NBA Meeting With GMs, Board Of Governors To Discuss COVID-19 Protocols

Following the postponements of three games in the last two days, the NBA is holding meetings to discuss possible changes to its health and safety protocols.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, who reported earlier today that the NBA will hold a call with its general managers on Monday to discuss those protocols, says (via Twitter) that the league also scheduled a Board of Governors meetings for Tuesday.

The NBA insisted over the weekend that it wasn’t seriously weighing the idea of pausing the season, with spokesman Mike Bass telling Wojnarowski that the league had anticipated some postponements and had planned the schedule accordingly. However, Jason Dumas of KRON4 News (Twitter link) hears that the league has considered the possibility of a seven- or 14-day stoppage in the wake of its recent influx of positive COVID-19 tests.

For now, the league is exploring ways its health and safety protocols might be adjusted and tightened to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. According to Wojnarowski (Twitter link), the NBA is expected to discuss the following topics with GMs in today’s meeting:

  • Re-examining the lengths of team shootarounds and practices
  • Limiting pre- and post-game socializing on the court (ie. hugs)
  • Imposing further restrictions on restaurant dining
  • Imposing stricter rules on mask-wearing

As has been previously reported, the NBA considered the possibility during the offseason of expanding rosters by two and allowing teams to carry four two-way players instead of just a pair. That’s an option that could be revisited if teams continue to struggle to meet the required minimum of eight active players.

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10 thoughts on “NBA Meeting With GMs, Board Of Governors To Discuss COVID-19 Protocols

  1. Sillivan

    Why is it so hard to build up a small bubble for each team?

    There are so many islands and beaches
    You can just separate them

    • hiflew

      Because they have to travel. We are not going to shut down all the airports for everyone else just so NBA players can travel safely. Unless you have some type of Star Trek transporter technology that they can put on that beach in Minnesota apparently, then these guys will still have to visit airports. At that point, the bubble is burst.

  2. hoyaparanoia

    I still think a Western and Eastern conference bubble would have been a great idea. Each conference plays for month and half in their own bubbles (estimated 25-30 games) Then everyone goes home for 2-3 weeks to spend time with family and have some normalcy. Then come back to those bubbles and mix half the teams from each conference in those sites. Play another 25-30. Have another break come back to a seeding and playoff bubble to finish up. Would still finish up about the same time. I realize you wouldn’t play everyone from the other conference but nothing is perfect.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      In theory it’s a nice idea but logistically it would be very difficult and not worth the money.

  3. The Howler

    Taking your mask off to dine indoors in a restaurant and thinking you don’t have a higher risk of contracting COVID is idiotic. I am old enough to remember smoking and nonsmoking sections in restaurants. Yes you still breath in smoke in the nonsmoking section. Both setups defy the laws of physics. Diffusion, look it up, it is a real thing. We probably have diffusion deniers on BR because anything that is part of objective reality now has a segment of the population that denies its reality. Welcome to the 15th Century!

  4. hoopsaremylife

    they should ban indoor dining and just do delivery orders. its not worth it taking da risk of contracting covid on possible occasions

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