Eastern Notes: Haliburton, Knicks, Ellington, Bulls

Kings rookie Tyrese Haliburton made the Knicks pay on Friday for choosing not to draft him last month, Greg Joyce of the New York Post writes.

Haliburton, who was selected with the No. 12 pick in the draft, finished with 16 points and four blocks off the bench in the team’s victory over New York. The Knicks ultimately bypassed Haliburton in the event and chose to draft Obi Toppin at No. 8 instead.

“I guess it fueled me personally,” Haliburton said with a grin, as relayed by Joyce. “But I love it here. I’m glad I slid to 12. … It’s not hard feelings or nothing, it is what it is. It’s a business, I don’t care.

“My job is to make them think about that when they go to sleep. So I’m just going to go out there and be the best player I can be. I’m not that big into that [motivation].”

There’s more from the Eastern Conference tonight:

  • Drew Maresca of Basketball Insiders examines three potential trade targets for the Knicks, including Hawks forward John Collins. New York has opened the season with a 8-9 record, last making the playoffs during the 2012/13 campaign. Atlanta could choose to explore Collins’ trade value if the team feels comfortable starting Danilo Gallinari and Clint Capela going forward.
  • Pistons veteran Wayne Ellington made the most of his opportunity as a starter on Friday, scoring 18 points on 6-of-10 shooting from deep, Keith Langlois of NBA.com writes. Ellington, one of the league’s most underrated three-point shooters, has shot 48% from behind-the-arc in his first 11 games this season after signing with Detroit in free agency.
  • Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report explores whether the Bulls should trade Zach LaVine or Lauri Markkanen. Chicago has opened the campaign at 7-9 under new head coach Billy Donovan after finishing 11th in the Eastern Conference last season.
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29 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Haliburton, Knicks, Ellington, Bulls

  1. bigguccisosa300

    “I guess it fueled me personally”
    “It’s a business, I don’t care”
    “My job is to make them think about that when they go to sleep”
    “I’m not that big into that [motivation]”

    Make up your mind bro

  2. phillyballers

    Knicks wouldn’t have played him anyway. They’d continue to start Payton for some reason.

  3. buttholesurfer69

    Knicks targeting Collins??? Another slightly undersized 4 when they already have Randle and Toppin? I hope not

    The little I’ve seen of Collins he’s looked FAR from a max guy. He looks closer to 6-6 than 6-9 w/ little to know play creation skills, idk

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Collins ain’t small. But we got Toppin, we’re good. Why do they always use the Knicks. Leave us be to rebuild. Randle is gone too. Halliburton is looking good. Sac did good get him at 12. No way we pass on Toppin. We only played 16 gms. Chillax everyone

      • Walladipo and Wood

        A lot of teams should have signed Christian Wood, but they didn’t.

        • "Stons" Fan

          @Walladipo Dude you are so hung up on you’re squad signing Wood likeitbwas some big out of thebox decision. How about Detroit getting him off the scrap heap last year polishing his game and getting an asset out of him in free agency after signing a better under the radar player than him in Grant.

          • Adam37

            In what way is Grant a better signing than Wood? Cause to me they look to be having pretty equal seasons, but wood was cheaper. Grant is playing much better than I thought he would though…

        • KnickerbockerAl

          He’s never talked about Wood until Rockets signed him. And they had no one left. Fact is Rockets did well. But Pistons did better. He’s right bro. Able to sign Grant, who is playing like an all star. That alone is better. Pistons got Stewart, Ariza, 4.5 mill cash, switched picks. They owe heavily protected pick to Rockets. For Ariza they got D Wright a solid backup guard. And they got a Rockets 2nd rd pick. Homervision ruins respect for the game lol. After all the rambling you do Rockets are 6-9, 11th seed in west. Headed to the lottery. At least you have your pick ?? Oh No ——— OH NOOoooo
          OKC has your lottery pick. Top 4 protected. Is it time to Tank lol. Westbrook and OKC say thank you.

  5. Lil_D_Top_3

    I’d have a chip on my shoulder too! you could be living in the greatest city on the planet (current circumstances aside), playing for a historic franchise (lack of current success nonwithstanding), and instead you’re in the most random part of California with a bunch of guys whining about playing time while they lose game after game, and no one cares anyway because they’re the kings (oxymoron). Go get them Tyler…show them all

    • Curtisrowe

      “You could be playing for a disaster of a Knicks franchise run by a lunatic hanging out in NYC in the middle of a pandemic or chilling out in California working on your game under no pressure at all”

      I am a glass half full kinda guy.

    • siggers84

      Losing game after game…. apart from there last game when they beat the Knicks

  6. munlou

    Why are people always trying to trade J Randle the guy is only 26 years old plays D 22pts,11 re’s 6a per game also a good team player there are not many players who could do that

  7. Stilt Armstrong

    Bulls should trade with the Nuggets near the TD



  8. Sillivan

    Leon Rose is afraid of mistakes

    It’s a huge mistake by not treating free agents as valuable assets

    You sign good free agents then trade them later

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Rose has never worked in NBA. This is his first yr, 16 gms in. How could you possibly say that. Such a Sillyman

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Randle is not a system guy. Having a good yr. Best all around gm he’s ever played, under Thibs. To me he’s a 4 who thinks he’s a 3. Where Toppin is more a system 4. And he can be a 20 n 10 guy too. Randle can bring back good value. He’s due anew contract next yr. Toppin, RJ, Mitch (22 n under) are the young core. Knox is coming along, Quickly looks solid. We have potentially over 45 mill to spend. Plus two #1 picks in a deep 1st rd. Thibs can build a strong young foundation. Plus we have assets to add at least one solid young player. Next yr we can be better deeper and still one of youngest teams. And we should be a playoff team with a solid eye to the future. This is why Thibs is here. Build this team thru youth and coaching. And build a winner with a future. This is our process. In 16 gms he’s shown it can be done. Just stay the course and we will be fine. Halliburton could have been a great pick too. Always said he was best PG in draft. But I don’t pass on Toppin, sorry. Now Randle will bring back great value. Halliburton is a true PG, 2way. Kings have their PG of the now and future. They should off signed Bogdanovic and traded Buddy. Then could of traded down for Achiuwa or Stewart both excellent big 4s who would have pushed Bagley like Toppin pushed Randle. And their team would have been better and deeper. Halliburton has to be a lead PG. Or you are just wasting his talents. We will all see that soon.
    Quickly against Blazers 31 pts, 4 ast, in 24 mins. We did just fine with Toppin and Quickly. Thank you

  10. Jeff Zanghi

    If the Bulls consider trading Zach LaVine what would they be looking for in return. I mean he’s been putting up some REALLY impressive numbers so I’m not entirely sure why they’d be looking to deal him. But if they are he’d be an amazing fit on the Celtics… I just don’t think they’d really have a good enough package of players to acquire him. Because obviously despite how well he’s played I still wouldn’t be willing to give up Jaylen Brown or Tatum and beyond that they don’t have much to offer. They do have the TPE so they could make it work financially if they’d be willing to take a package revolving around draft picks… if they could put together a package that would be a perfect fit I think.

    • Otogar

      It’s unlikely that a contender is willing to pay a high price for LaVine until (unless) he shows a minimum effort on the defensive end. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are both way better than LaVine at the moment, and what Boston desperately needs is some frontcourt help.

      • siggers84

        Would Bjelica work for Boston? Great scorer. Sac are looking to trade him as he’s 32 and on an expiring?

        • Stilt Armstrong

          Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Minnesota, Philly, Phoenix, Toronto, Washington could all have some use for Bjelica I think. Boston & maybe even Miami. I think Bjelica is an upgrade at PF over Ojeleye, & G. Williams, but I can’t say I’d deal those 2, or even 1 of them to acquire Bjelica. Edwards, Waters, maybe Langford, or a future second for Bjelica if I’m Boston. He’s useful, but not valuable, or difficult to acquire. Not sure about the personal issues? Adds mystery & suspense!

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