18 G League Clubs Likely Headed To Disney World Bubble

The NBA could be returning to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a “bubble” campus experience in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. This time, Disney World looks set to be home for 18 G League clubs as the NBA’s minor league begins its 2020/21 season, per The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Though Atlanta had previously been the frontrunner as a destination for the 2020/21 G League season, Orlando emerged in recent weeks as a viable candidate. Disney World of course served as a successful locale for the 2019/20 NBA season restart. The ’19/20 NBA “bubble” season included eight seeding games for 22 NBA clubs, a play-in game between the Trail Blazers and Grizzlies, plus a full slate of playoff games without any player, personnel member, coach or family member of team personnel recording a positive coronavirus test result after quarantining.

As previously reported, are expected to land in their home markets for physical examinations by January 19. A week later, January 26, clubs will all convene in Orlando. The 12-to-15-game 2020/21 G League season is set to commence on February 8. Playoffs are currently expected to run from March 5-9.

The news report includes all 18 teams anticipated to participate in the Disney World campus:

  • Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario (Clippers)
  • Austin Spurs (Spurs)
  • Canton Charge (Cavaliers)
  • Delaware Blue Coats (Sixers)
  • Erie BayHawks (Pelicans)
  • Fort Wayne Mad Ants (Pacers)
  • G League Ignite (Select Team)
  • Greensboro Swarm (Hornets)
  • Iowa Wolves (Timberwolves)
  • Lakeland Magic (Magic)
  • Long Island Nets (Nets)
  • Memphis Hustle (Grizzlies)
  • Oklahoma City Blue (Thunder)
  • Raptors 905 (Raptors)
  • Rio Grande Valley Vipers (Rockets)
  • Salt Lake City Stars (Jazz)
  • Santa Cruz Warriors (Warriors)
  • Westchester Knicks (Knicks)

The report notes that the Wizards will be using the Erie BayHawks as their affiliate, as previously reported. Washington’s own club, the Capital City Go-Go, will not be involved in the 2020/21 G League bubble season.

As we previously relayed, several teams were asked to volunteer to opt out of the bubble this season, as the G League will not be able to accommodate all 29 clubs into this Orlando campus environment.

Player and personnel health and safety expenses will be accounted for by each individual club partaking in the enterprise, and sources tell The Athletic reports that these will cost between $400K-$500K.

The 2020/21 NBA G League draft will take place on January 11, per Charania.

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12 thoughts on “18 G League Clubs Likely Headed To Disney World Bubble

  1. hiflew

    Why are they limiting it to a 12-15 game season? With 18 teams, they should at least play a 17 game season. I know no one really cares about G League records or anything like that, but really come on.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      I also thought it was kind of weird to go through all this trouble and then potentially only play 12 games. I mean I guess no matter what it’s better than nothing — but it just seems like a whole lot of work to then limit the season to potentially as few as 12 games per team. Especially if they’re in a bubble-environment with no travel and the ability at the Disney Complex to essentially play as many games as they want per day/night with the extra courts.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        My guess would be that the G League doesn’t generate anywhere NEAR the revenue (obviously), so every extra day or game costs more than what the clubs want to pay…

        • hiflew

          That’s really the NBA’s own fault. If they had placed teams in bigger communities that didn’t have an NBA team, like baseball’s AAA teams,they might generate more revenue. Obviously that wouldn’t work in a bubble environment, but the point remains. Fans are not going to go see the G League team in the same town as the big team. Not in vast numbers anyway. But if Memphis’s team was in Nashville or OKC’s team was in Tulsa or Indiana’s team was in Louisville, perhaps you’d have something more lucrative. But the NBA seems to prefer having teams in the same city so players can be shuttled back and forth on a daily basis.

  2. Curtisrowe

    And how much are these guys getting paid? Can’t be enough. I don’t get it.

    • hiflew

      Sure it can be enough. These are 18-21 year old young men. It’s not like they have huge living expenses or kids to take care of in most cases. In the real world, these guys would be either in college or working an entry level position in their chosen career. Well, this is the entry level position in their chosen career and like most entry level positions, the pay is not going to be that great.

  3. Sillivan

    Disney does not charge G League much
    NBA players eat steak and G League player eat potato chips

    • Little_Dunker_45

      What are you talking about? Why dont you ever have any sources? Bottom 3 commenter…change my mind

      • Jimmy Fitzsimmons

        Hoopsrumors bottom 3 commenters:

        Harden MVP Wall wood Yao scola parsons
        Little Dunker 45

        …change my mind

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