O’Connor’s Latest: Harden, Beal, Nets, Sixers, Pelicans

While James Harden‘s offseason trade request has dominated NBA headlines for the last month or two, league sources question how willing Rockets general manager Rafael Stone is to deal the superstar guard this season, according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer.

With the likes of John Wall, Christian Wood, and even rookie Jae’Sean Tate playing well, front office executives around the NBA believe the Rockets are becoming more confident that Harden will be comfortable staying in Houston for the rest of the season, writes O’Connor. The former MVP still prefers to be traded, but if the Rockets can build upon their early promise and improve their 3-5 record, he may not push quite as hard for a deal.

Here’s more from O’Connor:

  • Teams around the NBA are keeping close eye on the 2-8 Wizards in case Bradley Beal grows frustrated and decides he wants out. Both O’Connor and John Hollinger of The Athletic suggest there’s a case to be made that Beal could be even more appealing as a trade target than Harden. Beal is nearly four years younger than Harden and has “a more malleable game” that makes him a great fit in any system, O’Connor argues.
  • The presumed top suitors for Harden, including the Nets and Sixers, would also have interest in Beal, league sources tell The Ringer. The 76ers are a threat to acquire any available star player if they’re willing to put Ben Simmons on the table, but people around the league are more skeptical about Brooklyn’s ability to land a star, says O’Connor.
  • O’Connor asked 14 executives which under-the-radar teams could be candidates to acquire a star player via trade, and six named the Pelicans — rival execs don’t necessarily expect David Griffin to hoard New Orleans’ excess draft picks for years, given how good Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson already are. The Heat, Knicks, Mavericks, Nuggets, and Spurs also received votes.
  • In case you missed it, O’Connor also said that Wizards head coach Scott Brooks is “firmly” on the hot seat, as we detailed earlier today.
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30 thoughts on “O’Connor’s Latest: Harden, Beal, Nets, Sixers, Pelicans

  1. Chief Two Hands

    Harden needs to go away and take Irving with him. It’s not that Harden may want to stay…it’s that the Rockets are asking too much for a one-dimensional headache. Like I’ve said before…I hope the Rockets keep him and continue to flounder. But, objectively, the best for the Rockets would be to get rid of Harden.

    • Chief Two Hands

      The only reason I mention Irving is that the two guys seem so similar. I’m sick of reading about both, individually.

  2. Sillivan

    Clearly Rockets will trade Harden to 76ers if they use 3rd team to offer some assets like young players and first round draft picks

    76ers are very creative, but the third team will need to offer future valuable assets

    • Sillivan

      Wolves offer Edwards, Beasley and 2024 unprotected First to Rockets
      Wolves get Simmons
      76ers get Harden

      Need salary filler and 76ers draft picks

      • fishy 9 dogs

        I hate that you’re saying this, because it means it’s probably outlandish.

        I this is a dream scenario for the wolves though. Unless you can somehow keep Beasley.

      • hoopsaremylife

        bruh sillivan im starting to not tolerate u anymore. ok first of all, da 76ers r already loaded with shooting in seth curry, thubyyle, shake milton, and ofc green. and i forgot, ferguson. so u gotta deal with da mess first before deciding to trade for harden using simmons.

  3. Marty McRae

    Rockets are 3-5 but they think this bodes well for Harden wanting to stay? Who cares if Wood is playing well, they have not built a winning team and like all of Harden’s precious cumulative stats, anything Wood, Tate and Wall does this season will mean nothing, because it’s going to be GSW/LAL in the WCF (barring injuries of course).

      • hoopsaremylife

        they are 6-4 and wisemen is becoming more dominant even tho hes seeing less than 20 mins per game. and green almost recorded a triple double against my raptors: 10 pts/9rebs/10 assists first double digit scoring game tbh. so da warriors are gradually improving and wiggins is getting better.

    • buttholesurfer69

      A) If you think it’s a lock GSW is in the WCF you’re delusional

      B) The fact Wall actually looks decent and Wood looks All Star-ish are BETTER omens than anything Houston had going for them a month ago. But yeah at 3-5 it’s hard to see anything substantial changing on JH’s end

  4. Cap & Crunch

    Ive felt the Pelicans are a really good candidate for consolidation as well but I just dont know if the sting of losing AD tempers their views moving forward with Stars

    They have a perfectly fluid/safe/upside future doing absolutely nothing big and risky the next couple years

    Complex issue that Im sure they go back and forth on all the time

  5. Sillivan

    Beal for Simmons?
    Everyone wants to see Westbrick Westbrook and Eastbrick Simmons playing for Wizards?

  6. Tatsumaki

    What would a beal deal look like?

    Could lakers get involved?

    Something like kcp, kuzma and talon tucker?

  7. PutoBelga12

    Any GM would take Beal over Harden in a heartbeat, no question about that.

  8. phillyballers

    Simmons isn’t going anywhere. Harden/Beal aren’t going to Philly. LaVine, Hield, Oladipo are the 1st tier of realistic targets. Fournier, D Rose, Bjelica and dudes of that ilk in the 2jd tier.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Straight up, I’d flip Danny Green, Mattise Thybulle, Terrance Ferguson and a pair of second rounders for Harrison Barnes and Glen Robinson

      1. Simmons. Milton
      2. Curry. Maxey
      3. Barnes. Korkmaz. Robinson
      4. Harris. Scott
      5. Embiid. Howard. Bradley

      Simmons with shooters plus some decent defending and a nice young bench. I’m loving the Sixers this year so far under Doc Rivers

      • phillyballers

        No problem giving up on Thybulle. Don’t think hell develop, not here. Not a big fan of Barnes tho.

        • Simmons>Russ

          Yeah ballers, Thybulle I like but I don’t think he will develop to a good enough level offensively or quick enough for a win now team. He could be used in a package to get something good tho cause he’s still got value because he’s a great defender and very young.

          I like Barnes as a 4th/5th option. He’s good inside and out, has good IQ, can space the floor, can play either forward spots, is a nice defender and has championship experience. You just know he’s not going to bring any drama either and he will be a good locker room presence.

      • hoopsaremylife

        well u could have barnes playing at da 4 in order to get korkmaz and robinson some consistent time. have korkmaz start and see how it goes. at least hes an upgrade over green oif thats how u want ur sixers to rebuild. ay u forgot vince porier and isaiah joe. u can throw porier in their as a salary dump. no time to develop him when u already got howard and bradley backing up da process. u can keep joe for his shooting.

  9. Sillivan

    I read on other websites
    Some Rockets fans want 7 future first round picks for Harden

    I reduced Rockets asking price by using different words

    Rockets want proven young star
    i change it to handsome young star
    Rockets want Massive Firsts
    I change it to sexy Firsts
    Rockets don’t need 7 Firsts
    They need 2 Firsts from any bad team
    The bad teams Firsts are more sexy

    • Howie415

      Who cares what the fans want? The only thing that matters is what teams are willing to give up for him.

    • hiflew

      The problem with your idea is that ANY team that acquires James Harden is likely no longer a bad team. Because bad teams don’t need him. And bad teams are not willing to give up their draft picks to help someone else get him either.

  10. Willing to stay for this year? Versus what? Unless he’s recommitting long term, Rockets still need to trade him ASAP if a good offer emerges. If not, he’s staying anyway.

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    NO could pull the trigger on a major deal. I think Beal fits their talent nicely. Wizards keep losing Beal could be on the move. To me there are only three teams that could take on Harden. For his talent, style, and will be able to control him. And have the assets to make it happen. Nets, Warriors, Sixers. Rockets don’t move him this yr. The price drops next yr.

    • phillyballers

      Redick, Lonzo, and Hayes gets you there on salary. If they involved the Knicks with Lonzo you’d send that draft capital to Washington.

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