Knicks Notes: Gibson, Toppin, Ntilikina, Hayward

The Knicks signed Taj Gibson to a rest-of-season contract last Thursday, according to’s official transactions log. However, the veteran big man hasn’t been able to play for the team yet due to COVID-19 protocols, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post. It’s possible that Gibson will be able to join the club for Wednesday’s game against Brooklyn, Berman says.

Here’s more on the Knicks:

  • Obi Toppin (calf) and Frank Ntilikina (knee) aren’t yet close to returning, according to Berman. Toppin hasn’t been cleared for contact, while Ntilikina may not be back at practice until next week.
  • Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau pushed to sign Gordon Hayward in free agency in November, but the team ultimately felt the price was too high, writes Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News. With the Knicks in Charlotte on Monday, Thibodeau acknowledged that Hayward was “rated pretty high on our (free agent) board,” while the Hornets forward said there was “a lot of interest on both sides.”
  • The Knicks aren’t as good as their 5-3 start suggested, but they seem refreshingly free of dysfunction this season, according to Chris Mannix of, who says the franchise finally seems to be building the right way with the right people.
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11 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Gibson, Toppin, Ntilikina, Hayward

    • buttholesurfer69

      I liked the Toppin pick but I can’t disagree with this

      Especially if Randle has made a leap at PF (not saying I believe it’s real yet but if it is now Toppin is duplicative)

    • padam

      Yeah. Agreed. I thought for sure he’d be the pick. But if they didn’t take the guy they should’ve, Toppin wasn’t a bad alternative.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      I was a big Halliburton guy. Still think he is best PG of the draft. But I wouldn’t pass on Toppin. He’s a system 4 PF. Has potential to be Amare, Griffin type 4. The irony is he needs a Halliburton type PG. To max out his potential. Amare had Nash, Griffin had Chris. Knicks don’t make a move for a PG by TD. They will definitely draft one even move up in draft for one.
      Check out David Duke from Providence. He’s a scoring PG with great size. He’s serious lol (a shooter too).

  1. 5-8center

    Bad luck for toppin with this injury. Hope he backs sono and help knicks offense

  2. Sillivan

    Toppin and Kaminsky are college superstars
    Toppin is much better

    I am only concerned about one thing
    Can Knicks win top 8 draft pick in summer?

  3. Sillivan

    Knicks initial offer to Hayward was 3 year $70 million
    That is right price but not market price

    It’s simple
    You don’t do right price or reasonable price
    You do overpay price
    After that you do 15% trade kicker

  4. Stevepas

    The Knicks need a point guard leader or they go nowhere. Every coach that comes in thinks they can win without. Side note, IQ was keeping his dribble alive from the get go now he was coached into stopping dribble and playing side to side motion. Good plan for finishing last in offense ie scoring in the 80s everynight. Signed life long knick fan since the 60s.

  5. buttholesurfer69

    Typical Knicks, no sooner is there a buzz and theyre back below .500 at 5-6

    Unless you buy into the New Randle (IDK….) there really isnt much to be optimistic about. Toppin hasn’t played, Barrett’s been up and down, and all of the young PG’s still look like guys who only have bright futures in Europe and China

    To top things off IF Randle really has made a mid career leap, now you struggle to find minutes for Toppin – who with Barrett was one of the guys youre supposed to be building around

  6. hoopsaremylife

    true. they could add isaiah thomas or brandon knight. only solid pgs left on da market and ofc shabazz napier.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Biggest change with Knicks is the coaching. I gotta give Randle props. He came in this yr and wants it. His total gm is much better. Toppin is the future, is the way I see it. So Julius can get us another player we need. Thibs has to play Smith and Frank. So they can basically audition for trade. I think both are gone. With Rivers and Quickly we don’t need to wait on them. NYC is not the place for them IMO. You know Rivers was rated #1 HS player in his class (drafted 10th 2012). Payton to me is a solid backup PG. Like I said if they don’t trade for one (Dinwiddie). They will draft one next yr. David Duke is perfect for us. I Would be ecstatic to get him. He’s Big plays the Point (real PG) and can shoot. Scoring PG

    link to

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