Eastern Notes: Dinwiddie, T. Harris, Markkanen, Sampson

The Nets are “shopping” injured guard Spencer Dinwiddie, Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated said during an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump on Thursday (video link via Billy Reinhardt of NetsDaily).

Dinwiddie, who suffered a partially torn ACL near the start of the season, has been pushing to make it back before the end of the playoffs, but is considered likely to be sidelined for the rest of 2020/21. Since he has the ability to opt out of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end, his appeal on the trade market would be limited, but the opportunity to acquire his Bird rights may intrigue certain clubs, and his $11.45MM cap hit could be useful for salary-matching.

As Bobby Marks of ESPN (Insider link) observes, one downside of moving Dinwiddie for the Nets would be that the team would lose its $5.7MM disabled player exception, assuming that exception hasn’t already been utilized. The club has until April 19 to use that DPE, but it would forfeit it if Dinwiddie is traded.

Here’s more from around the Eastern Conference:

  • Sixers forward Tobias Harris left Thursday’s game early after hurting his left knee, but he appears to have avoided a serious injury. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link) and Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer, an MRI showed no structural damage, confirming that Harris suffered a knee contusion. He’ll miss Saturday’s game vs. Cleveland will be re-evaluated in a couple days, per the team.
  • The Bulls have played some of their best basketball this season with Lauri Markkanen unavailable, going 5-9 with the power forward in the lineup and 10-7 without him. However, head coach Billy Donovan still believes that the injured Markkanen is an “important piece to our team,” as Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times writes. Markkanen will be eligible for restricted free agency at season’s end.
  • JaKarr Sampson has been ruled out for Friday’s game due to the NBA’s health and safety protocols, making him the first Pacers player to miss a game due to the COVID-19 protocols this season, tweets Scott Agness of Fieldhouse Files. Sampson hasn’t been a regular part of Indiana’s rotation this season, averaging just 6.0 minutes per game in 13 contests.
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21 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Dinwiddie, T. Harris, Markkanen, Sampson

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    WWWes hope your on the phones with Bklyn. Dinwiddie is the missing piece for Knicks. He can start from day one at PG. Have Rose n Quickly backing him up. With RJ and Burkes that’s a solid backcourt very solid. Nets need D give them Noel, Payton, and a pick. Getting Dinwiddie at PG would be huge for Knicks. He might not be that big name star. But he makes us a bonafide playoff team. Gotta be checking this out Knicks, please.

    • Cap & Crunch

      I like that idea on paper for both sides but being an out of towner I must ask…. Would Knicks REALLY want to help Brooklyn {possibly} secure a title???

      And I mean that’s possibly their first rd opponent this year as well to factor

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Not a Nets fan. Loved them when Dr J was there. And I don’t like Harden not big Ky n KD fan either. But dude these are my Knicks. You know how long it’s been since respectability. He fits our team , he’s a big PG. NYC will get a kick out of it. Any city today can use a big lift lol.

        • Cap & Crunch

          I get that, and agree he’s a good fit/target but would there by any “rival” barriers is what Im asking being that they are (both) kinda rivals and in the same proximity?

          I remember a lot of chatter that Brooklyn might steal a lot of the Knicks fans when Jay Z and co was making the move over.. Thats not my coast so you’d know better 4sure

    • WallyWood

      Except he is expected to opt out after the season and become a FA.

      Although getting his bird rights would make him easier to re-sign.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Trust me Knicks are not letting him walk if they get him. He knows NY, won’t be intimidated. It’s just right man.

        • My bulls need a pg too.and dinwidie is a very good option.he so underated.he will be starter if he play for my bulls bcoz coby not a pg.

    • Luke Adams

      Yes — only problem is that the buyout market usually doesn’t heat up until after the trade deadline.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        That’s why I throw in that pick. To entice them to do it. Payton n Noel can help them now. Plus there’s a player who would sign to ring chase. Knicks better be on the phones right now.

    • Ironmonger835

      There’s no one out there to sign that would demand more than the minimum. It probably won’t get used. They can gets better guy trading him cuz he makes 11 million.

  2. The teams that might value his Bird rights (because they’ll likely lack cap space this off season) are most likely playoff teams this year. Hard to see them sending a contributor to the Nets solely for a guy’s Bird rights. A capped out non-taxpayer might take him using a TPE, which would save the Nets $$, and make using their MLE less costly.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Weird situation by the Nets.
    Trade someone with a really really low value. He’s basically injured for the year and on a 11 mil deal. If you trade for him you get next to nothing.
    The Nets would also give up 5mil in DPE which they could use now if they wanted.

    So why are they trading him? It’s not to get cap space to sign someone cause firstly it’s not the offseason and two they have 5mil space by keeping him. It’s not cause they will get a good return cause teams aren’t going to give up something good for literally no production.

    I think if you team has the cap space and some picks then sure. For example if I’m Miami I’d offer Meyers Leonard and a second round pick. Cause you don’t need the production, don’t really need the pick and if he looks really nice and you keep him then cool. Or if your giving up a deal with a 2 year commitment or longer to get a likely expiring Dinwiddie deal and give up a second makes sense.

    I really like Dinwiddie but this is a weird situation.
    I think possibly a good deal could be.

    1. Dinwiddie for Meyers Leonard and a second round pick

    2. Dinwiddie for Mike Scott, Terrance Ferguson and a second round pick.

    3. Dinwiddie for Dwight Powell and a second round pick

    4. Dinwiddie and a second for Thad Young

    • I think the Nets have concluded he’s opting out (always likely, but recent statements by him seem to cinch it) and for many reasons (including his role, from his end, and the luxury tax, from the Nets’ end) they are unlikely to re-sign him. A team with less of a crowd at G, and not as deep into the tax, might put a greater value on his Bird rights.

      I think the Nets would jump at the Chicago deal, but Chicago should have cap space next year, so Dinwiddie’s contract has no value to them (he’s just a matching contract for the Nets in this deal), so they’d be giving up Young for a single 2nd rounder. They can likely do better.

      • Simmons>Russ

        I understand they might be keeping him past this year but never seen a team sell a player out injured for the year, on an expiring deal who’s value no one really knows.

        The Chicago deal could be good for both, Bulls will have cap space and could choose to resign him or go in another direction but he would prove either a upgrade over White or a really really good sixth man. If he proves himself out of town youve clear Young’s deal for cap space and gotten a pick too. Ofcourse Nets would be keen on Young cause of his defence and some what shooting ability. Could be a good deal for both.

      • rotofool

        Thad Young has been so valuable this year for LaVine’s development, not to mention his ability to guard elite offensive players like Giannis and Bron. It’s being speclated @ ESPN that Young would not be moved for anything less than multiple #1s. Thus, the Nets will not be acquiring Thad Young.

        My guess is only Sixers or Nuggets would have a shot because of their connection to the new Bulls FO, a good collection of young assets and picks, and their proximity to a title run.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Personally, not even the deals themselves I’d love to see Dinwiddie with Dallas. Think he would be an example guard next to Doncic. He can shoot, can play make, has great locker room presence and fee like he would also get along well with Cuban.

      I still think Dallas should flip Powell and others for more expiring contracts, in order to make cap space for Kawhi Leonard. Also love him fit both in Dallas and with Doncic and KP.
      If you could somehow get Dinwiddie Doncic Kawhi KP and a vets minimum centre you’d be in an excellent space. For centre you could have lots to choose from such as Zeller, McGee, Howard, Whiteside, Bradley, Len, Noel.

      I’d look at Otto Porter for Powell and JRich as a good deal for the Mavs to clear cap space.
      Then let Hardaway, Johnson, Porter, Majonovic all walk and get Kawhi, Dinwiddie and role players.

      • rotofool

        Bulls FO will use Otto Porter’s expiring deal wisely, to acquire premium talent. They did hire former Knicks assistant Josh Longstaff, who tutored Porzingis, but that contract is unimaginably huge. I wonder if the Bulls would pull the trigger on Porzingis if Dallas threw in a pick as well?

  4. phillyballers

    I agree. Knicks should look into this for his bird rights. Do the Nets even have any assets left? Lonzo Ball is surely for sale. Dinwiddie contract matches.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Dinwiddie has a player option for next yr 12.3 mill. Coming into this year he was probably going to become a FA in 2021. And get a good deal at least Rozier money 18-20 mill a yr. There was no doubt about that. Nets might have signed him just to not lose him. Then could have traded him later. But Injury changed all that and Harden deal happened. Now they don’t need to pay him. Especially since he won’t play this yr. His injury is not the serious one. He is expected back good to go next yr. He’s a starting PG in the NBA better than half the teams out there. At only 27 he is a young vet putting up 20 n 7 ast. He is a big PG who also plays D. He could opt out and teams would still sign him. So I doubt Nets want to lose him for nothing. (Harden n Ky they don’t need another PG). It makes sense to move him to make a Title run. He fits Knicks cause he’s a young vet, plays both ways. He knows NYC and the craziness there. He’s a total team player so will fit with Thibs. Just makes too much sense for Knicks. Any team who needs a starting PG would be wise to sign him. Even coming back from injury he will get minimum 15 mill. Nets want to win now. So that can work for us. PJ Is Hardens guy and Nets need D. 3way all the way. way
    Nets get …. PJ Tucker, Noel
    Rockets get …. Knox, Payton
    Knicks get …. Dinwiddie
    We will even throw in 2nd rd pick to Nets. Everyone wins.

  6. phenomenalajs

    I think/hope Nets will keep Dinwiddie for a few reasons. 1. I know the Nets are watching the buy-out market, so his DPE could be an option to give someone looking to make more than the minimum after being bought out. 2. The Nets may decide a player they want via buy-out (i.e., Drummond) won’t make it through trade season, so they’d rather use the DPE in a trade for a player they may be able to cover, like Javale McGee or P.J. Tucker. 3. Dinwiddie may be on pace to recover in time for the playoffs and won’t need to worry about playoff eligibility since he’s already on the roster. 4. Dinwiddie may opt in for next season to make a run at a title and improve his stock for the following year’s free agency. I’m not worried about Joe Tsai paying the luxury tax. 5. They’d still have the MLE to use towards a player available after a buy-out if they used the DPE in a trade.

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