New York Notes: Ntilikina, Rivers, Thibs, Durant, Nets

Knicks guard Frank Ntilikina was one of the 13 players who didn’t sign a rookie scale extension by Monday’s deadline despite being eligible for a new deal, and will now be on track for 2021 free agency.

While some of those 13 players engaged in contract negotiations with their respective teams, that wasn’t the case for Ntilikina, according to Ian Begley of, who says there were no extension talks between the Knicks and the former lottery pick.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Knicks won’t attempt to re-sign Ntilikina when he becomes a free agent in 2021 or that they’ll try to trade him before then. But it appears as if the team is content to take a wait-and-see approach with the fourth-year guard, as Begley observes.

Here’s more on the NBA’s two New York teams:

  • New Knicks combo guard Austin Rivers, who has missed all four preseason games due to a right groin injury had yet to return to practice as of Monday and seems very likely to miss the start of the regular season, per Zach Braziller of The New York Post.
  • Ian O’Connor of ESPN takes an in-depth look at Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau, examining Thibs’ popularity among players, his coaching style, and his outlook in New York.
  • Nets forward Kevin Durant will face his old team in Tuesday night’s opener, but doesn’t anticipate added emotions or higher stakes in the game against the Warriors, writes Malika Andrews of ESPN“I feel like each game is important to me,” Durant said. “And it’s no more important to me because I am playing against my old teammates. I just feel like the game of basketball is going to have me on that level anyway and it’s going to be good to see some of my old teammates.”
  • The preseason gave us a preview of what the Nets‘ primary bench unit should look like, according to Mollie Walker of The New York Post, who says the group, led by Caris LeVert, should also feature Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince, Landry Shamet, and Jeff Green.
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11 thoughts on “New York Notes: Ntilikina, Rivers, Thibs, Durant, Nets

  1. Sillivan

    Knicks should trade away Frank and Smith Jr on draft day
    Then sign and overpay these 4 free agents
    Harrell 2 year $30 million
    Ibaka 2 year $30 million

    On trade deadline trade all of them for assets
    Trade Ibaka and Harrell to Celtics for TPE and a First
    Then use TPE next summer

    • How many times are you going to propose that the Knicks trade DSJ and Frank? Every article about the Knicks, and many that aren’t, you’re proposing that the Knicks trade DSJ and Frank.

      As a Knicks fan, I’ll tell you again that both players are trash and their contracts aren’t anything interesting from a trade perspective. They’re two of the worst players in the league. No one wants them. They’re about as worthless as two players can be as far as trades go.

      Best case scenario is that Thibs manages to squeeze some value out of them and maybe they’re traded midseason.

      edit: now I’m not sure if you’re serious because you’re talking about trading them *next* draft day and this article is about how Frank will be a free agent after the season.

      • MarlinsFanBase

        To think that, if the Knicks fired Phil Jackson before the draft that he picked Frank N. in instead of shortly after, they could’ve had a chance at a few other better picks instead of this failed one due to the Triangle hopes.

  2. Sillivan

    Steve Mills is far better than Leon Rose

    Rose spends 95% of his time on searching for coach and 5% on searching for trade value of free agents

    Rivers Noel Burks and Payton have little trade value

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Nttilikina hasn’t shown enough to warrant an extension. Knicks deserve fault not helping development of his gm. Thibs is his 4th coach in 4 yrs. Inconsistent mins and so and so on. Reality is it’s a new day, new season. Thibs is probably best thing to happen for Frank. He will help him get the best out of him. Cause he respects hard work and defensive ability. Basically he has till TD to show up. He’s 22 yrs old younger than Toppin (2020, #1 pick). Personally I think he has a good future at least a rotation player. NY has run out of patience with him. So he better be all in on Thibs. Even then considering how Quickly has looked. He could be moved. Payton, Smith, Nttilikina all could be moved. Frank has a qualifying offer of 8.3 mill next yr. I doubt anyone is giving him more. So if he plays well. He can stay at least another yr. Or play somewhere else for a new contract. I’d say he better man up. This is his last chance with Knicks.
    Payton is a solid backup PG. Rivers is a solid rotation guard. Knicks are still looking for a starting PG. IMO they probably trade for one (Rozier, Dinwiddie).

    Thibodeau is the right guy for the job here. Knicks were one of worst in team D last yr. He will change that for sure. He’s also good with PGs. Cause he’s old school. They are extension of coach. So he can help to make it productive at least. In the end they will have to go and get one. Knicks are about rebuilding. Still they can shoot for 30 gms. I see Thibs building a young core. To go after a FA next yr. Or make a big trade at TD or both. Nobody is coming to NY unless they see a future. That’s why Thibs is here. Remember we got 5 picks in 2021 draft.
    “Let’s go Knickerbockers”

    • andremets

      Really? Knicks have 5 2021 picks? What are they?

      Their own 1
      Mavs ’ 1
      2nd round pick they got for trading Dan Oteru on draft day
      What else?

  4. Nbabrothers

    The Knicks should have this rotation:
    RJ Barret/
    That’s nine players right there. Tight rotation. Center and power forward position are only played by to guys each. RJ can spelll Knox when he gets benched at the small forward.

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