Atlantic Notes: Celtics’ Trade Exception, VanVleet, Ntilikina, Stoudemire

The Celtics are in no rush to use the $28.6MM traded player exception they acquired in the Gordon Hayward sign-and-trade with the Hornets, according to Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe. With the trade deadline approximately two months away and most teams still trying to win, potential suitors won’t look to ship out an elite scorer for a draft-heavy trade package at this time, Himmelsbach adds. The exception could also be used during the 2021 offseason. Check out all outstanding trade exceptions here.

We have more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Raptors guard Fred VanVleet is among the 60 players who received an invite from USA Basketball to compete for a spot on this summer’s Olympic team, Doug Smith of The Toronto Star reports. It will be the first time the 26-year-old VanVleet has been included in a USA senior team player pool. Teammate Kyle Lowry also received an invite, Smith adds.
  • Knicks guard Frank Ntilikina suited up on Sunday night but didn’t play, Greg Joyce of the New York Post writes. Ntilikina had been sidelined since December 29 with a right knee sprain. Ntilikina could become an unrestricted free agent this summer unless the organization extends a $7MM+ qualifying offer, which would make him restricted.
  • Amar’e Stoudemire will not be on the Nets’ bench for some of their weekend games due to religious reasons, as Marc Stein of the New York times explains (Twitter link). The former All-Star big man, who is now a player development coach under Steve Nash, has maintained his Orthodox observance of Shabbat, which precludes him from working from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Brooklyn’s management has given him that time off every week with its blessing, Stoudemire wrote on his Instagram page.
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23 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Celtics’ Trade Exception, VanVleet, Ntilikina, Stoudemire

  1. Sillivan

    It’s my understanding that
    Celtics can only use $19.7 million TPE

    Celtics are hard capped

    • raz427

      Then you’re not understanding how trade exceptions work? The article literally says $28M in trade exception, you’re getting $19.7M? Lol

      • rxbrgr

        You’re both right, in a way. This ‘20-‘21 season they can’t take back more than the hard cap allows. So they COULD use the full exception, if and only if they send out enough salary to make sure the transaction ends with the team below the hard cap.

        • Uconn to Boston

          So even if Ainge adds a contract with Hayward’s TPE, because Drummond’s salary is higher than the TPE, it can’t be used? We have to trade Smart and others to match Andre’s salary?
          The Cavs wouldn’t take back another Center, so even tho Theis is very undersized, he will have to be included in a trade for Reddick or Lou Will to replace Hayward’s off the bench production. Salaray matching for his expiring contract is basically the only thing going for Theis as his stats like him, are very undersized.

          • osaegthong

            ur celtics could trade tristan thompson cuz all he does is grab boards pretty much it, no offense or defensive production lol. u could trade him for another wing like barnes or korkmaz

        • Omarj

          Based on my findings, the Celtics are about $5-6 million of outgoing salaries from getting there financially, using the TPE.

      • Walladipo and Wood

        They don’t have to use it before the end of the season, it doesn’t expire until late November. So they could use the full $28.5M TPE during the offseason to acquire another player.

  2. Stilt Armstrong

    Celtics always seem positioned well for deadline moves. Not that they always make them.

    Knicks will likely send Nkilitina out in a trade. He needs to play. I’m sure Thibs will give him an honest run when he’s back. 8 million is really unlikely.

    If Japan cancels the Olympics again will Basketball games still happen? I heard they were leaning that way.

    • Knicks aren’t sending Nkilitina anywhere because no one wants him. At best, he would be a throw in or salary match in a deal.

      He doesn’t need to play and has had several years to get a good look. He’s just not a good player. With the emergence of Quickley, there’s really not much of an opportunity for Frank, either, unless they somehow traded Payton.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Really what are a you a scout undercover here. That you can make that kind of statement. Really explains what a FanBoy you are. Plenty of teams would take him. If Knicks cut him tmrw. He’d be picked up in one day. His value is the issue now. I’ve explained that more than 10 times over two yrs now. You really shouldn’t blurt out commentary you can’t explain. At 22 yrs old. He will be at worst a backup guard in NBA. He still has a chance to start in another city. His value is down cause of the ineptitude of this franchise last 4 yrs. And his withering under the pressure. So I say this so you can be informed. Thibs is here to fix the value of the players that have been treated wrong here. Now he may not get to all of them. But Frank and Dennis are two he needs to pick up their value so he can trade them. Frank for sure he will do that with. So if you visit this again by TD. He should be moved and we will get value for him. Even if he is added with another player like Randle. It’s a flat out lie to say he’s had several yrs to play. That’s just not true. You may not like him. You don’t need to make up lies to help your point. Not while I’m around. He’s a better defender than Payton right now. Just on D he can play for 12 yrs. But he is more than that. Unfortunately by now NYC is not for him.

        • buttholesurfer69

          Allow me to expand on rct’s comment Al:

          Frank N. Career Stats:
          6-4/200lb (not a big guard by any means)
          Career: 182gms
          45% TS%
          BPM -4.6
          DEFENSIVE BPM -.2

          So we have an undersized guard, with far below average shooting numbers, who plays about half the game and has minimalist counting stats of 6/3/2. Finally, on defense, his apparent redeeming quality, he STILL ranks as a slight negative.

          He’s 22 so I won’t write him off completely yet. But it doesn’t look like he’s having a 12 year career. It looks like he’s either making major improvements or he’s playing overseas by 2023.

      • siggers84

        Kings fan. Would take him of your hands for Bjelica.

        You get stretch 4 proven deadeye shooter. Your offence will improve.

        We get young defensive guard that fits better with our timeline that can play in 2nd unit. We need D.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Nttilikina is one of best young defensive guards in NBA right now. On that alone he will have a job. NY is not the city for him. Someone will give him a chance. And he should reach his potential. He’s a big guard that can defend the 1,2,3 that’s NBA talent. His offense needs work. He’s too timid in NY. In another city and getting older. Should help him bust out. I would bet my house he’s going to be around for 10 more yrs. At worst hes a solid rotation player. At 22 someone will know what to do with him. As far as Knicks. Thibs will play him to show him. He’s basically same as Payton. But he’s been hurt. And you can’t push him since you want to make sure he plays till he’s traded. I can think of a lot of teams he can help. He’s a better PG than Dunn right now. Truth is he’s more a combo guard. Who needs to work on his confidence and offense. Knicks will get value for him. Remember that.

    • siggers84

      Im a Kings fan. I would take him in a heartbeat. We need D. He’s young. Got upside. Why not.

      • Stilt Armstrong

        He could be good in SAC. He sorta reminds me of a slighter version of Shumpert. Good Call.

        • siggers84

          Thanks! Just what Sac needs. Can guard multiple positions. Would be great to bring him off bench.

          • kingsforever 2

            Okey you like him. But for which player? Knicks don’t brought Belly because Randle and Toppin (in the future) are good Pf

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