Avery Bradley Discusses Positive COVID-19 Test, Potential Return

Veteran guard Avery Bradley, one of several Heat players to miss time this month due to the NBA’s health and safety protocols, confirmed in a conversation with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Bradley opted out of the NBA’s restart over the summer in large part because he has a seven-year-old son who suffers from a respiratory illness and didn’t want to risk his family’s health. When he tested positive during the second week of January, he had to self-isolate from his family members. He told Haynes that they continued to test negative, much to his relief.

While he was relieved not to have affected the health of his wife and children, Bradley was frustrated to have contracted the virus despite following all the required protocols, as he told Haynes.

“I was upset because I come to work and I do the right things, I come to work every single day and do all the protocols to make sure I’m protected so I can protect my family,” Bradley said. “To come up with the news knowing that I got it at work, I was a little frustrated to be honest. I was frustrated because I felt like it compromised my family’s safety.”

Bradley, who signed with the Heat in the offseason, was off to an impressive start with his new team before being sidelined, averaging 10.0 PPG on .490/.448/.778 shooting in seven games (22.9 MPG), while playing solid perimeter defense. He told Haynes he thinks he’ll be back in action for Miami on Wednesday night when the team faces Denver.

Heat forward Jimmy Butler is nearing a return as well, though Ira Winderman of The South Florida Sun Sentinel hears that the five-time All-Star is a couple days behind Bradley in the protocol process. If that’s the case, a Thursday or Saturday return may be more likely for Butler.

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13 thoughts on “Avery Bradley Discusses Positive COVID-19 Test, Potential Return

    • Cap & Crunch

      About what?

      I think most people are doing everything possible to not catch it…. Most people dont have the option to not go to work or rest on the laurels of millions in the bank as well

      What are you suggesting…No NBA whatsoever?

      • ChillFly

        He is correct about compromising his family’s safety. This season is doing that. Yes. I’m suggesting that.

  1. Mjm117

    Ignorance by how some here were bashing Bradley for opting out last year with the Lakers and calling him selfish.

    Glad he’s close to returning to the lineup for the Heat bc they need him and even more so Butler

    • illowa

      since he’s self isolating now and with all his extra precautions, he wouldn’t of been able to in a bubble in orlando away from his family then.

  2. Cap & Crunch

    I mean he knew the risks, he got a choice, and he made it –

    Lot more than the options I HAVE

    Not trying to be a jerk but my hearts not bleeding here. He has better options than 99.9% of the population now and could retire tomorrow and never work another day in his life

    • Stilt Armstrong

      Absolutely. Knowingly walked into an at-risk environment that would subject himself, and his family to adverse health restrictions, and mandates if he has contact with them during this time.

      Every man’s struggle is relevant, and deserves to be heard, just some whine a little more about it…

      • Cap & Crunch

        Pretty much Stilt….. I said the day he went against Lebrons BLM message/path along with Dwight was the last day he was going to be a Laker. It’s in my belief LBJ went to the FO and said he wanted neither on the 21 roster
        Im glad both are gone, Lakers are a focused cohesive group, those 2 dont provide enough between the lines to bend that frame

        • Stilt Armstrong

          The best teams manage to develop their young talented players, and win. Lakers weren’t using Kuzma enough, & Horton Tucker last season.

          It was a strange season, but Kuzma & Tucker are the only young pieces showing promise, and they need development.

          Bradley & Howard didn’t, and don’t provide enough, except maybe in a situational close game scenario.

          The potential and seasoning of Kuzma & Tucker is more important now, and for next season. Whether traded away, or staying put!

          • Cap & Crunch

            Id add Caruso to that list as well

            If he keeps that 3 % above 37% years end hes going to get paid

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Bradley and KAT both know too well about this virus. Things that none of us hopefully should deal with. They have to be like the most careful out of all. And yet both have gone thru safety protocols. Only just shows how Real this is. This is not a debate or argument. This is real freakin life. To be judgmental only shows who You Are. In a year there are more dead than any war except 1. And we are coming up on the Civil War numbers (498,332). Be thankful and stay safe.

    • Stilt Armstrong

      To each their own. I put black tape on my finger & hand cuts when it should be a band-aid. Its my choice to deal with infection if it ensues.

      If its my child, or I am being paid to provide a specific service then thats another story altogether.

      Scam-rona, or calling it that isn’t disrespectful, and frankly a little brevity on the subject is welcome in my world.

      I laugh at myself from time to time on some of my worst failures, and utter ignorance. It helps with the process for me.

      It was not meant for others to receive as an order, mandate, or health & political advice. Free speech is way more important than any of the fear inducing warnings described, to me anyway.

  4. Stilt Armstrong

    Dear god Never trust me for news! I am not in the loop, it sorta gives me an advantage here though. I get to view things from a step back. I think folks have been patient, and tolerant while heavily burdened all at the same time.

    Judgement, and attention are at an all time premium. I share my observations not to forcefully change anyone’s mind, but to share in the burden we are all carrying.

    If you feel different, that’s OK too. You can have all the space you like from me, I will never force my will upon another.

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