Nets Reportedly Have Interest In JaVale McGee

The Nets, who are in the market for a veteran center after having traded Jarrett Allen to Cleveland, are said to be eyeing Cavaliers center JaVale McGee, according to a series of reports.

Sam Amico of first tweeted that sources expected Brooklyn to pursue a trade for McGee, while Jason Dumas of KRON4 News said today (via Twitter) that the Nets are talking to Cleveland about a possible deal. Brian Lewis of The New York Post also indicated (via Twitter) that he has heard some chatter about the Nets and McGee.

The trade that sent Allen from the Nets to the Cavs left Brooklyn somewhat shorthanded at the five, while Cleveland now has an abundance of options in the middle. Besides DeAndre Jordan, the Nets’ potential fives – Nicolas Claxton, Reggie Perry, and soon-to-be-signed Norvel Pelle – are short on NBA experience. The Cavs, on the other hand, have nine-year veteran Andre Drummond starting at center, with Allen and McGee operating as backups.

As Dumas tweets, the Cavs don’t intend to flip Allen, but they could make Drummond, McGee, and/or power forward Kevin Love available before this season’s trade deadline. Dumas suggests Brooklyn has some interest in Love as well, but it’s hard to imagine how such a deal would work, given his $31MM+ salary and the makeup of the Nets’ roster.

McGee is a more realistic target for Brooklyn — his $4.2MM expiring contract could be absorbed using the Nets’ newly-granted disabled player exception if the team doesn’t want to send out any players to match his salary. The Nets still have multiple open roster spots, so making room on the 15-man squad wouldn’t be an issue either.

The Cavaliers, meanwhile, are expected to seek draft capital for any of the big men they move, per Dumas. Unless they’re willing to take on some unwanted salary, the Cavs probably shouldn’t expect more than a second-round pick for McGee or Drummond.

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33 thoughts on “Nets Reportedly Have Interest In JaVale McGee

    • Walladipo and Wood

      Maybe they can get more for him than they did for Kevin Porter.

  1. Sillivan

    McGee for top 50 protected pick and DPE

    Cavs save 4.2 million

    At this moment Dinosaur is worth an unprotected Second

    • phenomenalajs

      Not happening. Besides, Cavs don’t need another big and Nets have to fill roster spots. Reggie is on a 2-way, so he’ll be sent to the bubble in February to get more experience and playing time. The Nets’ first round is a mess for the near future, but they could spare a second rounder.

      • lovesexland

        If McGee’s traded and Dummond on the way out, that leaves no rotation centers behind Allen, and only Love and Nance as rotation bigs. But I get your point. Hope someone outbids them though, since Nets pick is bound to be near one of the last picks in the draft

        • phenomenalajs

          If it’s their own, it might be a late pick. It could be one of the picks they got from other teams. It also may be a future year’s pick.

        • osaegthong

          yup, they gotta keep that first round pick cuz the next time they get a first round pick, KD is practically retired.

  2. hiflew

    If they can’t beat Cleveland, they may as well start taking their players.

  3. Stilt Armstrong

    Reggie Perry for Mcgee?

    Future protected 2nd & cash. Best odds on the pick actually conveying wins the prize, would be my prediction.

    • osaegthong

      claxton for mcgee is a beter option for the nets cuz claxton is still injured as usual and perry has shown some flashes of promises especially on defense.

  4. Cavs probably would have thrown him into the Allen deal if the Nets had asked.

  5. Why trade anything for McGee when there are still bigs on the free agent market you can sign for the minimum that do the same things as Javale? Skal Labissiere, Ian Mahimi, John Henson….
    All of these guys are tall, occasionally make a play and can grab a few boards…

      • bravesfan88

        They want some size down low, and they also want some better athleticism. Chandler and Faried don’t fit those needs; however, McGee fits perfectly.

        While I still think Faried could be a useful piece for a contender, the Nets need someone with more size as a deterrent for guys coming down the lane..

        • osaegthong

          there already divorced with faried like two years ago and isnt he a bit undersized

    • osaegthong

      my raptors arent in a hurry either to grab those players somehow despite waiving len. we need better floor spacers if we’re gunna contend. dedmon and labriseerie are both good fits. and ofc faried too. dedmon is pretty much ibaka but has some inconsistency on his sharpshooting
      they’re prob waiting for the trade deadline who knows

  6. bravesfan88

    McGee could fit perfectly for the Nets, and he’s proven he can get the job done for a contender. McGee, while everyone still loves to give him crap for his seemingly endless shaqtin moments, has turned himself into a very valuable big that each and every contending team would want in their rotation..

    McGee is a perfect fit, and he’d be extremely effective mixing and matching with DJ. I could imagine them playing a similar role as McGee and Dwight did recently for the Lakers..

    • Otogar

      McGee is a decent backup, but the Nets need a starting center (Jordan is not up to the standard anymore) and Javale does not fit that bill. Anthony Davis or Embiid would destroy a Jordan-McGee frontcourt.

      • Stilt Armstrong

        Poor-man’s Jarrett Allen. Mcgee is a decent defender, rim runner, Rebounder. Practically invented the position. Little less athletic now, but can still get it done. Good piece for the Nets right now.

        Cavs want assets, but they already scored acquiring Mcgee. Maybe they salary dump now that Allen is in the stable? Not a lot of suitors for McGee really, unless he hits waivers.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    It’s no secret Nets need help on the defensive side. Best place to improve team D is with a rim protector. Since Jordan can’t give you major mins anymore. McGee makes a lot of sense. Allen leaving has definitely left a hole there. But I can think of a few contenders that should go after McGee. So good for Cavs. They should get value for him. Next draft is deep. Love can also bring back good value, Drummond too. Time to get young. If I was Warriors I’d be making offers for Love yesterday.
    Nets, Warriors, Heat, Clippers can all use McGee for a playoff run. Even Suns if they are serious

  8. Gruba

    Wait for the buy out market. Good players will be getting waived this year.

  9. JonnyLucas

    If they’re going to just give him away, I’d take him for half a season.

  10. Sonics4evah

    I don’t think McGee is bad; he did well with the Lakers last 2 seasons. He’s still got something left. Cavs got too many bigs. McGee could help the Nets but there are lots of unsigned Centers out there as well.

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    Always smart to have a defensive big on your bench. Especially a rim protector center who rebs. Where would Sixers be without Howard. And they have best Center in the league.

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