Pau Gasol Discusses NBA Comeback Effort

Veteran center Pau Gasol hasn’t appeared in an NBA game since March 10, 2019, but he still hasn’t given up on making it back to the league. The 40-year-old told ESPN’s Zach Lowe that his goal for the coming year is to play for an NBA team and to represent Spain at the Tokyo Olympics in the summer.

Gasol, who has talked previously about wanting to return to play one last season with the Lakers, said that the idea of reuniting with his old team in Los Angeles is even more appealing now that his brother Marc Gasol has signed there.

“There is meaning and history there,” Pau said. “I’m not going to lie. It would be very special, and now that my brother is there, even more special. But I’m not in a position now to be very demanding. I don’t have 10 offers on the table.”

Gasol confirmed to Lowe that he has undergone two surgeries to repair stress fractures in the navicular bone in his left foot since he last played in the NBA. He has recovered from those procedures, but wants to work more on his improving his conditioning before seriously engaging in talks with NBA teams, according to Lowe, who says Pau and his agent recently discussed camp deals with some clubs.

Although Gasol would be interested in working for an NBA team in some capacity once he officially hangs up his sneakers, he’s not ready to transition into that phase of his career yet. As Lowe writes, the two-time champion wants to be more than a “glorified coach” if he signs with a team.

It’s not clear if the Lakers have genuine interest in signing Gasol or if he’ll have to seek an opportunity elsewhere, but he’s hoping for the opportunity to compete for another title alongside his brother.

“He had several teams that were interested,” Pau said of Marc. “What he valued most was the opportunity to win another championship. To play for the Lakers — it’s such a unique franchise. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and it’s very special for us to be the first brothers to play for the Lakers. It would be incredible if it ends up happening where I can join the team at some point.”

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48 thoughts on “Pau Gasol Discusses NBA Comeback Effort

  1. Tatsumaki

    Easy pass, thanks for the 2 chips being the sidekick to Kobe though. We have dudley and cook who are our benchwarmers don’t see a reason to need a third

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      Marc is old enough as it is, so one can only imagine what Pau has left.

        • imindless

          Actually a lot of us don’t want pau back. Sorry your one of the few that wants a 40 year old with nothing left to give. Dedmond would be a better allocation of money imo

      • Tatsumaki

        How was anything I said disrespectful? Dude hasn’t played in 2 seasons and wasn’t that good in the last 2 years he did play. At this point we need more rim protecting than a 40 year old pau coming off 2 foot surgeries. Snowflakes these days lololololol

        • Little_Dunker_45

          “Easy pass, thanks for the chips”. Very flippant and frankly disrespectful. When you grow up to be an adult you’ll learn these things. Until then…very sad.

          • Jmac2020

            Lol, nothing he said was remotely disrespectful. Pau is cooked and has been for the past 3-4 years. Bring him back as a coach no need to add him back as a bench warmer.

          • Tatsumaki

            Little dunker 45 the same guy that gets triggered and throws hate speech at others with opposing views as if they are fact. Several others state the same opinions which this forum allows, sorry that we don’t agree.

            • Little_Dunker_45

              You complain about players like Harden for having no loyalty to an org, yet when Pau says he wants to come back it’s an “easy pass”. It’s fine if you feel that way it just makes you a hypocrite and undermines your credibility. Sorry if you consider that “hate speech”? I’ll wait…

              • Kowalski

                little_dunker: you have to take these posts/comments with a grain of salt. you may never know if these people really say what they mean. people may be harsh on this site but it is what it is, maybe they’re just de-stressing from this covid scenario we are facing which is tough!

    • El Don

      @Tatsumika… Come on dude!
      Are you for real?!?!?
      Everyone knows Pau won those 2 rings, Kobe was just his sidekick, as Pau has always been the better player, & a team player, Kobe was sooo very selfish, would shoot everything never pass the ball, a disgrace really!
      I do agree with Lil’_Dunker_45 would love to see him in the LAL uniform for one last hooray!!!

      • Jmac2020

        @el don what are you even talking about? Might need to get your eyes checked pau is a good not great player….people diss Kobe all to much as if he played with as many future hall of famers as lebron has….lol. To many casuals on here like el don.

  2. Chief Two Hands

    As a Lakers fan, Pau would always be welcomed. Kobe would welcome him, too.

    • ateam043

      Same here. I’d take Pay over a few of the players we have (Dudley, Cook, etc)

  3. Chief Two Hands

    Tatsumaki is flat-out wrong, and doesn’t speak for Lakers fans in general.

    • imindless

      Idk man, I have a lot of friends and family as well that doesn’t want pau back to waste a spot. Sorry other people’s opinions trigger you so hard!

    • Jmac2020

      So far as I’m standing your the only one wanting him back lol, pau is cooked he could come on as a coach but anymore than that would be a stretch.

    • Chief Two Hands

      I don’t mean any offense to you, Tatusmaki, but I do disagree with you about Pau.

      • Tatsumaki

        Condemning mine and others opinions because we have different opinions is ascine. Censorship just like modern television.

  4. Otogar

    Gasol should really call it a day. If he wants a last shot at the Olympics (assuming they are not cancelled again) he could try to join a Spanish team, where perhaps he could still be effective in a reduced role.

      • Otogar

        Sure, but most probably he doesn’t want to go to the Olympics without having played a game in three years.

  5. cryptonerd

    Pau would probably be a great player/coach.
    Lakers have a few star egos on the team.
    They could use a vet that knows how to keep the silly drama in perspective.

  6. Curtisrowe

    Nothing like the subject of Pau Gasol to start a massive binge of troll baiting and counter trolling.

    Nice work everyone.

      • El Don

        @Lil’ Dunker… Wow you are truly awesome!
        Not many americans know or care much about things overseas as to know important stuff like that!
        You are sooo very right, Barcelona is not Spain, or in Spain… Barcelona is in Catalonia!
        Well done real impressed with your smarts, which is a novel concept around here, right?

        • Little_Dunker_45

          That’s why I’m top 3 commenter on the site…don’t get there without putting in the work

          • Andy Mak

            Sorry to correct you but you will find that Catalonia is a state… in Spain. I live in the UK and have been multiple times.

            • Little_Dunker_45

              Mmm terribly sorry Andrew but I think you’ve not got this one correct

              • x%sure

                Catalina may be a nation but is not a State. This will be hard to understand in America becausehere, states make up the nation. But in the original, academic, and English sense of the word, States are are bigger & more legal than nations. Usually States are divided into provinces. Catalina is an Autonomous Province I think.
                And so here, we have things like Gator nation, & always had an Indian nation.
                Catalon also names a region that goes into France & Italy.
                People may say they’re in Spain when they’re in Barcelona, Cat.

                More immediate questions, why does dunker bring this up? The OP was about trolling & baiting.
                And what does top 3 commenter mean?

                • Little_Dunker_45

                  It was a joke for Mr. Curtis but it would take too long to explain, I think.

                  Top 3 commenter is exactly what it sounds like?

                  • x%sure

                    Means you talk a lot? lol. No, they’re creative posts usually. And that was one!

              • Andy Mak

                My name is Andy, not Andrew. Go look at Wikipedia little spunker… clearly says on the coast northeastern spain. Look it up. Typical!

  7. richard1-2

    Wow…haters here. No wonder I don’t chime in often. Gasol, like Worthy, Byron Scott,Coop, D Fish, etc…IS Laker royalty. I won’t say he’s directly responsible for the chip in 09 (2010? Def….shoulda got Finals MVP), he’s deserving of a spot if he wants. I believe he’s good for 10-15 a gm @ vets min. And could/should coach when his plyg days r over. Tim D did it last yr for San An. Extend the courtesy. Pau Gasol could contribute in sm doses. Now go ahead lame azz haters….

  8. richard1-2

    And #16 should be retired…hung up in the rafters. #23 will be, n #6 (bc Bron will be giving AD #23 n Bron go back to #6 next season). Gotta recognize greatness….

  9. LakerLuvBrazil

    at the least, let him sign and give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out he can retire a laker.

  10. mike.honcho

    In boxing terms, Pau’s shot, he’s done.

    He hardly played for the BUCKS, didn’t play a game for BLAZERS.

    No doubt it’ll be a nice story for him and Laker fandom, but he’ll be taking up a spot. Nothing left to prove at this point for Pau.

    • Tatsumaki

      Only person with common sense. These people are acting like pau is pau of 2010 ahahahahaha

    • El Don

      Funny that the honchi dude says that when his MIA keeps on Haslem that hasn’t played in 4/5 years, all you said about Pau applies more to Haslem, Pau still is a way better player than Haslem, facts.

      • mike.honcho

        There’s a difference, UD has been de-facto assistant coach of the HEAT, for a loooong time now ……. that’s his only value now. Everyone knows this.

        Though UD did play 4 games for the HEAT last season.

        As for Pau, he signed on to play for the BUCKS & BLAZERS back in 2019, playing 3 games for the BUCKS and none for the BLAZERS. He hasn’t played since.

        If you read the article and not just the headline, you’ll understand that Pau has every intention to play & be a contributor, not as a “glorified coach”.

        Pau has not intention yet of having a coaching role, the article states. Probably somewhere in the future.

        That’s why I say, give the spot to somebody else who’ll be more productive.

        But hey, if Pau can prove he’s worth some minutes, and Lebron approves, then good for him.

        I hope this makes it clear to you, kid.

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