Northwest Notes: Porter Jr., Horford, Jerome, Krejci, Saunders

Michael Porter Jr. missed his 10th consecutive game on Tuesday due to the league’s health and safety protocols but he could join the Nuggets on their five-game road trip that begins Friday in Phoenix, according to an Associated Press report. Porter hasn’t played since he racked up 30 points and 10 rebounds against Sacramento on December 29. “He’s a big part of what we’re trying to do here,”  coach Michael Malone said. “When we do get him back, he will be a welcome sight.”

We have more from the Northwest Division:

  • Al Horford and Ty Jerome did not travel with the Thunder at the start of their road trip this week, Joe Mussatto of The Oklahoman writes. Horford’s wife just gave birth to their fourth child and it’s uncertain if Horford will rejoin the team during the trip. Jerome, who was acquired from Phoenix as a throw-in to the Chris Paul deal, has yet to make his Oklahoma City debut. He’s rehabbing from a left ankle sprain.
  • The Thunder’s second-round pick, Vit Krejci, will be stashed on the roster of their G League affiliate, the Oklahoma City Blue, Mussatto tweets. Krejci is rehabbing from an ACL injury that he suffered in September.
  • Ryan Saunders deserves more time to get the Timberwolves righted, Jim Souhan of The Minneapolis Star Tribune opines. The current roster doesn’t seem capable of competing without a healthy Karl-Anthony Towns and the young coach should be given a chance to show what he can do when Towns returns after testing positive for COVID-19. Towns had a wrist injury earlier in the season and has only appeared in four games.
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24 thoughts on “Northwest Notes: Porter Jr., Horford, Jerome, Krejci, Saunders

  1. x_burner_X

    Saunders is not to blame, KAT is, he is the most overrated dude in the league. If they can trade him for a blue chip young guy they should do it. Ultimate good stats bad team guy.

    • El Don

      I know you mean KAT is the most underrated superstar in the league, guy is unstoppable, right?
      Not KAT’s fault his team sucks & can’t win meanwhile he, as always, is playing at MVP level!

      • Midrange

        KAT has played well this year. Better defensively and offensively omnipotent. Problem is he’s only played four games and the rest of the roster is bad. The KAT is bad at defense and overrated narrative is outdated IMO.

        • tjbarnaba

          Just because time passes doesn’t make it any less of a true statement. KAT has never had a DWS over 3.5, horrible from your defensive anchor. Talented offensive player, young enough to market to kids, but you can never build a winner around a big man who doesn’t play D.

          • formerlyz

            Well, he is posting a positive defensive box plus/minus for his 4th straight season, and he has had relatively strong net ratings per 100 possessions, with an average defensive rating, with him on the floor…This year, he has put up very strong defensive box plus/minus, in a short sample, obviously, with a team as terrible as this one, so I think you’re off base, and the narrative isnt entirely true. I’m not saying he has been what you would have thought he should be capable of when he was drafted, but I wouldnt say he has been a negative

    • SheaGoodbye

      Yet when he misses games the Wolves almost always lose. But when he plays, they are at least watchable.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    For Life of me, the Sixers were sooooo shortsighted in not drafting Michael Porter, Jr.

    Just another reason why I did not like Brett Brown


  3. formerlyz

    I personally picked Minnesota to be the worst team in the West, so it would be pretty surprising for them to fire their young coach for them being bad. Losing James Johnson was a tough loss, their guards have been bad, and they havent had one of their only good defenders for half of their games, with Okogie having missed time. They really need help on the wing, and defensively at the 4, and probably should figure out a better guard rotation. I would also say they need help defensively at the 5 behind KAT. McDaniels may be able to give them some of what they would get with James Johnson, but he hasnt played enough, and is obviously super young. I didnt expect him to be there for them. Thought they could grab someone like Xavier Tillman with their 33rd pick, if they kept it, depending on how the board went, and he has been really good for Memphis so far

    • Lil_D_Top_3

      It would look like a prototypical Knicks trade. Giving up the farm for a middling superstar with a big name that won’t get them any closer to a title.

      • seamaholic

        Yeah Knicks are the last team that should be doing something like that. Find a home grown star first, THEN match him with someone from outside.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          The Knick commentary committee is out. Who have we traded for and done that. There isn’t an original thought here. Must you repeat the narrative that you can’t explain. Or don’t know where it comes from
          We have C who plays D. I doubt you even follow Minny

          • SheaGoodbye

            Uhh, Melo for starters? The franchise was better off before they made that deal.

            I agree that the narrative is a bit tired, though.

  4. floridagators

    Maybe MPJ should take a vaccine. Good for him. Hopefully he misses the rest of the year.

    • El Don

      @floridagators… we all could say the same about you, but… oh wait we ain’t haters & trolls like you, that is right!
      Why on earth would MPJ or anyone else that isn’t extremely ill ever take that vax? SMH!

      • floridagators

        I wasn’t talking about the COVID vaccine. Go get yourself polio and ask me if you’re glad vaccines exist.

      • floridagators

        Dude is out for so long because his family believes in the Dwight Schrute method that everyone should sneeze on you cause it builds immunity.

    • SheaGoodbye

      He’s stupid, but there’s no indication he did anything reckless to contract the virus, though it’s possible.

      That being said, if he doesn’t get the vaccine when one is available, he shouldn’t be allowed to play. Simple as that. The league has too much invested to allow one idiot to ruin things.

      • El Don

        You sound like you would love to live in a totalitarian police state, right? SMH!
        No one must ever be forced to do anything against their will, like taking a silly vax!

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