Harden’s Wish List Now Includes Blazers, Celtics

Rockets All-Star guard James Harden, the talk of this young 2020/21 season for a variety of reasons, has expanded his wish list of NBA trade destinations to include the Trail Blazers and Celtics, according to Kelly Iko and Sam Amick of the Athletic.

The Nets, Sixers, Heat and Bucks were the four teams Harden has previously identified as preferred landing spots. The Heat have reportedly paused cursory talks surrounding a Harden trade, apparently balking at the Rockets’ asking price. The Bucks are also not expected to pursue Harden.

Finding salaries to match Harden’s in a trade is no small feat. The 31-year-old has two guaranteed years remaining on his current max contract, and holds a $47.4MM player option for the 2022/23 season.

The Trail Blazers, led by All-Star point guard Damian Lillard and talented shooting guard C.J. McCollum, impressed during their run to the 2019 Western Conference Finals. Though he has yet to make an All-Star team, the 29-year-old McCollum could be the kind of high-level scoring target around which Portland could begin build a trade. Last season, with Lillard clearly the focal point of Portland’s offense, McCollum averaged 22.2 PPG, 4.4 APG, 4.2 RPG, 0.8 SPF and 0.6 BPG while posting a shooting line of .451/.379/.757.

The Celtics have appeared in the Eastern Conference Finals for three of the last four seasons. All-Star forward Jayson Tatum is almost certainly untouchable in any Harden deal, but versatile 24-year-old forward Jaylen Brown, who has emerged as a two-way force, might appeal to Houston.

Iko and Amick note that the Rockets have talked with teams that are not on Harden’s list of preferred landing spots. The Nuggets are among this group. Denver has not made star guard Jamal Murray available in trade discussions yet, though the Rockets remain intrigued by second-year forward Michael Porter Jr.

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126 thoughts on “Harden’s Wish List Now Includes Blazers, Celtics

  1. Sillivan

    McCollum and Zach Collins
    Future Draft picks

    Brown and Smart
    Future Draft picks

    • Sillivan

      It’s required for Harden to sign two year extension
      Celtics TPE for Tucker

      Blazers offer 2 Firsts
      Celtics offer 2 Seconds

    • dtrainriotmaker

      At this point if Portland was to offer that I’d take it and run. McCollum is a quality player . Not a superstar but very quality . Collins if can stay healthy is descent enough. Lillard and harden back court is lethal . Fans probably will see this as a steal for Portland but at this point I would take it and run

      • justinkm19

        They both need the ball in their hands. I think they get worse with Harden instead of McCollum

      • Hardeep Gondara

        Harden is other Verizon of Toronto maple leafs it doesn’t matter how many supper stars you have in team he will not win title for any team I can give you in writing any time day

    • KnickerbockerAl

      McCollum is 29 yrs old. Article says he’s 23. I was like (wow didn’t think he was that young). Had to look it up.
      DOB 9/19/91 …. Lillard Doesn’t need Harden. It would never work.

      • Chief Two Hands

        Heh, I thought the same thing. I was like…23? Man I was way off on what is going on with the Blazers…

  2. Curtisrowe

    It would take Brown and Smart from the Celtics I imagine. That’s a hard no. If I were Ainge I would possibly do it for Robert Williams, the corpse of Tommy Heinsohn, and 100 dollars worth of Applebee’s gift certificates.

      • Lakers1

        You are way overvaluing harden.. I wouldn’t even do it brown for harden.. harden is older and big cap hit.. brown is a stud 2 way player.. walker and 1 pick would be the max of his worth and walker has bad knees

      • x%sure

        Harden is hardly better than Irving, who abused his contract with two years left. The Cavs got useless things that had to be traded again, and a high first short scoring guard.

        Houston fans will be disappointed unless someone bails them out.

    • stevep-4

      Tommy Heinsohn’s corpse has some value as a tourist draw, so no, not even then.

    • VanLingleMungo89

      Make it a video of Tommy’s Lite Beer commercial and throw in an Acie Earl autographed ball and it’s a deal.

  3. Wade Herbers

    Trade him to Siberia….Yet another of his ME ME ME ME ME attitude. Selfish player who will never help a team to a title.

  4. wildboys

    Celtics looked like they need some outside shooting. But their play style requires a little more defense than Harden provides.

    Portland has been willing to break up the backcourt for a while now, but Dame and Harden are both ball dominant players and that hasn’t worked in the past.
    Yet Portland may have the impetus to go all in while they can. McCollum + would be a decent return albeit not very flashy.

  5. KezarMike

    My guess is he goes to Philly for Curry, another fringe player and a couple of picks. Or to Boston for same, substitute Smart for Curry. Don’t think Brooklyn would mess with their chemistry or take on his salary.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      Those trades don’t make any sense… how are either the 76ers or Celtics covering his massive salary by sending out only 1 player!?! — for the C’s they HAVE to include Brown to match salaries (or Tatum and that’s not happening) — so with that in mind I say no way the Celtics should do that. Maybe if Harden were 5 years younger — or if he just wasn’t acting like such an a-hole I’d consider it. But giving up Brown, Smart and picks for a guy who’s acting like such a baby just seems like a terrible idea.

      • Chris_Favreau

        Celtics have that massive trade exemption from the GH deal… Not sure how that works with the CBA and packaging it with other assets though. As a long time C’s fan, I hope it doesn’t happen, but I believe that they could pull it off.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          They can use it. Worth 28 mill towards Harden contract. Dude you don’t need Harden. Celtics are fine. Just add a rim protector like Dedmond.

        • Lars MacDonald

          The trade exception probably doesn’t help the Celtics in this situation. You can only trade for a player if their salary is less than the TE and it can’t be combined with any other assets to make up for differences.
          The only way it could be used is in a three team scenario. The Celtics would trade for a player from another team using the TE and then package that player with other assets to trade for Harden.
          I don’t think this would be feasible so early in the season because no team is looking to shed a player/salary.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            Got it. Thought you could combine it. They could fit Horford there. Celts need a big don’t need Harden.

    • buttholesurfer69

      James Harden for SETH Curry???

      Have another eggnog pal…I hope youre 1/2 in the bag

  6. Simmons>Russ

    CJ McCollum, ZCollins, Trent Jr, Nas Little, 2 first round picks and a pick swap for Harden and Tucker.

    1. Lillard. Simons
    2. Harden. Hood
    3. Covington. Jones Jr
    4. Tucker. Melo
    5. Nurkic. Kanter. Giles

    Blazers to finish second seed

    • Simmons>Russ

      Great return for the Rockets, 3 young players 2 first round picks and an almost all star level talent.
      Gives them flexibility to either continue trying to win with Wall McCollum Wood and Cousins or can flip assets for more picks and young players

    • Chief Two Hands

      Harden will be a detriment to any contender. If a given team already has a competitive core, Harden would disrupt it. He is not much of a team player. He needs to control the ball.

      • Marty McRae

        Stat chasers Harden and Westbrook belong on mids teams that cant get over the hump due to them being numbers only guys to begin with.

      • Simmons>Russ

        I don’t know that Blazers team is really dependent on Lillard and McCollum the same way the Rockets depended on Harden.

        Harden has only got this toxic culture nonsense talk after it was made public that he basic controlled when the team trained and that he could party whenever. I think his want to win is very high and that on a fresh team like the Blazers with Lillard the leader he would know that his job is to be the sidekick but probably lead in scoring.

        Jimmy Butler use to have the same criticism from people but now look at him in Miami playing that leader role but allowing Adebayo to be the “focal point” or whatever he calls it. Butler is by far the loudest and scores the most but he’s fitted in amazingly as a second leader and main scorer.

        Harden in Portland could do a similar thing under Lillard. On the court how would you stop Harden and Lillards shooting, while not double teaming and leaving the corners open for Tucker and Covington or the paint for Nurkic.
        Plus defensively you’d have Tucker and Covington really nice defenders and off the bench Jones Jr and Hood both good defenders.

        Blazers would be amazing

        • x%sure

          Butler is harsh & independent and was getting the shaft in MIN, and wound up in just the right spot.
          Harden wants other people to polish his silver spoons, and his fate is not determined yet. Portland would also be a lucky ending. It would be funny if he drove off Lilliard too!

    • afsooner02

      Bc look at how he’s acting right now….you think that’s gonna change if they trade him to Charlotte? No team is going to give up the farm for a 2 year old who throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

    • washington_bonercats

      Thats not true. Teams looking to trade for him will ultimately do so to keep him longer than his current deal. If he gets traded to a team he doesn’t want to go to he won’t sign a deal. No deal = no trade. Unfortunately for Harden Philly and Brooklyn have already gotten a taste of what they can achieve this season. There’s no chance Boston jeopardizes what they having brewing. Portland would be the most likely destination but Lillard has an attachment to CJ so that looks like just as much of a dead end. Harden is staying put

      • x%sure

        I would rather give up not so much as Houston wants to get him, and only count on the two or three years.

  7. Mr_KLC

    NBA teams are now cringing in fear that Harden is going to add them to their list.

    • Tatsumaki

      Think he throws clippers and lakers on there?

      I’d do kuzma, kcp and schroder and a couple seconds.

      Would clippers do pg plus for harden?

      • Chief Two Hands

        Screw that. I wouldn’t want Harden on the Lakers for free. I felt the same way when the notion of Irving to the Lakers as a free agent was being thrown around.

        • Chief Two Hands

          Not that a trade like that would work, anyway, given Harden’s contract. Nevertheless…keep that fool away.

      • Chief Two Hands

        Hypothetically, the Clippers would make more sense, simply because they don’t seem to have much chemistry to begin with, so there isn’t much Harden could destroy, anyway. He won’t be going there, either, though.

  8. Sillivan

    Rockets fans like Jaylen Brown over Simmons
    It seems that 76ers don’t have enough assets to make bid
    They should keep Horford
    Without Harden 76ers are unlikely to beat Top 4 teams in the East

    • Sillivan


      Blazers would be better than Lakers and Clippers
      Lakers and Clippers have no future picks and hard capped

      Kanter is young and good

      • Chief Two Hands

        Blazers would not improve with Harden. He would only destroy their chemistry and would not fit well with Lillard. He couldn’t even coexist with Chris Paul, and Paul doesn’t dominate the ball like Lillard does. I can’t see Harden fitting on any team that is not his team, and the Blazers would not be his team as long as Lillard is there.

        • Little_Dunker_45

          Blazers kind of a joke tbh. You think dame wouldn’t appreciate a little help? Dude is playing for a ring not a 2k cover

  9. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    I’d rather see Harden in Portland… Celtics have enough players, if they can’t get to the finals that’s on them. Dame needs that go two guy to help propel this blazers team…

  10. siggers84

    Blazers won’t want him coming in and ruining their chemistry they got a team now.

  11. Marty McRae

    It’s going to be so funny when Harden goes to Golden State and finally wins a chip with Steph.

    • There is not enough strip clubs for Harden in the bay area. Houston would want Wiseman in the deal. Wiseman is the next AD or Greek so no way should warriors trade him away.

    • Chief Two Hands

      One would think the Celtics learned their lesson with Irving. I doubt they would ruin their chemistry by trading for Harden.

  12. His Wishlist better contain the Knicks, Kings, Cavs, Magic, Hornets…he’s torpedoed his own value to the point HOU just needs to get whatever it can from any team and move on from this pathetic excuse of a man.

      • siggers84

        He has to go to a team that has a bunch of good players but no one that wants to be the ball dominant. It’s the only way I can see it work. Surrounded by unselfish players.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I don’t want him in Charlotte! I don’t care if Houston gave him away for free!

  13. Sillivan

    It has to add 4 more new teams then start to make bid
    Rumors added Siakam and/or VanVleet for Harden and Tucker
    Raptors also attach draft picks

    Warriors have Wiseman and Wolves pick to make bid
    Hawks have Collins and draft picks to make bid

  14. MarlinsFanBase

    I guess every time Harden sees a team or two isn’t interested, he’ll add onto his list.

    • shawn hemp

      Internet gms smh. I mean really? If they took Wiggins paschall and wolves pick then ok

  15. cleve1969

    I hope Harden doesn’t put the SASpurs on his list … we don’t want him.

  16. KnickerbockerAl

    Nobody wants Har en. It’s funny. Worst virus in NBA.
    The Nets are now lowering their offer. Bulls got young talent. Markkanen wasn’t resigned. Add LaVine plus picks. I do it. Rockets get young and good quick. Send LaVine to Knicks for more picks.

    • stevep-4

      No way Bulls do that. Why don’t the Knicks send their whole team to HOU for Harden?

    • buttholesurfer69

      Dude as a fellow Knicks fan let me tell you one thing: You don’t know a dam thing. No one wants Harden? Guy averaged 35 points a dam game last year? No one wants that?

      Do yourself a favor – stick to analyses of Elfrid Payton

      • El Don

        Well said …surfer69!
        Everyone wants Harden, what no one wants is the delusional HOU team asking price, like if they had any leverage or right to ask that much!

        • goastros123

          Dude, if as many teams as you claim want Harden, then yes, they do have the right to ask that for that much because it’s like a competition. Let’s say hypothetically both the Celtics and Miami both offer a good trade proposal for Harden. Well, why would they accept Miami’s offfer over Boston’s or Boston’s over Miami’s? The better the return is, the more incentive Houston has to accept it. Of course, they shouldn’t just wait around for a luxurous package and teams may want to see how their season is going first before they trade for Harden. Harden staying long term can have negative effects on the team. With that being said, they are right to demand such an asking price, but lower it a bit (just to a tyler herro and a draft pick or something instead of a Herro-type and 3) and a deal could get done.

  17. stevep-4

    Eventually Harden is going to say, I will ok a trade to any team. He has to get out of this situation now, the longer he stays in limbo the worse it is for him reputation-wise and career-wise.

    If he really thinks he is such a terrific player, he should be able to make any team markedly better. Oh, and he’s getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to come to work every day and quit complaining.

    Can you tell I am pretty sick of Harden at this point?

    • stevep-4

      Alternately, he could offer a buyout option to the Rockets and then go play wherever the hell he wants for the vet min, if it really is all about winning.

  18. KnickerbockerAl

    Still say Nets have or had best offer. Rockets could even send Dinwiddie to Knicks, thank you.
    Sixers offer Harris. I’m Houston I jump on that.
    Harris, Maxey, and picks. I take it and move on. This is a better team than with the Cancer. Maxey will be a player. Then you trade into lottery next yr, or tank. The lottery will have at least 6-8 future stars. Forget that cancer move on. Please get it over with. I want to talk ball not where The Virus is going.

    • El Don

      If only you knew anything at all ’bout ball to talk… keep on dreaming kid!

  19. xxtremecubsguy89

    Cue the “Harden if the Blazers give up Dame and 3 1sts” comment from genius.

  20. Yep it is

    Cry baby Harden wants and all his money at the same time. Trade him to Cleveland and see how he likes it.

  21. bigeasye

    Celtics would have to trade at least Smaaaht to make the money work and with JT, JB and Kemba there wouldn’t be enough mouths to feed. I would consider Walker, a first and part of the TPE for harden and that’s it.

  22. implant

    I think he ends up in Portland. He goes back to his youth with Neil Olshey. IMO McCollum would be the best player any of the other teams could offer up. And I think Houston would be better with a McCollum/Wall back court.

  23. Harden’s list isn’t what really matters. It’s what teams believe they will instantly become a championship contender by trading for him. Nobody else is going to give up much to get him, or shouldn’t anyway.

    Boston won’t do a deal that includes Brown or Tatum as a piece. Ainge isn’t that kind of aggressive deal maker, and, in this case, that’s good thing. I could see Walker, some younger bench pieces (Nesmith / Williams) and a few 1st round picks (light protection).

    Blazers might be a possibility if they see Harden fitting with Lillard, despite the way the CP3 and RW combos ended.

    • implant

      @DXC I agree with you. I don’t think Fame is nearly as ball dependent as Paul or Wes. Plus I think McCollum is a great fit in Houston

  24. hiflew

    At this rate, James Harden is going to have every team in North America excluding the Washington Generals on his wish list.

  25. DaBlow216

    The Hawks are a sleeper team. They have enough varying salaries and young players. They also rival any other cities night life. Only Miami and Houston strip club’s can even get close to comparing.

  26. El Don

    BOS seems by far the best fit for him just now, if only Ainge had the cojones to do it… oh well, BOS can wait another 20/30 years to win, right?

  27. PutoBelga12

    I hope the Rockets hold on until Harden expands his wish list to all 30 teams.

  28. PutoBelga12

    I hope the Rockets hold on until Harden expands his wish list to all 30 teams.

  29. Messed around with a chick named runing water

    MJ will finally bailout Harhead by then houston will gladly take whatever is offered. Harder gets to party with MJ and play his me me me ball….
    The best trade is send him to the Pizards for that jew dude from that country with manor humanitarian issues and trumps sun baron and mayor bowser or whatever her name is dc likes bullschit its full of it drive down 295 you’ll see exactly what im smelling you all plus it will confuse professor westbrook…. I left the water running ladies

  30. VanLingleMungo89

    Celtics had a scoring machine in Hayward and wasted him. Harden would never fit Brad’s system and James would cry to the media within a week.

    • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

      The thing is the celtics should have enough to win, they don’t need Harden. If Tatum,Kemba,Brown,Smart can’t make the finals within 3 years they are overrated…

  31. hoosierhysteria

    Celtics have the assets. Not sure jimmy is what they need to win title. They do need healthy Kemba. If they think his knees are shot….they might dump him to Houston.

  32. Frank loiko

    Harden is a cancer! As a Celtics fan I wouldn’t trade a dirty towel for him. what has his team ever won?

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