Southeast Notes: Rozier, Hawks, Wizards, Borrego

The big Hornets offseason acquisition of 2019, guard Terry Rozier, faces a new challenge in the 2020/21 season: acclimating to two key incoming pieces who will need touches in point guard LaMelo Ball and forward Gordon Hayward, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer writes.

“It just goes back to adjusting to what is best for the team — what can help us get better,” said Rozier, who cited the adjustment he made during the 2019/20 season to accommodate emergent Hornets point guard Devonte’ Graham. “I became a great catch-and-shoot guy last year. That’s adding to my game, doing multiple things.” 

There’s more out of the Southeast Division:

  • The College Park Skyhawks, G League affiliate of the Hawks, are among the several clubs anticipated to opt out of the proposed G League bubble season, per Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News (Twitter link). The season is expected to transpire in the Atlanta area.
  • New Wizards reserve center Robin Lopez has joined the team for his first practice, Fred Katz of The Athletic tweets. Meanwhile, newly-extended power forward Davis Bertans has arrived in D.C. and is expected to be cleared for practice by Saturday, according to Ava Wallace of the Washington Post (via Twitter). Wallace notes that visa problems delayed the big man’s arrival.
  • Now that the Hornets appear to be making a push for the play-in tournament and a crack at the playoffs, head coach James Borrego will exercise more caution in the freedom he gives young players this season, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer notes.
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30 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Rozier, Hawks, Wizards, Borrego

  1. case7187

    I could see them trying to find a trade for Rozier he just doesn’t fit their need anymore and from some of the rumors him and Hayward don’t get along (could be bs)

    • x%sure

      Between Graham and Rozier, somebody needs to volunteer to torch Lamelo. Fighting Hayward does Rozier no good; Hayward is untradeable now.

    • Boston2AZ

      But he “became a great catch and shoot guy last year”! Not good – GREAT! Just ask him! LOL!

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      The lineup I want to see occasionally is Graham, Rozier, Ball, Hayward, and Washington on the floor together.

      People can say what they want, but I think Ball’s future is on the wing as a 2 or 3.

      If I’m right that gives the Hornets A LOT of flexibility in their rotation.

      The weakness of the team is at center. Zeller is barely serviceable. But even without a big man, the Hornets should be a lock for the playoffs on the East.

      Now somebody explain to me why they didn’t take a veteran minimum flier on Boogie Cousins…

      • x%sure

        Cousins is so easily attackable. Some team’s offenses are locked in in the RS but in the playoffs, forget it.

  2. Sillivan

    Wizards need one of 3 young players to break out

    Wizards make playoffs if Embiid plays 57 games or less

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      So the Wizards need Embiid to miss at least 15 games in order to make the playoffs themselves? It’s probably far more important for them if Beal and Russ can find a way to co-exist rather than seeing Westbrook return to his stat-stuffing ways, like in OKC, and concentrating on triple-doubles instead of winning games. And staying healthy would help a lot too.

        • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

          Won’t miss Russ now that the team has upgraded to John Wall.

          • Black Ace57

            Trading a guy who made an all-nba team for a guy who hasn’t played in two years is an upgrade? I must not know the definition of upgrade.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            Typical Rocket fan. Nobody shows up when they lose. Before Astros won. Nobody showed up there either. Not a basketball town.

        • Silivan : this time u made a right comment…good blow….i meant good job.finally u learned something

    • The Howler

      Does Sillivan seem to state things in terms of combination bets?

      If so, I’ll put $50 on Rui and take the under on Embiid.

  3. Yep it is

    Won’t have to worry about Gordon Hayhurt He will put himself on the injury list after 2 practices.

  4. hiflew

    If the local Atlanta team is opting out of the G League bubble, I don’t understand why they think this is even a good idea. I know the whole point is to give games to the Ignite team and nothing else, but when 75% of the league decides to stay home, it’s time to close up shop.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Tues Jan 26 in Houston. Be there Westbrook will be. I predict he locks down Harden and puts up …….
    30 – 10 – 10
    Might be only sellout of the yr. If Harden is still here

    • I hope rocket trade harden to the hornets for players and several 1st round picks.then we can see harden and mello f1ght for the ball and play no defense.and lavar talk sh*t in the tv blame it to will be a greatest drama in history.

  6. Simmons>Russ

    What about Terry Rozier for James Johnson and Tyler Bey..

    Mavs would be adding another PG in Rozier who will contribute more than Johnson and also can either space for Doncic or work as a playmaker when he isn’t on the floor. It makes them a better team.
    Hornets open up more space for Ball and Graham and Johnson works as a good vet locker room guy and back up for Washington. Tyler Bey is a decent addition too as they rebuild

    • El Don

      DAL has too many PG’s, hence cutting JJ, meanwhile they need help inside, hence why Johnson helps them more than Rozier, which by the way isn’t starting material in the league, which makes him a brutally overpaid bench guy.
      So nope, DAL wouldn’t want a cancerous character like him instead of a good locker room guy like Johnson & a good rookie like Bey.
      But I do agree CHA must get rid of him, as Devente’ & LaMelo must be the guards in the team & I can’t see Rozier been happy in the bench, although he must realize sooner rather than later, for his good, that he isn’t a starter in the NBA.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Think your abit overly critical on Rozier. I wouldn’t call him a cancerous character or define him as brutally overpaid. I mean he was a really nice back up point guard and since moving and starting he’s done a pretty good job stepping up to the demands while sharing the position.

        • Curtisrowe

          Rozier was part of the problem in Boston when Kyrie was there and complained about minutes and his role.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          I agree he’s been better than descent. And he plays D. He can start on a few teams. Last yr 1st yr starting avg 34 mins, 18 pts, 4.1 ast, 4.4 reb, shot .874% FT, .423% FG, .407 3PT FG. And he’s a solid defender. I’d say he had a good first yr. Hornets wanted Randle and #1 pick. For Terry and Monk. Knicks wouldn’t part with pick. I like Terry on Knicks.

      • Simmons>Russ

        First year as a starter and put up 18-4-4 while sharing the point position. He also shot 42-41-87 which is very effective.
        If he was to go to Dallas he would be a starter and provide spacing and back up playmaking. With Burke, Terry and others getting minutes after him

  7. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Either Rozier and a pick for Miles Turner or Rozier for Randle. Hornets need an upgrade at the center position…

  8. hoosierhysteria

    Rozier is a malcontent….all the way back to Louisville. Grab some bench dude!

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