Raptors Could Play Next Season in Newark

The Raptors have talked to the operators of the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, about using the facility for their home games next season, according to Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News. The building holds 19,500 fans and is located relatively close to Toronto’s four Atlantic Division rivals.

In response to the coronavirus, Canada has placed restrictions on international travel from the United States that are likely to still be in place whenever next season begins. With other teams unable to freely travel into Toronto, the Raptors are searching for a U.S. site to serve as their temporary home. Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays played their home games this summer at Sahlen Field in Buffalo.

The Prudential Center, which serves as home to the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and Seton Hall basketball, has experience in hosting an NBA team, Bondy notes. The Nets played there for two seasons before relocating to Brooklyn in 2012. The building is owned by Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment, which also owns the Sixers.

A source tells Bondy that the Raptors also had discussions about playing in Tampa Bay or Nashville or possibly being guests in another NBA team’s arena. Kansas City offered the T-Mobile Center, while a similar pitch from Louisville was declined. A move to Buffalo has also been suggested.

The NBA is trying to limit travel next season because of COVID-19 concerns, which could make Newark an ideal location. Bondy points out that it’s only about 15 miles from Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden and roughly 90 minutes from Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Boston is 225 miles away.

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16 thoughts on “Raptors Could Play Next Season in Newark

  1. hiflew

    A little morbid, but I’m going to set the over/under on 2021 Raptors murder victims at 3.

  2. johnnybadd2019

    Too bad they can’t play in Buffalo like the Jays did. If I’m Kawai I’d opt out Newark is a dump

    • mgomrjsurf

      But he plays in LA.
      KC lots of Arena’s near by in OK Tulsa WNBA/Thunder,Nuggets in Denver,St. Louis where Blues play,Memphis and others.
      Tampa Miami and Orlando arena’s near by.

  3. x%sure

    I presume this Newark feint is to help in negotiations for Buffalo choices. NYC was (is?) the main point of spread for covid… and a rival area.

  4. jump shot

    Columbus, Ohio (Nationwide Arena – home of the Columbus Blue Jackets) would be a great location for the Raptors. Close to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cincinnati Royals, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons… 1 hour flights to Milwaukee, Chicago, Washington, and Philadelphia. Any normal year wouldn’t be ideal competing with Ohio State Buckeyes sports, but this will be such an unconventional season, so…

    • hiflew

      The Cincinnati Royals? Didn’t the Kings move like 3 times and change nicknames since they were in Cincinnati?

      • jump shot

        Just checkin to see who’s reading thoroughly and take it as a joke and give one back!
        Or who really thought I still have the great Oscar Robinson puttin up numbers in the Cincinnati Garden ;)

        • hiflew

          I would have happily taken it as a joke if it was funny. But you have no set up and no punch line. You just randomly threw in a wrong fact. That’s not a joke, that’s just a strange thing to do.

          • jump shot

            Another guy who was an 11th grader on jv… you guys are “just different”.
            Amazing how “Cincinnati Royals” messed up your day. Actually 2 days now lol!
            Just vote tomorrow.

    • hiflew

      Your statement is racist as well. As the very least it is bigoted. You are lumping all people than live within a state into one category. It’s no different than saying something about all black people or all Asian people.

      • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

        Are you going to cry? Record yourself throwing a tantrum? You tell me my comment is made cause of one situation , when most people paint the same picture of black people based on what a few folks do? Spare me the holier than thou crap, doesn’t work on me, I survive without my parents and I everything I have I worked for!

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