Pelicans Discussing Jrue Holiday In Trade Talks

The Pelicans are “openly discussing” Jrue Holiday in trade talks, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, who reports (via Twitter) that several contending teams are pursuing the veteran guard.

Holiday, 30, is coming off a 2019/20 season in which he averaged 19.1 PPG, 6.7 APG, 4.8 RPG, and 1.6 SPG with a shooting line of .455/.353/.709 in 61 games (34.7 MPG) for the Pelicans. Although he didn’t earn a spot on one of this season’s All-Defensive teams, he has done so twice in the past and is widely considered one of the NBA’s best perimeter defenders.

Holiday’s contract with New Orleans will pay him $26.2MM in 2020/21 and includes a $27.1MM player option for ’21/22. That means he can reach free agency a year from now, putting some pressure on the Pelicans to decide soon whether he’s part of the team’s long-term plans or if it makes sense to see what they can get for him on the trade market rather than risk losing him for nothing in 2021.

If the Pelicans are serious about moving Holiday, he should immediately become one of the league’s most intriguing offseason targets for contending teams. A recent report indicated that about 10 teams had already inquired on the former All-Star, with the Nuggets expected to be among his most aggressive suitors. I’d expect the Nets, Mavericks, Heat, Timberwolves, and several others to have interest as well, though some of those clubs are better equipped than others to put together an appealing package.

Presumably, if the Pelicans look to deal, they’ll be seeking players whose developmental timelines match up with those of franchise cornerstones Brandon Ingram (23 years old) and Zion Williamson (20).

Technically, no trades can be completed yet, as the NBA’s transaction moratorium remains in place. But there’s nothing stopping teams from engaging in discussions now and even reaching tentative agreements on deals that could be finalized once that moratorium is lifted.

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44 thoughts on “Pelicans Discussing Jrue Holiday In Trade Talks

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Horford, could the Pelicans use Horford?
    I would do that in a heartbeat

    • mcmillankmm

      Not sure why they would even consider it unless there were multiple first rounds picks included….but then NO wouldn’t be able to move Horford

    • tjbarnaba

      You have a better chance of getting an invite to Jesus’s next birthday party than you do of moving Hartford for an asset worth owning.

    • Sillivan

      No one in the West will take Horford contract because it’s not easy to move him at the trade deadline
      76ers Firsts have little value

    • Tatsumaki

      Put the pipe down. In no way are pelicans trading jrue for horford. Would take multiple first plus thybul at the very least

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Well if I suggested trading Ben Simmons for Holiday, I would have had other compliants!

        • Michaelchavez22

          I’d trade Simmons for Harden. Can the Lakers and Pelicans talk about a trade again?? Kuz, Green and possibly their 1st round pick?

  2. Strike Four

    Holiday is 30+ now though, that defense will only decline. Lots of red flags on him moving forward.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      He’s not 30+. He’s only just turned 30 a few months ago. That’s still peak age for a player. He doesn’t rely on athleticism completely and he’s a smart player. So I see him still being valuable at 35. Chris Paul is still a much wanted player who will be 36 in May.

      • hiflew

        Holiday does not have the track record of Chris Paul, so just stop that comparison now. Through his 11 season B/R lists his closest comps on win shares as Devin Harris, JR Smith, Danny Green, and Jalen Rose. Decent players, but hardly great. Chris Paul’s comps? John Stockton, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, and Jerry West. Enough said about that.

        Holiday has had a couple of good years after a pretty mediocre career in his first 8. He’s a good defender, but not really as good a player as people think.

        • Chris_Favreau

          He’s actually a top 5, if not top 2 guard in the league when it comes to defense. It’s not good, it’s excellent.

          • hiflew

            Yeah but when offense is factored in, he is no longer a top 5 2-guard in the league. Defense shouldn’t be forgotten, but neither should offense. The label of “two-way players” is just ridiculous because there is no player in the league that just plays one or the other.

            Sure there can be specialist shooters and specialist defenders, but those guys are not top 5. And if I have to choose one or the other for a starter, I would much rather have the offensive specialist and the reason is simple. No matter how good your defense is, you still have to score points to win the game. I’d rather win games 135-132 than lose games 89-80.

  3. Sillivan

    76ers declare to the world they are not trading Simmons and Embiid
    Which means they trade Horford for Harden?

    • mcmillankmm

      Right, seems like Philly is rumored to be interested in a bunch of star players but only willing to throw Horford and Richardson in a deal

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Who in 76ers org ever offered Horford? Seems to me people just like to say his name because he has a fat contract and theres not a lot of other trades out there. I’ll wait…

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Jrue Holiday for Myles Turner

    Pacers get all three Holiday brothers and with Jrue on board all of a sudden they can trade Victor Oladipo having all ready secured his replacement. V.O is in the final year of his deal and it appears will most likely walk to a contender like Miami or either team in LA.

    For the Pelicans Myles Turner is 24 so he fits their timeline perfectly. He would be a great fit with Ingram and Zion with his ability to space the floor and block shots on defence.

    • hiflew

      I like this idea. I don’t think the Pacers would want to add payroll. You might have to add Jeremy Lamb going to NO with maybe the Lakers 2021 1st going to Indy. But overall I like the fit for both teams

    • brownscavsr4me

      Never thought of a trade like this, but I like it. I would actually add in oladipo to the trade and the have the pelicans add something else to the pacers (jj reddick?). That way you can let their 18th pick Bitadze develop and now you have a very strong lineup of Brogden, Holiday, warren, Sabonis, and Bitadze.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Doubt Reddick leaves considering he was the main reason Stan Van Gunde got the job in Now Orleans.

        I think the Pacers would make this deal and then have Oladipo open for trades. They don’t have a first round pick this year and considering he’s about to be in the final year of his deal they should start a bidding war and see what they can get for him.

        Who knows maybe they can flip Oladipo plus extras and bring back Paul George ??
        If not PG, then try get back Tyler Herro plus bits from the Heat maybe, or Micheal Porter Jr from the Nuggets, or even Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert form the Nets.

        Either way with Jrue Holiday and Sabonis your going to make the playoffs so you can build a contending team or you can aim to go young.

  5. Sillivan

    The best trade for 76ers would be
    Horford and 4 Firsts for Duncan Robinson

    76ers save $90 million
    Robinson is the best shooter in the nba

    • So two first-round picks attached to Horford to take the money, and two first-round picks for the value of Duncan Robinson?

      Duncan Robinson was an undrafted free agent pick up. You’re not trading two firsts for a second-year undrafted guy, no matter how well he can shoot. That’s like trading 2 first round picks for Kyle Korver when he was younger or JJ Redick. I think that’s way too steep.

    • stevep-4

      Sillivan to HoopsHype for future considerations and a broken iPhone. Who says no?

  6. Little_Dunker_45

    I predict it right now – Jrue Holiday to ATL. Respected veteran presence on a team that needs it, plus defense. Just not sure what they give back. Maybe 3 team trade where they take on some $$. What do YOU think?

    • ms3b29

      John Collins would be at the center of it. However I don’t see it happening. Holiday is 30, Hawks team is very young.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Exactly he is a locker room guy who can also give you some help on the hardwood. He is older but don’t think Atlanta looking to get younger?

      • hiflew

        I don’t think Collins would necessarily be at the center of it. I think it could possibly be a straight up trade for the #6 pick. Holiday was acquired by NO for the #6 pick in a weak draft, so it would be fitting if that’s what they got back on his way out. Atlanta has the cap space to just absorb the contract. Maybe Kevin Huerter or Cam Reddish gets tacked on the return, but I think the straight up trade is pretty fair.

        • Little_Dunker_45

          Agree, was thinking about the pick and at 6 there should still be plenty of solid options that may not be comparable talentwise (as of today) but make up for it in upside. From what I hear ATL looking to win immediately and in an absolutely decimated Eastern conference, why not?

    • Simmons>Russ

      Again a another solid idea. I think Cam Reddish and John Collins would be the two main names in trades.

      If I’m the Hawks I’d seriously consider it cause Collins will be wanting big money in his next extension and is he the long term 4 for this team? Plus Reddish did improve but he’s very on and off.

      What about Jrue Holiday, Josh Hart and Jaxson Hayes for John Collins, Cam Reddish and a future first.

      ATL with Trae Young, Jrue Holiday, Clint Capela and young guys coming through like Kevin Hueter, Josh Hart, DeAndre Hunter and Jaxson Hayes.

      Then the Pelicans with Ball Reddish Ingram Zion Collins and a bench of NAW Reddick and an extra future first.

  7. Jason Lancaster

    Can’t imagine the Nuggets will offer up much for Holiday beyond Harris, but no deal can include just those two. I doubt Denver wants to give up Barton AND Harris for Holiday (that might be a push), and they probably don’t want to put 3 young rookie scale contracts in that deal either.

    Seems like there’s no way to get to a deal without a 3rd team that would take Barton and toss in a pick for the Nuggets.

    Not to mention, Harden could be available this year…why make a move if it costs you a shot at Harden?

  8. The Howler

    Horford has joined Paul and Westbrook as guys approaching or in their mid-30s who are way overpaid too far into the future and untradeable. When these guys have a year left on their contract someone might bite the bullet and accept them in a trade with draft picks or other sweeteners.

  9. phillyballers

    Would rather try to trade the farm for Bradley Beal than Jrue Holiday.

    Still think it would take less to get Buddy Hield or Zach LaVine than Holiday.

    I do see the Hawks pulling that trigger though.

    • PhillyPhan69

      I would love to see Josh + some assets (trying to keep Thybulle from being included) for Zach

    • Simmons>Russ

      Why would the Pelicans want that tho?
      They already have NAW Reddick and Hart as back up SGs and wouldn’t need a 17th pick player with how young that team is and the talent already there

  10. PhillyPhan69

    Love Jrue, he helped us launch the process, but not real interested in bringing him back? Perhaps if he and Al were straight up swapped, but not sure NOLA does that. Not sure I would give much more as much as I like Jrue. Perhaps if the wanted to swap Lonzo instead I would intrigued.

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    Bucks should be all over J Holiday. Give up Bledsoe and picks. Bledsoe can backup Ball, a solid vet. Bucks best option to improve is Jrue. Pelicans could use R Lopez too. A vet center to give Hayes time to grow. Bledsoe, R Lopez, future #1 pick. Or even this yrs pick. Bucks with J Holiday are better and ready for finals. I do this yesterday.

  12. formerlyz

    Heat, GS, Mavs, Denver, Nets, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Phoenix all make some sense if they do end up moving Jrue, but I still want to see that team together with everyone healthy for a little while. Obviously a couple of guys are FA, but I dont know if I would trade him right away

      • PhillyPhan69

        Hard to say? At his best Olidipo by a fair margin IMO, but can he fully return to preinjury form? Toss up but I would still aim for olidipo if the price was similar and right.

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