal in 4-5 weeks.

    • hiflew

      The problem is not THIS injury. The problem is now one of the two bases for a 300 pound frame is not in perfect shape. It’s like buying a nice house with water damage in the basement. Most of the time you will have less of a headache and spend less money to buy the less extravagant house with no water damage.

      • That’s basically my point. If the kid said in an interview that he broke his toe walking around his hotel room in the dark, I wouldn’t care. When he sends doctors and medical reports to demonstrate I shouldn’t care, I start to believe there’s more to it.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Toe is not going to affect his draft status. Another story said he was trying to drop to team he wants to go to. If Celtics were bold. They would move up to get him. He is perfect for them. He’s still going top 10. He should go top 5 as BPA. I take him over Ball. He fits Minny well. I could see them trade down and take him. He and Toppin are best bigs in draft. Both 4s first but can play C in small ball.

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