Pacific Notes: GRIII, Lakers, Whiteside, George, Warriors

Glenn Robinson III, who is currently away from the Kings for personal reasons, may not return to the team, writes Jason Anderson of The Sacramento Bee. Robinson’s salary for 2020/21 is non-guaranteed, and teams must waive players on non-guaranteed contracts today in order to avoid taking on their full-season cap hits.

According to Anderson, Robinson is believed to be anticipating his release, but the Kings hadn’t communicated their intentions as of Tuesday night.

As Anderson explains, the situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that Robinson is dealing with a knee injury. A team that waives an injured player who is on a non-guaranteed deal must continue paying him until he’s healthy enough to return or until his contract expires, whichever comes first. Robinson’s knee issue doesn’t appear serious, but it will be a factor for the Kings to consider as they mull their options.

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

  • Jovan Buha of The Athletic explores how waiving Quinn Cook gives the Lakers even more options on the buyout market, while Dan Woike and Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times identify Kings center Hassan Whiteside as one frontcourt player the team could pursue either via trade or buyout.
  • Clippers forward Paul George was pleased to earn All-Star honors, but is among the players who don’t believe the game should be played at all this season, as Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN details. George told reporters that he was fined earlier in the season for having a teammate over to his house, which is one reason why he questions the decision to bring 24 players from all over the league to Atlanta for the All-Star Game.
  • The return of Stephen Curry (37 points) made the biggest impact in the Warriors‘ win over New York on Tuesday, but head coach Steve Kerr was also pleased to have centers James Wiseman and Kevon Looney available again, telling reporters that Wiseman looked “great” and that Looney “makes the game easier for everybody else” (link via Nick Friedell of ESPN). Wiseman missed 11 games with a wrist injury, while Looney was out for 10 games due to an ankle sprain.
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25 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: GRIII, Lakers, Whiteside, George, Warriors

    • Julian Lemus

      Yea I say they should waive mulder cause they are gonna need some roster spots available when they get somebody in trade deadline

      • I rather see them waive Wannamaker. he doesn’t move very well on offense. The offense goes stale when he is on the court. He dribbles than stops before passing. His defense is good but his offense is very weak.

  1. Marty McRae

    After watching Steph lead the low IQ Warriors to a record over .500, watching a high IQ guy like Looney was very soothing to see, and important to the teams finals hopes.

    We all kind of forget that Looney is very good and at one point very early on he was comped to Lebron by many pundits, it’s just a shame he’s made of glass and his career has almost been derailed because of injuries.

    • Julian Lemus

      They should waive mulder looney and Juan Toscano Anderson cause if they get Bradley Beal the warriors are gonna be really good if klay tears his Acl next season then it is time to move on from him I say waive those 3 guys warriors get beal and Lopez wizards get Poole Wiggins and klay

      • DrSeuss69

        why would they trade Wiggins when he’s becoming a defensive threat now..Beal would worsen the defense…Curry/Klay/Wiggins/Draymond/Wiseman is the current team for next year..they just need to get solid bench pieces..could trade Oubre for 2-3 solid guys

        • Cap & Crunch

          Damn 2-3 bn players for a couple months of Oubre? Highly doubt he gets nothing more than another expiring

          I do think we kinda forget Looney being comp’d to LBJ….I have No Clue why as well?

          • who compared looney to LBJ? If they did all of their credibility would be gone for sure. Looney is not even in the top 20 centers in the NBA.

  2. Julian Lemus

    Here is my prediction of some players I think we be waived today 1. Wenyen Gabriel pelicans never play him 2. Matthew Dellavedova always injured 3. Chris Silva if they get bjelica at trade deadline 4. Vincent Poirier if they get bjelica at trade deadline 5. James Ennis III cause magic should get sindarius thornwell get defender 6. Adam Mokoka cause the bulls should get Frank mason last season g League MVP and sign mason to the 2 way contract and waive mokoka

    • x%sure

      Nice list “but”. Thornwell is too good to be unclaimed, but Ennis has good stats and recently for Orlando, was better than his stats do to fit & spacing.
      Silva is fun to watch and productive but is out from a hip injury of unknown length… they can linger… not sure what that does to his prospects.
      StanVG is not likely to appreciate a Gabriel… one of them should go…

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    No Mitch definitely hurt against Warriors. Wiseman had a good gm. Curry was well Curry. Warriors played well. So RJ having off night was too much for us to overcome (4pts, 1-9 FG). It was still a close gm at 3 mins. Not a good look with fans back at MSG.

    • Warriors 2nd team played very bad and almost gave away the game. Must have been 8 easy lay ups missed. Neither team played good offense in the second half.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Whiteside is another big who can help teams looking for a rim protector. Lakers would be wise to trade for him. He fits them well. If he gets bought he will get plenty offers.

    • Otogar

      He was available this summer and all he got was a minimum contract in a bad team… why would he get plenty of offers now?

      • Cap & Crunch

        Otogar- While its a bigger issue than Whiteside alone I think a lotta GOOD teams made huge mistakes casting aside rim protection/rebounding for a “Big that could shoot the 3” this past offseason

        Everyone, industry, fans, and front office’s aside are now re-calibrating on the fly – This is just my opinion based on nothing, but I think its happening around the league..

        I bet Utah is getting calls on that Azubuke fella right now… the traditional center will make a small comeback …. Also think Zubac from Clips could land a bigger fish (PG) than most expected today as well if Clips so chose too and run it tight w just Ibaka

        • Otogar

          As I see it, the thing is that there are not so many “rim protectors” in the league. Is someone who gets a bunch of rebounds and blocks some shots, but then concedes a lot of easy buckets in the paint, a “rim protector”? Centers like Drummond or Whiteside hurt your defense more than they help it, and this is why most teams are not high on them.

          • Cap & Crunch

            I hear ya in theres not enough supply on hand for the demand , def a true statement imo but what we are seeing now is trying to make the best do with whats (potentially) avail

            Also to note, I think a center gains relevance come postseason when the game slows down to a more half court set. It seems (and I can only really speak for LAL) that teams see having No Real center in the middle is just a green light to drive to the hoop…….I also wonder if a team like Bos suffers the same way even tho I like Theis/TT they are not a deterrent.. I cant speak to Whitesides play of late but Drummond imo def provides more of a deterrent its just too bad his salary is so hard to match for teams in need

  5. Northern Expansion 416

    Whiteside to lakers, raptors should trade for Bamba or Richaun Holmes…

    • x%sure

      LJ likes teammates known for character, so I doubt Whiteside.

      It is amazing how thin so many teams are at center.

    • Cap & Crunch

      Id Love Holmes to Lakers but I dont see how the assets match up well….2nds dont move needle here so somehow KCP or THT prolly has to move in a truly Northern Expansion

        • Cap & Crunch

          I wouldn’t say should but as a title contender with a clear need id def say they are in the market to buy and with a short shopping list as well . Holmes just happens to fit that list if he ever became avail

          adding the 9/10 seeds really detours sellers which I kinda like –

          • Kowalski

            If sacramento kings thought that their playoffs hopes is dim, i think they’re keeping holmes, fox, haliburton. The rest will be available

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