Warriors Have Discussed Extension With Stephen Curry

The Warriors have discussed a possible contract extension with Stephen Curry, the two-time league MVP told The Athletic’s Anthony Slater (Twitter link) and other media members.

Curry’s current contract runs through the 2021/22 season. He’ll make approximately $43MM during the upcoming season and $45.78MM in the final year of the deal.

The deadline for a veteran extension for a player who isn’t in the final year of his current contract is December 21.

“We had conversations,” Curry said. “Everything’s on the table. … I’m fully committed.”

According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, a three-year, maximum-salary extension for Curry would total $156MM (Twitter link).

The fact that the Warriors have no plans to undergo a rebuild makes Curry comfortable with the possibility of signing an extension.

“It’s just understanding what the landscape is and what the situation is going into the future,” he said. “We want to be competitive, we want to be in a situation where we’re competing for champions every single year. I want to be a part of it.”

Curry, 32, appeared in just five games last season after breaking his hand. The 23.5 PPG career scorer is entering his 12th NBA season.

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21 thoughts on “Warriors Have Discussed Extension With Stephen Curry

  1. king beas

    Why rush into it? He’s going to be 34 at the start of the new extension and there’s no more than 3 players over the age of 34 that are worth max money

    • arc89

      I agree there not many players have stayed at the top over 35. Why tie up payroll on a player on his down years. Just wait it out and see if he is healthy enough to extend.

    • There’s ONE MAJOR REASON why you give this man whatever money it takes. Think of the Warriors 5 years ago and then the previous 30 seasons maybe even 40 seasons.

      There was 2007 with Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson. There was Run TMC in 92 and 94. And that’s it. These last five years have been Steph Curry.., and the value of the franchise is 3 billion dollars. Give the man a hundred thousand or two for what he’s done. Even age 36 he’ll still be able to shoot the ball. Not sure if you guys realize how difficult it was the last 40 years before Steph arrived on the scene. I for one have been through it all and these last 5-6 years have been glorious. I mean seriously, five straight finals ? Come on.

      • carlos15

        So pay him and hamstring yourself financially for something that he did years ago and was paid handsomely for already. Makes sense.

        • The Warriors don’t consider it hamstrung. Even without Curry they’re going to spend money.

          This team is not about nickel-and-diming foundational pieces who have built the franchise to what it is today.

        • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

          That would be like an NFL team giving a huge contract to a 30-year old RB who has nothing left in the tank after playing well for 7 or 8 seasons. Do you remember Maurice Jones-Drew? Did the Jaguars give him a big contract after he played so well for them? Of course not, it makes no sense from a business standpoint. This is a business, not some charity that gives away money just to make the team look good for the fans.

          • Steph Curry has nothing left in the tank? I don’t think that’s the case here.

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      So you think that Steph is giving his team a hometown discount unlike LeBron who got close to $86M? Maybe the Warriors will be smart unlike the Lakers and not waste that kind of money on an aging player with injury problems.

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “The fact that the Warriors have no plans to undergo a rebuild makes Curry comfortable with the possibility of signing an extension.”

    I’d guess $156 MILLION helps some, too…

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      Just because they don’t plan to undergo a rebuild doesn’t mean they won’t be forced to at some point in the near future. How can the Warriors justify spending over $300M every season on a team whose only appeal is its past success? Klay Thompson is a critical part of their once phenomenal defense, which is basically gone.

      People don’t realize how well the team hid Curry’s poor defense during their 5-year run, but they will this season. He has to be surrounded by top defenders to be effective, and who can do so besides Green and Oubre? Draymond was a great defender in his prime but he’s no longer that guy. Oubre and Wiggins may be decent on the defensive end, but are not remotely close to Iggy or KD.

      • We’ll see how this plays out. That’s what makes this coming season interesting to watch. Many teams improved the rosters and many teams are hoping their veterans come on strong. Going to be an awesome season. My fingers crossed the Warriors put it together.

  3. ch050995

    If I were management I’d discuss a contract that’s modest But not a max extension for team building salary purposes. 30-35 a year cuz at the time he signs he can def sign for 50-55(that’s his max value a year I mean). If he gets offended talk with him. Hopefully he will be humble enough to accept it given all the $$ he’s made in his career but for stephs side it depends on how they do heading into that point. And how good management has been with the team

  4. phillyballers

    Lol… man they got lucky KD walked. They could have had 3 players at max deals miss a year. I don’t trust Steph to stay healthy.

  5. El Don

    I have no problem with Curry getting all those $$$, he has earned it… not so happy with his expectation to compete…
    he has competed enough in his career
    his contract won’t help GSW to compete
    when you spend like 15 years or so in the same franchise there will be rebuilds, it would be pretty silly to expect a team to compete for all your career, ups & downs are a part of the career, a good one… so basically if his team can compete, great, if they can’t just as great, that shouldn’t be his concern.
    Either you wanna retire there or you won’t, competing has nothin’ to do with that!

    • tward09

      He wants to retire there. He’s a competitor. Can you blame him? Wouldn’t you want to compete too?

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