Knicks Among Teams Hoping To Acquire Derrick Rose

The Pistons are talking to the Knicks about a Derrick Rose trade, but other teams have expressed interest as well, according to Shams Charania and James L. Edwards III of The Athletic. Sources tell Charania that Detroit’s front office agrees with the veteran guard that a trade would be best for both sides. The Clippers, along with a few other teams, have also asked about Rose, according to sources.

New York coach Tom Thibodeau would like to team up once again with Rose, who played for him in both Chicago and Minnesota. Rose has remained productive at age 32,  averaging 14.2 points, 4.2 assists and 1.9 assists in 22.8 minutes per night, but he doesn’t fit the timeline of the rebuilding Pistons.

Detroit is hoping to get something in return for Rose, who is headed for free agency after signing a two-year, $15MM contract with the team in 2019. The authors point out that the Pistons were coming off two straight playoff appearances at the time and had a strong connection in vice chairman Arn Tellem, who was Rose’s former agent. The team has since started rebuilding and currently holds the league’s worst record at 5-17.

Rose sat out Friday’s game due to “rest” and is being held out tonight for “personal reasons.” He hasn’t played this week, but doesn’t appear to have any physical issues other than a stomach ailment that forced him to miss Tuesday’s game at Utah. Although he was plagued by injuries during his prime years, Rose has been able to play at least 50 games in each of the past two seasons.

Rose had his best season under Thibodeau in Chicago in 2010/11 when he was named MVP, averaging 25.0 points and 7.7 assists per game. He suffered an ACL tear the following season and was never able to reach that level again.

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35 thoughts on “Knicks Among Teams Hoping To Acquire Derrick Rose

  1. Curtisrowe

    I have no idea why Knicks would want Rose. It makes no sense to me at all. Rose is still a nice player, but he isn’t going to move the needle for the Knicks in any way shape, or form. A myriad of contenders could use Rose. Why the Knicks?

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      Because DRose is the level of “star” they can realistically attract. But if he’s just going to leave in free agency to go to the Clippers, it’s totally pointless.

      Does DRose maybe want a ring, or does he want to be a Knick and rotate PG minutes with Austin Rivers?

      • Curtisrowe

        And I get that. My point was…why do it? I mean, fans can’t even sit in the stands. No one is going to get excited about Rose in NYC.

        • "Stons" Fan

          Thibs is comfortable with him, cheap quality player to obtain and they want to make the playoffs. Simple as that really.

          • Pretty much. Rewarding Thibs. Truth is that he could probably help out Quickley and mentor him while putting Payton on the block and hopefully get a decent pick for him.

        • DeathbyDeathwest

          @curtisrowe I’m with you.

          I think this story just proves how hapless the Knicks are, even when they look like they’re doing the right thing.

        • buttholesurfer69

          The point is Thibs wants to run back his Bulls team from 10 years ago

          Cue Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah next

    • IHateJamesDolan

      At this point, he’d aid a playoff push for the ol’ knickerbockers. Don’t get me wrong, best case scenario for the knicks is just making the playoffs but Drose would play more mins. It’d be a win win for both sides of the trade was Drose for Knox + something. Pistons get a decent young player (enough for the “something” they want). Knicks get a nice name, former knick back to help for playoff push. Yea idk, I hate the whole “getting a star player” mentality but I love Drose man, who doesn’t.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        So now The Athletic is word. Who gives a Fun about script yo. We don’t need Rose. It’s a story cause he played for Thibs. Truth is it’s best for him to go to contender. But it only works for Knicks if they move Payton, Nttilikina, Smith. Which they really should. This way he is here to backup and mentor Quickly. Knicks are rebuilding why is it so hard for this board to appreciate what that means. Are you really basketball fans or just posters. We are in this for the long haul 4 picks next draft. Next yr we will go for playoffs. This yr we establish a core and grow as team. Thibs is doing what he was brought here to do. Get in better position to upgrade team. By trades or FA or draft. Most important thing is establishing a Core lols. A Core. We move Randle for value we are much closer. Big picture Big picture

        • Chief Two Hands

          I’m a poster…a sexy ‘80s Charlie’s Angels poster…I am still in demand because Farrah Fawcett was so hot back then.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Blazers cmon now.

    Zach Collins and Gary Trent Jr for Derrick Rose

    Have Dame, CJ, Jones Jr, Covington, Nurkic your starting 5 with Rose Hood Little Melo and Kanter on the bench plus Giles and Simons as back ups and an open roster spot

    • Why would the Blazers want to move Trent? He’s their best non-CJ wing player as he can defend, shoot from three, and doesn’t really need the ball. If anything, the Blazers should probably be adding another big for some additional depth since Kanter can be a defensive liability and Nurkic/Collins are seemingly always hurt. Don’t necessarily need a flashy name or big contract, but someone who could soak up some minutes if/when another injury happens.

    • Simmons you usually have reasonable trade suggestions that work out for both teams. But, I’m not sure what you were thinking with this one LOL.

      Gary Trent Jr has been playing fantastic this season and is exactly what the Blazers have needed on the wing. And Zach Collins is a promising young player.. too bad he’s been hurt so much. But he has good size and he gets in the head of the other team. Nice pseudo tough guy off the bench. This is one of your most lopsided suggestions but keep them coming, you’re usually fair for both teams.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Main reason for getting rid of Gary is cause he’s on an expiring contract and is going to cost around 15mil a season to keep. Thats a lot of money for a back up SG especially when you have Simons and Hood. Yes he’s been playing very well but I just think for a team that’s already over/near the tax area it would be smarter to get a vet like Rose who can be of use than add to your tax bill.

      Not to mention I think the Blazers really struggle when Lillard or CJ are out of the game and both players have had injuries and carry big work loads. DRose would be a great 6th man that can run the offence and allow these two to rest more.

      Plus numbers wise your giving up Trent Jr who averages 29 minutes 14-2-1 on 12 shot attempts. Rose gives you 14-2-4 on in 23 minutes off 12 shot attempts. So numbers wise its very similar, the only difference is Rose will help run the offence and play make for others.

      As for JT19’s comments about needing another back up big. I agree Nurkic does get injured and Kanter is a liability on defence but this deal atleast helps fix the need for another playmaker. It also opens up another free roster spot for the Blazers to sign someone who is a free agent.
      That could be Kennith Faried, Noah Vonleh, Dwayne Dedmon, Kyle OQuinn, John Henson, Caleb Swanigan or Jordan Bell.

      • buttholesurfer69

        That’s solid reasoning for moving Trent, didnt know he was expiring

        Not sure I love the fit w/ Rose tho – they may want to see what else is out there for Trent before pulling the trigger on Rose

        But for Detroit that would be a great return for D Rose

      • Right, me neither. I did not realize he was on an expiring contract. Okay fair enough. Good points !!

  3. Buckman

    “Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture
    A little of the glory of, well time slips away
    And leaves you with nothing mister but
    Boring stories of glory days

    Glory days well they’ll pass you by
    Glory days in the wink of a young girl’s eye
    Glory days, glory days”

  4. CP3, Melo, Westbrick, etc. The other Rose (Leon) has been on the job for almost a year. He hasn’t done anything stupid (yet), despite many articles suggesting he’s about to. So, I’ll assume this either won’t happen or will involve shuffling of players not likely to be back with either team.

    Thibs loves D.Rose, but he really likes (right now) Payton’s defense. Rose can’t provide that level of defense, and, as Quickley isn’t going anywhere, both Payton and Rose can’t play.

  5. Howie415

    I’m surprised Sillivan and Marty McRae haven’t said that every team should trade a 1st and 2nd for Derrick Rose. It is kinda of what Silliness proposes. Silliness/Sillivan/Marty McRae will come up some stupid trade. Marty McRae has always said he is greatest NBA scout that has never been given a chance because he was terrible to begin with. He uses Donald Trump logic.

    • andremets

      Like Anthony Davis for Julius Randle and two 2nd round picks (protected 30-44)?

  6. phillyballers

    I hope this is just news reporter nonsense. Like for Knicks fans sake. Dude is a UFA at the end of the season. Their Cap is 54M next year. If they want DRose or Oladipo, they can freaking sign them. If you were going to give up assets for anyone, John Collins bc hes an RFA. Or if you have a hardon for Lonzo hes also an RFA.

    For the sake of your fans, hire someone with common sense.

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