L.A. Notes: AD, Schröder, Zubac, Lakers Skid

Veteran big man Anthony Davis recently chatted with Bill Oram of The Athletic to discuss the strained right calf that will keep him off the floor for the Lakers for the next several weeks, as well as his efforts to serve as a de facto coach as he travels with the club.

“Something might happen while a player is in the game and they want to see it to see how they can adjust,” the Lakers’ All-Star forward/center said. “And so that’s kind of my job. I see something on the floor, I kind of use the iPad and film because film never lies.”

Davis also addressed his progress in his recovery from the calf injury. He could return to the court for the Lakers by mid-March at the earliest. “(Physical therapy) stuff on it every day,” he said. “Nothing too crazy, but a lot of stuff in the weight room.”

There’s more out of the City of Angels:

  • Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is holding out hope that starting point guard Dennis Schröder can clear the COVID-19 protocols that have sidelined him since last week in time for tomorrow’s game against the Trail Blazers, Kyle Goon of the Orange County Register tweets. Schröder has been held out for each of the Lakers’ last four games, all losses.
  • Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue seems to be maximizing reserve center Ivica Zubac, according to the Orange County Register’s Mirjam Swanson. Lue has been focused on ensuring that Zubac finishes with power around the rim lately. “He’s been on me about finishing, being aggressive, dunking the ball every time I can,” Zubac said of Lue. “Every time I get a dunk over someone, next to someone, I come up to him  and ask him if that was good enough.”
  • As the Lakers battle through a season-worst four-game losing skid (thanks in part to the absences of Davis and Schröder), the champs are hoping the experience will toughen them ahead of the coming postseason, according to Kyle Goon of The Orange County Register.
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51 thoughts on “L.A. Notes: AD, Schröder, Zubac, Lakers Skid

    • Cantbebeat2020

      Just goes to show you lebron can’t guide a team without superstar help. We all saw mj carry bulls without pippen and rodman for long periods over the years.

      • amk1920

        Oh please he singlehandedly took miserable Cavs teams to the Finals in 2007 and 2018. Wow he has lost some regular season games without the teams 2nd and 3rd best player. How horrifying.

        • Black Ace57

          Lebron didn’t have an Eastern Conference with powerhouse teams like the Knicks, Heat, Pacers, Magic, and Pistons to beat. He played in the conference during some of its lowest years.

        • DrSeuss69

          lol he still had kevin love and role players..i would love to see lebum survive alone in the east now..lets see if he could beat the Nets alone without help like many had to do when he was in miami

          • amk1920

            @DrSuess, So LeBron isn’t allowed to have any sort of help on his roster but other teams can? Every serious contender in the league has multiple all stats. Yeah AD is a superstar but the Lakers roster beyond them isn’t terrific. But hey it’s easy to just say he is a “bum” based on some regular season games.

        • @amk1920 You are being way over dramatic about LeBron was by himself. #1 they had the highest payroll in the NBA with a top notch bench. They also had Love, Irving, and Smith at the top of their game. Only 1 year he didn’t have those 2 for the championship.

          • amk1920

            @arc his teams went to the Finals 8 of 9 years. Spare me your nonsense about how he was carried by glass Love, Kryie and some bench players.

            • @amk1920 i see you included his Heat years when he joined the most stacked team. So please enough drama over poor Lebron he has been fortunate to play on some very good teams.

              • amk1920

                Arc, You come on to every Lakers post to talk about LeBron. Only one looking for drama is you.

                • amk1920. No I am pointing out that the NBA is a team game. There is no player in the history of basketball that won a championship only because of him. Problem is Lebron is a god like figure to you. Cavs were not a bad team and only 1 year they had injury problems in the finals. AD absence shows how good he is. NBA is not a 1 allstar can win a championship.

        • Cantbebeat2020

          Amk1920 07’ was regarded as one of lebrons best defensive teams ever. Also played in the east where the only quality team that year was celtics. Half the teams that year had a losing record, Spare me the semantics. Lebron is overrated beyond belief.

          • amk1920

            @Tatsumaki isnt a real Lakers fan and it shows. These Kobe obsessed weirdos give real Lakers fans a bad name. I root for the team on the front, not the name on the back. You’ve been watching him for 3 seasons where they won a championship after missing the playoffs for 6 straight years…. yeah it was so much better before LeBron came. Your terrible argument of “strength of opponent” has no merit.” 71/82 games were completed. Thats more than enough to determine who the playoff teams are. Trading young players for superstars” is fine LOL. Brandon Ingram is the only significant player they traded away and he is more than worth AD. The Last Dance was made for the sheep who didn’t know enough about the most well known sports star who retired 20 years ago. Jordan and LeBron are both legends. Its hilarious how people who grew up in the Jordan era constantly feel the need to say “LeBrOn is NoT As GoOd”. You need the vindication so bad.

      • elmedius

        We also saw the bulls go the the eastern conference finals the year that he left.

      • x%sure

        Tatsu nobody would keep track. You could look it up but you won’t. Just obsessing.

      • Cap & Crunch

        That a really cool story Tats

        We need more of these posts around here comparing every NBA player to MJ and how they wont ever stack up. Really opens up for great discussions

        • Cantbebeat2020

          Cap None stack up unfortunately. Lebron gets the most comparisons because he has played so long and in a defensively weak era. Lebron doesn’t even hold mjs jock.

          I’m a lakers fan and can appreciate mjs greatness from a far. The last dance confirmed what we already knew.

          Have watched Lebron up close now for 3 seasons and doesn’t see the “greatness” I see a guy who relies heavily on teammates, take zero accountability when losing and trades young players for superstars because he needs help to win.

          2020 was a joke season and one the ranks near the bottom in difficulty over the past 40 years in terms of strength of schedule and teams played.

        • Black Ace57

          Because the state of conditioning, sports science, and medicine was at the same level in the 80s and 90s as it was throughout Lebrons career. SMH

          • Curtisrowe


            The only guys older than Bron in the NBA are Iggy, Haslem, Carmelo and Reddick. and they all are shadows of their former selves.

            So I guess no other NBA athletes take advantage of all that awesome new sports science other than Bron.

            • Black Ace57

              You really want to compare the drive and athleticism of guys like Haslem and Reddick, and Carmelo to Lebron and Jordan? I don’t know why I should have to explain this to you, but career longevity is a combination of sports science/conditioning/medicine, natural physical talent and athleticism, a drive to want to be the best and put in the work in the gym, and some good luck. If you want to pretend if Jordan was drafted in 2003 he wouldn’t have had a longer career I think you are delusional.

              • Cap & Crunch

                I dont think “he really wanted to” Black Ace…… I just think he was following YOUR “set timeline” provided

                Doesnt work…..??…. Well lets (Like Curtis said) just move the goalpost again ! Amazing

                • Curtisrowe

                  Hahaha. Exactly.

                  Blackace…Older players today are most successful because of sports science and medicine.

                  Me…oh well, the only older players than Bron aren’t successful at all.

                  Blackace…those guys don’t count.

                  • Cap & Crunch

                    These Mj comps/meltdowns/discussions are like watching a dog chase his tail….fun, funny, but you get dizzy if you partake too long in the act

        • Cantbebeat2020

          6-0 too, lebron is still playing and only has 4 rings with superstar help yearly. When he doesn’t he misses playoffs see 19’ lakers

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Brandon Ingram seemingly disses LeBron James: ‘I’ve never played with a player as talented as me’

    Quote from Ingram after announcement Zion was an all star. I guess he forgot his yr with the greatest player of his generation. Still pissed Bron traded him.
    3-23-21 in NO next time they will see Lakers. Should be plenty fun. I know Bron will remember.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Rivers can help Clippers. Wouldn’t mind if we could work something out. Knicks getting Oturu or Scrubb in return.

  3. Cap & Crunch

    Im still perplexed as to why we traded Zubac for a “magical” playoff run with Mike Muscala’s “shooting” ability

    I remember the Logo laughing at us from a far the next day in the papers

    • Kowalski

      Zubac, deangelo russell, julius randle (if lakers kept him,ingram would still be a laker), brook lopez, etc

      Often times, i dont understand the lakers, like whats happening to them now, they are in need of rim protectors, bigs, but why did they let go of mcgee & howard!?

      Can we say they have made a mistake here… Casting aside rim protection/rebounding for a “Big that could shoot the 3”!? Hello, marc gasol! LOL

      • Northern Expansion 416

        It’s happened to many teams. They have so many good things that they take it for granted… Bulls for how long didn’t value having a point guard, they still need one! Sixers who let go 8 shooters, didn’t appreciate it, sucked now they have shooters again. Clippers weren’t good at point guard since CP3 left. Look at Boston…they are at their best when they also have a true floor general. It didn’t work with I T, didn’t work with Kyrie and neither Kemba(all of whom are score first point guards). Celtics how look overrated and Ainge is too arrogant to fix it. Same for the lakers didn’t value a serviceable big and now look, injuries and lack of depth has them looking exposed.

  4. Marty McRae

    So when GSW loses all of its big men and has no one over 6’6″ AND they still win games, it’s “they need to rebuild” and “Steph’s legacy is tainted”, but when the exact same thing happens to Lebron, who goes 0-4, everyone accepts it as being a blip on the radar?

    Such a double standard for Bron and Steph…

    Shake, my, head….

    • El Don

      That’s what happens when you compare greatness as in LBJ to a dozen a dime good player as Curry, right?

      • NBA have always been a team sport and no player can win a game without help. If you don’t think Curry is one of the greatest players the NBA has seen you do not watch the NBA. Curry was tripled team in his last game and still scored over 20 points. Right now Lebron is double teamed without AD. So he alone can win the game he needs other players to step up and help him when the double team comes.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Dude it’s great you believe Curry is the GOAT. He’s a HOFer for sure. But constantly whining about him getting respect is useless. We all have a personal GOAT. You are not going to convince the world. Saying it once or twice is enough, not every other day. Move on already

      • Nobody says Curry is GOAT. That is the problem Lebron has is when people call him GOAT they think he can win without any help. Even Jordan had a lot of top players and a solid bench around him.

    • Cap & Crunch

      Hey, whats all this MJ/LBj talk about man….. scratches head…..better get in their quick and remind them of Steph!!!! …….. You guys crack me up ….like a buncha young girls at a sleepover talking about what boys you want to go on a date with

  5. Northern Expansion 416

    Surely the almighty lakers have teams running to help them via trade? Why are they stalling is the question???

    • They don’t have the draft picks to trade is their problem. They traded most of their young players away. So if they do make a trade they are going all in for only this year.

  6. Jrtxboiy

    Well we all know that’s a lie only 2 people I have ever seen guide a team to the finals without another Allstars and that iverson and Bron. Nobody else has period

      • Curtisrowe

        Maurice Lucas was a four time all star who played with Walton.

        Chamberlain played with too many all stars to count. Tell me which year he went to the finals where he didn’t play with an all star.

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