Breaking Down The Contenders For Blake Griffin

The Nets may be viewed as the favorites to sign Blake Griffin, but the Warriors are in position to make the best offer when Griffin clears waivers today, tweets Bobby Marks of ESPN.

Golden State has a $9.3MM Disabled Player Exception for the season-ending Achilles tear suffered by Klay Thompson (Twitter link). The DPE allows a team to sign a replacement player for half of the injured player’s salary ($35.36MM this season for Thompson) or for the amount of the non-taxpayer’s mid-level exception, whichever is lesser.

Free agents who sign under the DPE are limited to one-year contracts. If the Warriors want to offer Griffin a longer deal, they have the $3.25MM taxpayer’s mid-level exception, which can be used for up to a three-year contract, and the veteran’s minimum option, which can cover two years. Golden State has a full roster, so someone would have to be waived to accommodate Griffin.

Brooklyn also has a Disabled Player Exception, which was granted for the loss of Spencer Dinwiddie, but its value is only about $5.7MM, which is half of Dinwiddie’s $11.45MM salary. The Nets have their taxpayer’s MLE available too. They have three players on 10-day contracts, which all expire this weekend, so adding Griffin wouldn’t require another roster move.

Among other rumored contenders for Griffin, Marks notes that the Trail Blazers have their $3.4MM biannual exception available, along with an open roster spot; the Heat have the same biannual exception and a $4.7MM DPE, but have a full roster; and the Lakers can only offer a veteran’s minimum deal, but have a roster spot open (Twitter link).

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49 thoughts on “Breaking Down The Contenders For Blake Griffin

  1. Sillivan

    I don’t see it happening for Warriors

    Can Griffin click the refresh button?
    Maybe, IMO

    Griffin is comparable to John Wall, Rockets new franchise player, plays offense but not defense

    • jimmyduz0523

      Rockets NEW franchise player… lmaooooo. Another joke of a post from sillyman. Franchise player lolol.

    • WallyWood

      Even at his best Griffin was hardly comparable to Wall. Now they’re not even close. One is still a great player, the other is barely an NBA player.

    • Al Hirschen

      Blake Griffin cleared waivers and is expected to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, sources told The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

  2. tkool

    Warriors can make a good financial offer but have no basketball reasons to sign him- he can’t jump and he can’t play defense

    • buttholesurfer69

      Bench is kinda thin tho. He’d prob be their third best passer, thrown him in the corner and let him play off Curry and Dray

  3. Tatsumaki

    Can lakers release dudley for some savings to make a higher offer to griffin?

    • Fallito

      No. Lakers are hard capped and if they release Funds, they are tide to his salary. Lakers waived Cook so they didn’t have to guarantee his remaining contract.

    • Fallito

      No. Lakers are hard capped and if they release Dudz, they are tide to his salary. Lakers waived Cook so they didn’t have to guarantee his remaining contract.

      • x%sure

        No. Lakers are Dudz, and if they soften the cap, they are tied to the tide. Lakers fired the cook so they don’t have to eat that crap.

  4. Gruba

    Pretty sure Griffin just been tanking it. But if I’m Brooklyn I’m not paying him anything but vets min.

  5. Marty McRae

    Warriors would be so much better off with JaVale McGee, who already knows Kerr’s offense and has thrived in it, he’s a much-needed big who can also be had for basically free using the DPE.

    More interested in the Bradley Beal being a “lock” to join GSW for Wiseman, Wiggins and -not- the Wolves pick though (but other picks), that rumor is all over twitter and VERY interesting. Apparently will happen at the deadline unless Washington gets a better offer. GSW could feasibly get Beal AND another star-level player using the Wolves pick alone, or at minimum a higher-IQ rotation regular to allow Steph to go off even harder.

    • mrshyguy99

      Just because Twitter said it doesn’t make it true. Unless some really respectable people said it who has their eye and ears to the game I wouldn’t believe any thing

      • Marty McRae

        Yes, NBA insiders are saying this.

        But if you believe nothing, why are you on this site, called “rumors”???

        • Vince

          Who are these self-proclaimed ‘NBA insiders’?…No other site publishes information about player movement.

    • Vince

      That would be a horrible trade for the Warriors. The defense would suffer. The Dubs probably wouldn’t make the playoffs with Beal. Then you get rid of any chance that the Warriors would make the playoffs for years to come because you got rid of their future. Beal, and probably Curry, would walk because they wouldn’t want to be tied to a horribly mismanaged team.

      • Marty McRae

        GSW is a top 10 defense currently though and the worst scoring team outside of Curry. You gotta balance the two, currently being a solid defensive team isnt cutting it, because they have absolutely zero scorers outside of Steph. Defense might suffer, but more wins will happen. You thinking they would miss the playoffs with Beal = delusional. You are scared of another title for GSW, just come out and say it already instead of making yourself look stupid. The fact you think Curry would ever walk from being a 1-team guy really shows who you really are here: a mindless hater who wants GSW to fail. Just be open about it, ok?

        GSW also has to do something to counter the Nets having 3 elites on their team. Steph+Dray (lol) is definitely not going to cut it, but adding Beal absolutely will.

        • Vince

          The defense will suffer. Teams will walk all over the Warriors. They need more defense, not way less.

          • Marty McRae

            GSW currently is holding opponents to the 2nd lowest FG%, only the Knicks are holding teams to lower FG%s. You do not know what you are talking about if you think this GSW team needs more defense.

            GSW is a better defensive team than MIA is this year. You are just telling lies because you hate them, lies that can easily be debunked with stats – so someone who hates GSW is calling GSW bad and will never be good, what great discourse!!! SMH

            • Vince

              You really believe that Beal can maintain the same level of defense as Wiggins and Wiseman? By getting rid of all their draft picks, you have no ability to acquire a big to replace Wiseman. The chemistry of the team will be thrown out of wack. The Warriors probably wouldn’t make the playoffs. The team will have no future with Beal.

            • ABStract

              Marty, please stop typing after your first paragraphs…
              In those I can usually at least partially support and understand what you’re saying, but your second paragraphs are always filled with such immature attacks and stupid nonsense it makes you sound like a 12yr old q anon crazy

        • Rashers

          Agreed. Beal WILL make the difference. People say “but you’re giving up the future” but adding Beal is building on the future. It all depends on who Myers has to give up. Perfect trade isn’t going to happen. The future is now! Having Beal around for as long as Klay and Steph is a future I think we could all live with. Keeping Oubre and getting ten pts a game out of Green would make me happy.

          Doing nothing would be a mistake IMO. It’s a waste of a season, again. Curry deserves better.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Blah blah blah blah blah
      Blah blah blah blah blah ………
      You need medication lol. Homeritis kills brain cells.

      • Marty McRae

        Youre so shook and its so great hahaha GSW really will run it back this year somehow and your mind will explode.

        NYK still the least relevant franchise in pro sports – win ONE chip, then talk, wise guy lol

        • WallyWood

          Gotta at least make it to the play-in tournament first. I’d be more shocked to see GSW run it back than if Houston made the playoffs.

        • mrshyguy99

          They will run it back how? With some magic this isn’t nba 2k stop living a dream and come back to the real world

        • SheaGoodbye

          Technically, you have won zero chips yourself. So, by your own words, you should keep quiet.

    • x%sure

      If Woj said it… Plausible deal… Beal plus Moritz Wagner & Ish Smith. Wagner is a fullcourt center with more steals than blocks, decent 3pointer & rebounder. Might still be soft, but tough is Looney’s job. GSW wants to use the Curry window and get a center who fits the flow of Kerr & Curry. Smith makes teammates happy. Actually Wizards have a number of pieces GSW might want, more than GSW has for WAS. Maybe they want Oubre back.

      Washington is not starting W & S and if Beal wants out, the FO has shown they can face the facts (Wall, Otto Porter). To people who only use basic stats for evals, Wiggins looks as good as Beal or anyone in the league, and they get firsts. I doubt in this case if GSW can avoid not using that high pick they got for D’Lo.

  6. arc89

    It more comes down to what does Blake want more? Money. A Championship. Playing time. Legacy.
    Break down for you. Best opportunity for a championship would be Lakers or Nets. Right now Nets #1.
    Money could be any team in the playoffs that has extra money laying around.
    Playing time any team that gives him all the minutes he wants playoffs or not.
    Legacy. This would be signing for a team like Trail blazers, Heat, or Warriors. If he helps one of them into a championship he will get all the praise he wants.
    So what is the most important to him?

    • mrshyguy99

      He need to go to a team that already close to a championship. I don’t know if he has much left to help a team. He couldn’t even get a ring in his prime with lob city. But than again he had I can’t get past the second round doc Rivers as a coach . It shouldn’t be about the money when he already got a nice pay day from the pistons

    • Marty McRae

      Kerr and the Warriors ruined the Clippers supposed “dynasty” – he will never sign with GSW.

      • arc89

        Looks like he is taking the easy way out and sign with the Nets. So other words his hole goal is to get a ring not revive his career. So he will sit on a bench play against 2nd teams and hope to get a ring.

  7. Courtside

    I guess I’d ask the following

    Do the Warriors think this move puts them over the top in the West? In no, which I’d say so I would let Wiseman get playoff minutes. That would be more beneficial to the team next year when Klay is back, at least more so than making the second round this year and then out. IMO

    • arc89

      No it wouldn’t put them over the top. I doubt Blake would put any team over the top.

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    Have not watched Blake in two yrs. Can he even play 15 mins a gm. If he can he can help a contender. Just by adding another body. Unless he’s shot. You can’t really hurt your team playing 15 mins.

  9. DynamiteAdams

    Trail Blazers would be interesting. Still no defense but definitely improves frontcourt

  10. DeathbyDeathwest

    I wouldn’t be sad if he joined the Bucks for nothing for 8-12mpg.

    I don’t think he really changes anyone that significantly tho. Loved him and CP3 on the Lob City Clips, and it’d be a lot of fun if he could make an impact.

  11. hiflew

    I don’t think money matters so much to Griffin. He gave up $13 million to get away from Detroit, so I don’t think the fact that GS can offer $3 million more than another team will sway him at all. He’s likely going to go where he can be happy regardless of salary.

    • x%sure

      I’m was trying to figure how much GSW could offer, but it probably doesn’t matter… not the best choice, unless maybe if he wants to change positions & such.

  12. metsie1

    Griffin is washed up. He lost his explosiveness off the floor years ago. That was his game and it’s gone

  13. washington_bonercats

    Warriors are probably waiting to see if Drummond gets bought out

    • Rashers

      Drummond would be a nice addition and wouldn’t cost the Warriors. Will get them to the playoffs at least. Green’s offense is pathetic and get rid of Looney, a Kerr favorite. Drummond and Wiseman, and your center position is solidified.

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