Eastern Notes: Dellavedova, Pistons, Cavs, Heat

On opening night of the 2020/21 preseason, reserve Cavaliers point guard Matthew Dellavedova suffered a major concussion. His continued troubling symptoms two months later may impede his basketball future, according to Joe Vardon and Kelsey Russo of The Athletic. Dellavedova’s symptoms have prevented the 30-year-old vet from making much momentum in his recovery.

“He’s taking steps, but they’re small steps,” Cavaliers head coach J.B. Bickerstaff said about the backup guard’s recovery last month. “With the history that he has, with the concussions, we’re taking every caution that we possibly can to make sure that he’s gonna be fully recovered first before we do anything with him.”

There’s more from around the Eastern Conference:

  • After the Pistons selected point guard Killian Hayes with the No. 7 pick in the 2020 draft, James L. Edwards III and Sam Vecenie of The Athletic posit that the 5-16 team should still consider drafting 6’7″ Oklahoma State ball handler Cade Cunningham if they have the opportunity to do so. Cunningham is averaging 18.3 PPG, 5.9 RPG and 3.5 APG for the Cowboys.
  • Though the Cavaliers have enjoyed an impressive 10-12 start to their 2020/21 season (good for the No. 7 seed in the East), Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com opines that the team needs to update its offense from a physical, bully-ball style to a more contemporary, three-point heavy output. “I definitely believe we need more 3s,” second-year guard Darius Garland said. “I don’t think we win any games just shooting all 2s. When we get player movement, we get open shots. And that’s when we knock them down. That’s when we are at our best.”
  • Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel speculates about how the Heat can improve their bench depth with potential minimum salary roster additions, especially given the team’s recent rash of short- and long-term player injuries and coronavirus-related player absences.
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30 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Dellavedova, Pistons, Cavs, Heat

  1. Sensitive Fanboy

    I think Garland just complained about pumping Drummonds trade value being a drag

  2. lovesexland

    Garland and Sexton, two great scores, prefer to drive the lane and take floaters than jack up three pointers all game. Obviously there is a positive and negative to that. For example, versus the Clippers, the LA took 38 3’s while the Cavs took 10 (Sexland only went 2/2, yet scored 50 combined). They can make them, they just gotta take them.

    Also, prayers up for Delly. CTE is worse than any injury, so I honestly understand if he retires. But he’s a competitor, so I doubt it.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Pistons of late, don’t seem to make the best decisions. Sign Blake for a huge max, let Drumming leave for next to nothing, released your starting point guard in Reggie Jackson for nothing, let Christian Wood leave for nothing and then draft Killian Hayes who maybe be decent but hasn’t done much to be fair.
    In free agency they signed Grant to a nice contract and he’s playing very well but they got Plumblee why? You brand in Okafor again why?

    However I did like the Stewart and Bey draft picks that was good. But why did you take Hayes over Tyrese Haliburton or Cole Anthony both are just better players by far. Tyrese gives you everything Killian does but better and Cole is different but imagine him in the gym working with Derrick Rose that would’ve been cool.

    I think they probably draft Evan Mobley second overall but I wouldn’t be surprised if they took Jalen Green either

    • "Stons" Fan

      You have to remember this is Pistons 3rd GM in 6 years. The new GM weaver drafted well and aggresively and made excellent signings in Grant and Josh Jackson. Plumlee is a back up center who won’t hurt you starting that is all he is and all he makes is 8 mill 3 yrs. Weaver wants a top pick and that is what they will get this year. I do not understand the logic in people downing the Hayes pick when the guy played 7 games and was thrust into full time starting PG role with NO OFF SEASON. It just doesn’t make sense to label him anything at this point that goes for any other rookie for that matter. We are not even half way through the season yet!

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah I see what your all saying. They might not have signed Griffin but even trading for him on that huge deal wasn’t a smart move tbh but I understand that was the previous GM. For the Grant signing I said that was nice, as for plumblee yea it’s not bad but for me it doesn’t do anything for them. He’s not a win now centre and he’s not young so your not developing him. The thing which annoys me was Plumblee + Okafor = 10 mil, they should’ve just brought back Christian Wood.

        As for Hayes, I’m not writing him off or even judging him that much I just think Haliburton or Anthony would’ve been a much better pick. Like I said Haliburton does everything Haues does just better and Anthony would’ve been more productive and excelled learning under Derrick Rose, both with similar games.

        I just still think the Drummond and Jackson moves were bad and don’t have faith in the pistons to make the correct decisions yet. Like I said to end I think Cunningham would be the wrong move and I think Mobley or Green would be the right move. If your got a top 5 pick in this draft your hardly going to go wrong tho

    • Adam37

      Actually the pistons didn’t sign Blake to his current deal. Clips did and then unloaded him on the pistons.

    • kingsforever 2

      Hayes was for a draft analtys guy the number one pig. I think he is a solid player with potential. He must healthy and brought time.

      Grant is okey because her defense is most important for a young team. Griffin…. Okey that’s a problem, plumlee…. 8 Mio… To much. But this franchise is of a good way in 2,3 years to playing playoff basketball.

    • El Don

      Of course they will take Mobley or Green in the draft… as the top 3 prospects are Kuminga, Green & Mobley, right?

      • Simmons>Russ

        I believe the top 5 are Cunningham Mobley Green Kuminga and Suggs and it’s debatable which order they go in. Cunningham seems to be everyone number 1 guy tho


      Agree with you. Christian Wood’s contract with the Rockets for $41 million for three years is a steal for the Rockets. Wood is only twenty five years old in the prime years of his career. Could Detroit have resigned Wood? Crazy that Detroit didn’t sign him if possible. Drafting Cade Cunningham with the first or second pick will be a big mistake.


        Every team in the league should have wanted to Christian Wood for $41 million for three years. Such a deal compared to the contracts for players such as Gordon Hayward or Tobias Harris etc.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Cavs should be shopping Love. He can help a contender. Even Minny needs a 4 next to KAT. Warriors should definitely be looking at Love imo. Be nice to get something for Drummond. But at this point I don’t see anyone trading for him. Unless Cavs give up something with him. Love and McGee can get back nice value. Plus this draft is loaded. Even 10-20 is a solid player. I think Dallas could trade for Drummond. In a three way to make sure they get him. Cavs could go for DeRozan in three way. Or 4way
    Cavs get – DeRozan, DF Smith, cash (Mavs)
    Spurs get – Garland, WC Stein, Hardaway, Cavs (future #1),
    Mavs get – Drummond
    Plus what you get back for Love, McGee and then the draft 2021.

    • hiflew

      Let me get this straight. In your trade, the Cavs are giving up Drummond, Garland, & a 1st in exchange for DeRozan and Finney-Smith? Either you are seriously overvaluing DeRozan or seriously undervaluing Garland and Drummond or both. The Cavs would be better off just keeping Drummond and letting him walk for nothing after this season.

      • Otogar

        It would be also a pretty bad trade for the Mavs (although not as bad as for the Cavs). The Spurs can’t even dream of something like this.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Hey, I love seeing other people trade ideas and it makes smarts to come up with deals that work financially and in your head for the teams involved but I have to agree with everyone else on this one. It’s pretty bad.

      Cavs give up Drummond Garland and a first for DeRozan on an expiring deal and Finney-Smith..
      Cavs don’t need DeRozan, Spurs don’t need another PG they have Murray Mills and White. Mavs also have spacing issues and wouldn’t want to give up their best shooter for a centre that doesn’t space the floor plus give up Finney-Smith who’s a decent rotation player.
      Just can’t see this deal benefitting anyone sorry.

      So a trade idea might be

      1. Drummond for Otto Porter
      Cavs get a SF to help Okoro, space the floor and okay D. Bulls get a rebounding centre to help Carter Jr and he also scores points and could work with LaVine and White.

      2. Drummond for DeRozan
      Cavs get another scorer and playmaker, not that it is a need but he might have more value at the trade deadline. Spurs get Drummond, a great rebounder and also score well, twin tower with Aldridge and could help the pick and roll games with Murray Walker and White. Also frees up more minutes for the young guys

      • KnickerbockerAl

        How excatly you think you get DeRozan. Drummond has no trade value. Nobody is matching that contract and and giving you assets too. Dallas fits cause they have to do something to protect their investment in KP. DeRozan is what Cavs need a vet SG who is a playmaker and winner. Easy 22-24 a gm and plays D. Garland needs to play PG. Two 6’ PGs doesn’t work in NBA. A future #1 is in the 20s. Smith is a solid 3 n D wing. Who plays consistent, backup to Okoro.
        So for a solid 27yr old rotation 3-D wing. And an all star SG who is a guaranteed 22 a gm. Plus you get 2 mill most you can in trade. Not bad
        Garland who may be a backup for his career. A future pick in the 20s. And Drummond a player who is not part of your future. Who is probably getting bought out. Who you got fora 2nd rd pick. Where is a bad deal. DeRozan is worth much more than Drummond is in open market. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been dumped on Cle. This deal looks fine to me for all teams. And can only work if Mavs see the value in Drummond, I see for them. In moving Love and McGee Cavs have a playoff team and bright future. Especially if they hit on the draft. Plenty of 4s in draft 2021.
        Sexton – PG
        DeRozan – SG
        Okoro – SF
        Allen – C
        PF – 12-20 There is a starter here.
        You should get a #1 pick for Love. This team is young playoff team with a future.
        For the Spur guy. You don’t think DRoz has value.
        Garland might be a starting PG. probably a solid backup. WCS was almost out the league. Maybe Spurs can save him, a solid backup C. Future pick is in 20s. History tells you 60% are out on NBA in 4 yrs. Probably a rotation player, Hardaway is an expiring contract. Who is a shooter when he is on. A career .350% 3PTFG, career .422 % FG. The only sure thing here is Garland a solid backup PG ………….
        You welcome, I expect All three teams to call me.

        • hiflew

          Dude it was a bad idea, everyone but you agrees. Just give it up. I don’t think you have a leg to stand on with this one.

          But keep trying. I always like reading trade ideas, even if they aren’t very good.

          • Simmons>Russ

            Agreed with Hiflew, your the only one who likes the deal. It’s very going to happen and it would be terrible for literally every team.

            Cavs are playing excellent with Sexton and Garland together in the backcourt you may not think it’s a good idea but it’s working for them so why would they trade for DeRozan who’s a terrible shooter and is on an expiring deal.
            As for the Mavs again they need shooting that’s the biggest issue for them not rebounds. So why trade away two of your best shooters for a big man that doesn’t shoot. Makes no sense.

            I said Drummond for DeRozan cause Spurs need a rebounder (their best rebounder is Keldon Johnson with 7.3). Drummond gives you almost 15 boards a game. Yes DeRozan gives you 20-5-5 but Drummond gives you 15-15-3. Plus that would open up more minutes for Lonnie Walker, Derrick White, Devin Vassell etc the future of the team and less minutes for Poetl. Plus Cole the end of the season Spurs wouldn’t resign DeRozan but they could negotiate and resign Drummond as he is younger an could have a future with them. Not to mention Pop loves big men, he could really develop Drummond


      Wouldn’t the Spurs be much better off just doing nothing? At the end of this season, the contracts for DeRozan, Aldridge and Gay will all expire. The three contracts add up to $66 million. So the Spurs will have a lot of open cap space and some decent young players.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Frankly I don’t care who thinks it’s a bad idea. Prove it is what a real man does. And what I respect. You think of how Drummond is leaving. No one is trading for 28 mill. No one. So where are Cavs. Keep him n make a run to playoffs to lose in 1st rd. Then Lose him in FA for Zero. Buy him out and Lose him for zero. It’s 90% my trade don’t happen. Cause it’s 95% he won’t get traded. But at least I have explained it and done the math for all teams involved. It’s called seeing it thru. I don’t just spout words like gas.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Spurs could trade DeRozan for Drummond, both players have big expiring contracts and gives them cap space. But Drummond could be resigned. I can’t see the other 3 returning but Drummond if traded for could return. He fits the timeline with Murray and White a lot better but Pop loves working with big men plus Duncan as assistant coach would be there to work with him too

  5. thekayz

    In other words: The Pistons, who are lousy, should consider drafting the best player. Wow. Mind blowing.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Pistons had a great draft. All three are NBA players. Give Hayes time he could be a star. They should move Rose for a pick. And should be on the phone with OKC about Griffin. Going home to end career and help with attendance. Should entice OKC. They probably give you most value and he will play better there. OKC has plenty of young assets. This is a deep deep draft 2021. So if Pistons hit it again. Their future looks good. Grant was a great signing too. Draft is loaded with wings. 4,3,2.


        Why would OKC want Griffin now? OKC is in a rebuild. OKC has some decent young players and an insane number of future draft picks.

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