Cavs To Apply For Hardship Exception

Hit hard by injuries, the Cavaliers are expected to apply for a hardship exception this weekend, according to Chris Fedor of

Unlike a disabled player exception – which gives teams extra cap flexibility and can only be used to replace a player who suffers a season-ending injury – a hardship exception allows a team to add a 16th player to its 15-man roster on a short-term basis. It can be granted by the league if a club has at least four players who have missed three or more games due to injury or illness and are expected to be out for at least two more weeks.

As Fedor notes, the Cavaliers can’t apply for the exception quite yet, since one of their four injured players – Dante Exum – has only been sidelined for a single game so far. Exum will miss his third game on Saturday, at which point Cleveland can officially seek approval.

Kevin Love (calf) and Dylan Windler (wrist) will also be sidelined for the foreseeable future. With Darius Garland (shoulder) a candidate to return within the next week or two, Matthew Dellavedova (concussion) may be the fourth Cav expected to remain out for multiple weeks — he has yet to suit up for the team this season and is considered out indefinitely.

If their application is approved, the Cavs will target another ball-handler, says Fedor. The goal would be to solidify the point guard spot, with Exum and Dellavedova out. In light of the NBA’s recent rule tweaks, any player signed via the hardship provision by Cleveland would almost certainly receive a 10-day contract.

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21 thoughts on “Cavs To Apply For Hardship Exception

    • wagner13

      Keep your cell phone nearby. Your next opportunity could be coming soon…

  1. wagner13

    If Cleveland’s looking for another ball handler, Shabazz Napier could be a nice addition. He could possibly get flipped at the deadline if they rebuild his stock. If not, just cut him

    • hoops specialist

      true cuz delly is out and all they got is sexton and okoro in their backcourt

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Trade Love to Warriors …… free Love
    They can get a young guard back, plus.
    Wiggins, Paschall works ….

    • hoops specialist

      they already got dray and paschall is looking like a candidate for sixth man due to the fact that hes been playing well off the bench and wiggins is improving.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Love is untradeable. Aging, injured, big contract. Why would Warriors want that. They’re already paying thru the nose on luxury tax.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Warriors want to win now right. Well Wiggins and Obrue are same kind of player. Love is a better fit. He’s a winner and plays to fit in. He’s a shooter and reb. Gives Dre more time to rest. He’s a better mix with Curry. Money is the same. This gets them closer to west finals IMO. Paschall is a career backup. Solid team guy. Dre and Love will get all the mins. Two solid vets around Wiseman. Better team to me

        • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

          The Warriors aren’t getting to the WCF by trading Wiggins for Kevin Love, that’s ridiculous. A trade like that puts even more pressure on Curry to score 30 or more points every single game.

          • hoopsaremylife

            sure sure sure at least love’s still got tat three point shot he might be a third trade target behind buddy hield and kendrick nunn and maybe also considering to pickup lin now tat hes gunna play for da warriors g league

  3. hoops specialist

    avaliable wings to add on a hardship deal: Treveon graham, cheick diallo, luc mbah a moute, thabo sefelosha(but hes old amd way pat his prime), demarre carroll(old and past his prime), and ofc finally andre robertson(had injury issues) lol i remebered tre asked how dis dude was still on da thunder and how he wasnt back before da nba hiatus in march.

  4. brownscavsr4me

    It was so bad last night…we had only two active guards, Sexton and Dotson. We finished the game, after being down big, with a lineup of

    (At the 1) – Isaac Okoro (SF)
    (2) Lamar Stevens (SF)
    (3) Dean Wade (PF)
    (4) Thon Maker (C)
    (5) Marquese Bolden (C)

    While I would love to have Shabazz Napier or Jordan McRae or other ball handling guard, there is a good chance the Cavs just sign their past training camp/G-League players Levi Randolph or Matt Mooney since they know the system.

    • Curtisrowe

      I like Levi Randolph, he doesn’t do anything great but does everything ok and works hard on D.

      • brownscavsr4me

        I agree. Both Mooney and Randolph are hard workers and well-rounded, but while Mooney is a little better of a defender, Randolph is a little better of a scorer.

    • hoopsaremylife

      stevens wus solid but they gotta play maker more dude’s got great shooting, athelticism, and passing skills…. idk bout defense… seen him get posterized a bunch a times like by his former teammate giannis. yea napier is a solid perimeter shooter.

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